Feb. 13 No-Tap Shootout results

February 13, 2016

In today’s no-tap tournament, Ralph Marple won with an 816 score, Sensae-Michael Reed second with an 808, and Kevin Thibeault third with a 797. There were 15 entries.

Feb. 13 Brunswick Mixed standings update

February 13, 2016

After winning two points from Creeden’s Mustangs, Seven Deadly Pins remained tied for second place, but with Sweet Rolls, a point and a half behind 4 BAGA + 1, who leapfrogged into the lead after winning all four from Lost Empire 2. Lost Empire 2 are tied for 4th with Steak and Lettuce, two and a half points behind the lead, and Creeden’s Mustangs and Lickety splits are three and a half points behind in a tie for 6th. Right Turn Clyde will be the coming week’s opponents.

Sean Richard bowls 290 game in TNBA league

February 12, 2016

“$eany Ka$h” told me (via photo on Facebook) that he had a 290 game tonight in the TNBA league, and it was about as close as you’ll come to 300 without having it possible in the 10th frame, as he left a stone 9 pin in the first frame (PBA broadcaster Randy Pedersen often calls the solid 8 pin the only true tap in bowling, and, where Sean is a lefty, that would be his 9 pin.).

Nice game Ka$h!

Corey Hanson wins Feb. 7 Bay State Open, Litwin & Ferguson produce 300-290 match

February 11, 2016

As posted on their Facebook page, the Bay State Open reported that Corey Hanson was the winner of their Feb. 7 event at Westgate Lanes, defeating John Litwin, 267-244 (with handicap) in the title match. The linked post above has video of the title match, but I’m able to embed it below:

The semifinals of this event provided what had to be, in my memory, the highest-scoring tournament match ever at Westgate Lanes, as John Litwin defeated Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Jim Ferguson with a scratch score of 300-299. The post linked here has the video of Litwin’s last strike.

Good bowling, guys! :)

Ray Fischer bowls 827, Tom Hedding 300 in Patriots league

February 11, 2016

Tonight in the Patriots league proved to be a great night for Ray Fischer, who had games of 280, 268, and 279 for an 827 series, and “Tom Tom” Hedding, who threw a 300 game. Fischer’s series is now the high at Westgate Lanes this season.

Good bowling guys! :)

Feb. 10 Brunswick Mixed recap

February 10, 2016

My Week 23 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

The old problem of dropping my shoulder reared its head again, but I managed to lick it in the third game, which should have been better except I was unable to carry the light hit at the end. I am gaining confidence on my single pin spares now, too, as I’ve made 19 in a row dating back to my last Sunday night, and 21 in a row in this league dating back to two weeks ago.

Result: 153-143-193=489
Average (69 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 177
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 517

Composite average (129 games): 167

Barry and Donald pre-bowled, with Barry ending up high on the team, thanks in large part to a 211 game. Jeff almost bowled 500 for the first time in my knowledge, as well. Nearly everyone’s high game was the third game, which we won by more than enough for total.

In brackets last week, I made three finals, beating Bobby Geddes in one bracket and finishing second to Shawn, and David Chin, in the other two for the $4 profit on the week.

2014-15 Westgate state youth award winners

February 9, 2016

The list of Westgate youth bowlers who have won state awards for last season has been released to me, and I post them here:

Major boys high average: Kevin Thibeault (231)
Major boys high series: Austin Connelly (782)
Junior boys high series: Ethan Reyes (762)
Prep boys high series: Jaden Rec (676)
Bantam girls high series: Jessica Blyth (419)
In addition, Kevin Thibeault ((2) 300, 299, 802), Aaron Major ((2) 300, 824, 801), and Stephen Major (300) have won special state awards.
Congrats to everyone! :)

Winter 2016 Week 4 virtual league results

February 8, 2016

Chico’s Bail Bonds won their first points of the league at the expense of Mad Blogger & Co., but we still won the lion’s share (five points). We’re currently in 7th place, 11 points behind Little Lebowski, who are three points ahead of Pay the Lineage, five ahead of The Pin Pals (Team 8, who finally came up with their name during the week), and six ahead of Team 2.

Individually, Bwlnggd of The Pin Pals submitted a 296 game, which was his first honor score submission for the virtual league.

Feb. 6 Brunswick Mixed standings update

February 6, 2016

After winning all four from Bowling Stones, Seven Deadly Pins are in a tie for 2nd with Steak and Lettuce, a point behind Lost Empire 2. Fourth place, held by 4 BAGA + 1, is a point and a half behind the lead, and Sweet Rolls are two back in 5th. Next week’s opponents, Creeden’s Mustangs, are in 6th, three behind the lead.

Feb. 3 Brunswick Mixed recap

February 3, 2016

My Week 22 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

Solid night, with only two missed makeable spares and no missed single pins. I sometimes have trouble relaxing and bowling at a slower pace, but the turning point, the end of the first game, enabled me to do that, and I kept that same pace the rest of the way, making better shots overall in the process.

Result: 179-190-199=568
Average (66 games): 170
Average for last 9 games: 173
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 565

Composite average (126 games): 167

Both Barry and I were not far from being high man on the pair tonight, and the team won all four. I’m feeling good about the second half so far, as we’re winning the points we need to stay in it so far.

Last week, I turned a $5 profit on brackets, but did it the hard way, with five second place finishes.

Wayne Andrews throws 297 game in Patriots league

February 3, 2016

In a bit of “clean-up” from last Thursday, a look at the Patriots league standing sheet brought a 297 game by Wayne Andrews to my attention, so congrats to Wayne on a nice game, as well. :)

Feb. 2 Sunday Niters standings update

February 2, 2016

After winning all eight from Split Happens, Pin Pals have moved up to a tie for 11th with Lexa, 14 points behind Suzy’s Crew, who lead Adam & Steve by four points, The 3 Stooges by six points, and The Minions 2 by eight points. As mentioned, the league has Super Bowl Sunday off, but we will bowl against Lexa (it is a position round) when the league returns the following Sunday.

Winter 2016 Week 3 virtual league results

February 1, 2016

Mad Blogger & Co. lost all seven to Team 8 and are now in 7th, 10 points behind Pay the Lineage, who lead Little Lebowski by a point, House Hacks by three points, and Team 2 and Team 8 by four points.

Individually, I saw myself making the week’s leaderboard, having the high game over average.

Thomas Roberson bowls first 300 in Rhythm & Bowling

January 31, 2016

Not long after AJ Voisine wrote some of his personal history, Thomas Roberson bowled his first 300 game tonight in the Rhythm & Bowling league. Henry Webber provided this video of the last strike:

Nice bowling! :)

AJ Voisine bowls first 300, Dan Robinson 299 in Brockton City Tournament

January 31, 2016

AJ “Big Country” Voisine picked a great spot to bowl his first ever perfect game, doing so to start his team event today in the city tournament. Sean Richard got video of AJ’s last strike, which I’ve uploaded to YouTube and post below.

Also, Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Dan Robinson came close to a 300 himself earlier in the day in the singles event, but had to settle for a 299.

Nice bowling guys! :)

Jan. 31 Sunday Niters recap

January 31, 2016

My Week 21 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK)

I really didn’t know what to expect from my bowling after covering city tournament all day, but I did put up a decent game to start. I also threw a couple of beautiful shots on the same lane in the 6th and 8th frames of the second game, but I was unable to repeat those either on the other lane or the rest of the night.

Result: 170-152-130=452
Average (60 games): 165
Average for last 9 games: 161
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 543

Composite average (123 games): 167

We ended up undermanned with Lee nursing an ankle sprain, but Rachel threw two of her best games to start and ended up with a 437 (71 pins over average). Team took all eight, with the third game won by a single pin when I got just enough filling a spare.

I will note the next week’s opponents in my usual standings update, but this league does not bowl on Super Bowl Sunday, so I will be bowling in this league again in two weeks.

2016 Mass. state tournament information

January 31, 2016

As my readers know, I try to post the information on the year’s state tournaments when they all become available, and I do so now:

  • The open state tournament will take place at Greylock Bowl & Golf in North Adams weekends from Apr. 23 to May 15. Entry forms should be available on the North Adams association site; mail-in entries will close Apr. 9.
  • The women’s state tournament will take place at Ken’s Bowl in Pittsfield weekends from Apr. 23 to May 8. An entry form may be available on the Mass. Women’s Bowling Association website, or flyers can be found in the bowling centers. Entries close Apr. 1 unless schedule is filled sooner.
  • The youth state tournament will take place at AMF Holiday Lanes in Somerset weekends from Apr. 23 to May 1. Please contact a local youth association official for entry details; entries close Feb. 29.

I will post results as they become official.

Jan. 30 Brunswick Mixed standings update

January 30, 2016

After winning two points from Jorge’s Hoe’s, Seven Deadly Pins are in a tie for 4th place with Steak and Lettuce, two points behind Lost Empire 2, who are a point ahead of Lickety Splits and 4 BAGA + 1. Three teams are tied for 6th, three behind the leaders.

Bowling Stones will be next week’s opponents.

Individually, I had the high scratch game and series, as well as high handicap game, in the men’s “C” division last week, and Si had the high scratch series in men’s “D”.

Chris Carter, Bill Briggs, Jon Hester bowl 300s in Brockton city tournament

January 30, 2016

Day 1 of the Brockton city tournament at Westgate Lanes didn’t see a huge scoring pace until the team event, when Chris Carter, Bill Briggs, and Jon Hester had 300 games in the first, second, and third games, respectively. Chris Carter, bowling out of North Bowl, is no stranger to success at Westgate, as he won the 2011 Brockton Bowling Association Bowler of the Year tournament here. I’d also like to specially acknowledge Bill Briggs at this time for his strong support of my social media effort, both here and on behalf of the association on our Facebook page.

Great bowling guys! :)

EDIT: Zach Thompson got a video of Jon Hester’s last strike, and, with Zach’s permission, it’s below. :)

Rob Young bowls third 300 of year, Ralph Dahlgren 299 in Patriots league

January 28, 2016

The Patriots league has been relatively quiet, but I can report on a couple of scores tonight, the big one coming in the form of the third 300 game of the year by Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Rob Young; all of his perfect games this season have been in the Patriots league. Ralph Dahlgren didn’t quite get there himself, but he managed to add a 299 game to the mix tonight, as well.

Great bowling, guys! :)