Sept. 22 league standings update

September 22, 2014

After failing to win points from “We Split 4 No 1″, “Turkey Hunters” stand in a six-way tie for 10th, five points behind the leading “Lickety Splits”, who are a point ahead of “Ebony and Ivories” and Team 16 (our opponents Wednesday night), and two points ahead of “We Split 4 No 1″, “Striking Gentlemen”, and “Bowling Stones”.

Fall 2014 Week 2 virtual league results

September 22, 2014

“Pin Seeking Missiles” ended up winning only the first game from “The Whole 9 Yards” and now stand in a tie for 6th with Team 7, four points behind “8 Ain’t Enough”, who lead “Wrecking Balls” by a point and by two over “Probable Cause”.

Speaking of two of those leading teams, “Probable Cause” (Team members “bigcall”, “General Pounder”, “ijohn83″, and “vdubtx”) had a top 3 all-time game (972) and series (2672), and “8 Ain’t Enough” (Team members “Chuck”, “Mikestormbowler91″, “VampyreBowler”, and “Vic44″) also settled into 3rd all-time game (the aforementioned game by “Probable Cause” was 2nd all-time).

2014-15 Westgate Lanes house shot

September 19, 2014

I’m amazed that, in my 7+ years of writing this blog, this post will be a first. I actually had a chance to do what I’m about to do last year, but didn’t want to impose on Ray for his copy, but he did allow me to take it home to scan this year (I did promise I’d bring it back tomorrow). I am about to reveal the Westgate Lanes house shot for the season (click on image to display full-size):

House shot at Westgate Lanes for 2014-15 season

House shot at Westgate Lanes for 2014-15 season

If you’ve never seen one of these before, the important thing to remember is that blue = oil, and the deeper the blue, the more oil there is. This is probably typical as house shots go, with a ratio of 8:1, though I’ve seen house shots in the 10:1 to 15:1 range. The ratio is just a measure of how much friction is available on the outside, and the smaller the ratio, the less of it there is. A “challenge” shot that the Coke league might be on is more on the order of 5:1, and any pattern 3:1 or less is considered USBC Sport Bowling-compliant.

Youth program dates of importance posted: When I picked up the pro shop’s copy of the house shot tonight, I also saw on the bulletin board that dates of importance for the youth program, such as Adult/Junior doubles tournaments, travel league dates at Westgate, etc., have been posted. I’ve jotted them down and added them to my calendar. Remember, the full calendar is linked in the “Local/New England” sidebar list, and events will eventually appear in the “Upcoming Events” list in the sidebar as they approach.

Sept. 17 tournament notes

September 17, 2014

Just a couple of items I picked up tonight:

  • Devon McGregor will run his next Eliminator on Oct. 19, with squad times at 10 AM and 12:30 PM.
  • The Junior Bowling Challenge, a youth tournament series that started at AMF Auburn Lanes, will be coming to Westgate Lanes, also on Oct. 19, at 2 PM. Kevin Thibeault has bowled this, and you can visit him in the pro shop for more details.

Both tournaments have been added to the blog’s calendar.

Sept. 17 league night recap

September 17, 2014

My Week 3 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

The second game was my undoing tonight, as it became a “strike or nothing” game with a whole lot of nothing between the strikes. I didn’t help myself missing consecutive 7 pins on the same lane in that game, however.

Result: 172-141-171=484
Average (9 games): 159
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 482

The other team got a solid night from their anchor, who I want to say was clean until the very last frame, and won all four.

Westgate to host Brockton BA Bowler of the Year Tournament Nov. 16

September 16, 2014

Once again, the Brockton Bowling Association will conduct their annual Bowler of the Year Tournament, an invitational tournament, at Westgate Lanes on Nov. 16 at 10 AM. Bowlers who have qualified should receive information on entering soon, if they haven’t already.

Sept. 16 league standings update

September 16, 2014

After winning three of four from “Sweet Rolls”, “Turkey Hunters” are tied for 6th with “Oddballs”, two points behind the leading teams, “Lickety Splits”, “Ebony and Ivories”, and Team 16. Our opponents tomorrow night will be “We Split 4 No 1″.

Fall 2014 Week 1 virtual league results

September 15, 2014

“Pin Seeking Missiles” won four of the seven points from Team 1 last week. Team 8 nearly swept Team 7, with both teams splitting the points for second game, so we stand two behind Team 8 in 4th, with “DJSW” and “Probable Cause” tied for second, a point behind the lead.

Sept. 14 Eliminator results

September 14, 2014

In the final elimination round today, Chuck Paige was the winner with a 257 score (with handicap), Paris Cook 2nd with a 212, and Hakim Emmanuel 3rd with a 200. Ryan Evans was eliminated in 4th in the first elimination round.

Kevin Thibeault throws 300 in senior youths

September 13, 2014

Congrats to Kevin Thibeault on a 300 game today in the youth league. His second game (a 177) did cost him his 800, as he shot a third-game 289 for a 766 set.

Sept. 11 CATS training note

September 11, 2014

Ray in the pro shop has announced that Larry Lichstein will be at Westgate Lanes with the CATS system on Sept. 15th (this coming Monday) through the 21st, and again Oct. 4th through the 12th. As a special, if you schedule a two-hour full lesson for either period, it will be discounted $40 to $120 (regularly $160). Appointments can be made with Ray in the pro shop.

Sept. 10 league night recap (includes Fall 2014 virtual league ramp-up)

September 10, 2014

My Week 2 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

Better night overall, except for single pins, and the saving grace for that was I didn’t have all that many to shoot at. My main struggle was getting my release timing squared away, but that got better as the night went on, and I finished strong, with a turkey starting from the 8th frame in the third game.

Result: 152-180-193=525
Average (6 games): 159
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 486

Donald was over average for the night, and Barry backed me up third game. Team won second and third games, with the third one comfortably, for three points (including total).

The fall virtual league is starting this week, and I find “champ”, “Dylan585″, and “Fin09″ as my teammates, but “Fin09″ couldn’t bowl this week, so “TheDemolitionMan” will be subbing on my team, which we named “Pin Seeking Missiles”.

Sept. 9 league standings update

September 9, 2014

Along with ourselves and “Looking For Wood” (our opponents last week), “No Names” and “The 508 Boys” split the points, which the top team in pinfall is in 9th position (out of 20 teams). “We Split 4 No 1″ and Team 16 were the teams winning all four points in the first week. Tomorrow night, we bowl against “Sweet Rolls”.

As a note, because of the number of teams, the league has decided to have two position rounds in each half, so I’ll note when each one comes up.

Rob Mautner links added to sidebar

September 6, 2014

A bowling forum buddy (who happens to be in New England) alerted me to, which is a site with tips from Rob Mautner, a Las Vegas-based USBC Silver coach who was listed among the Bowlers Journal Top 100 coaches last year. His tips are organized into three sections, physical game, adjustments, and bowling balls, and he also invites you to ask questions on his forum site, Both sites have been added to the “Coaching/Tips” sidebar list.

Junior league note: Marcia wanted me to let everyone know that, although the junior leagues have now started, they’ll still be accepting new bowlers, so registration is ongoing. You may ask for details at the desk.

2014 women’s senior state tournament note

September 4, 2014

I’ve already noted that Westgate Lanes will be hosting the men’s state senior tournament, but the women’s state senior tournament will be held on Nov. 8 & 9 at AMF Auburn Lanes; entry flyer available at the desk.

Sept. 3 league night recap (Start of 2014-15 season)

September 3, 2014

With Carl taking a year off and Brian and Berta starting later this year, the team got shifted around, and Pat was placed on a different team. I haven’t noted here that AMF Taunton Lanes closed late this summer, and I picked up a couple of bowlers from Taunton’s old Thursday Mixed league, a father and son pair, Barry and Donald Wood, with Brian and Berta joining us when they start. Barry is actually a pretty decent bowler, so I’m hoping he can take some of the pressure off of me this season. Barry was OK with “Turkey Hunters” as our team name, so we went with that.

My Week 1 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I almost never seem to start a league well, and that was the case tonight. The first-frame gutter would prove to be a microcosm of the night, though I tried to hang in there. It should also be said that my left foot wasn’t feeling its best, but I’m hesitant to make that an excuse, as I’ve bowled OK w/ a sore foot before.

Result: 139-146-144=429
Average (3 games): 143
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 435

As bad as I was, my team was close to winning the first two games, and it took a good third game to steal the two points out of the night. The reason I know this is that I am now familiar enough with the scoring system that I could enter the team handicaps as provided by Shawn tonight, so the scorers on our pair were calculating the correct totals.

The usual links transition has begun, as I set up my Excel log and the league in BowlSK and added the links before bowling tonight, removing the corresponding summer links (also archiving the Excel log from my summer league). It should be noted, too, that the Excel log will probably display incorrectly in the Google viewer, but you may download the file and view it in Excel, if you choose.

Jeff Carter opens 2014-15 Westgate Lanes season with 300

September 2, 2014

I’m not usually at Westgate on Tuesday nights, let alone the first Tuesday night of the season, but I was tonight, and had the fortune of seeing Jeff Carter open the His & Hers season with a 300 game. Congrats Jeff! :D

As I know many of you heard that the USBC is no longer giving awards at the national level for 11 in a row and have been wondering, yes, I will continue to mention 11 in a row games here. :)

Aug. 30 eliminator note

August 30, 2014

I needed to note that Devon McGregor has moved his next eliminator tournament up to Sept. 14, and the change will be noted on the calendar.

AJ Voisine wins Aug. 24 NAT at East Providence Lanes

August 27, 2014

I’ve had to source this report from elsewhere in the social media, again: Congrats to AJ Voisine on winning the Northeast Amateur Tournament Sunday at East Providence Lanes. AJ defeated Skip White by a score (with handicap) of 254-239 in the final match.

Coke league first third note: The Coke Classic league has chosen Kegel Broadway (link is to top view graph, with ratios) as the pattern for the first third of the season, which begins on Sept. 8.

Aug. 25 2014-15 youth league registration note

August 25, 2014

Marcia asked me to remind everyone that registration for the junior/youth leagues at Westgate Lanes is ongoing, and children can be signed up at the control desk anytime during business hours. Registration cost is $15 before the first day of bowling (Sept. 6) and $25 that day (registration includes the child’s USBC membership). League dues are $10/week. Also, there is a meeting for bowlers in the senior division (ages 15-19) on Wednesday (Aug. 27) at 6:00 PM.

For the adult leagues, Westgate Lanes is once again running their “refer a friend” program. If a league bowler refers a friend to a Westgate Lanes league who did not bowl in a league at Westgate Lanes in the 2013-14 season and both bowlers bowl at least ten weeks, both bowlers will be eligible for 10 free games; the form, available at the desk, must be completed within three weeks of joining.