“Lane Side Reviews” added to sidebar

May 5, 2015

I came across “Lane Side Reviews” in one of my Facebook bowling groups, and saw that they have a wealth of recent ball demo videos on their YouTube channel, from not only Storm and Roto Grip, but the other major companies, so I thought it worthy of a link in the sidebar; they do have other videos, so I thought the video/streaming list the best fit.

2015 state tournament Day 4 addendum

May 5, 2015

It turned out I missed one other honor score on Sunday, that an 806 by Chris Donaghey in singles in the 9 AM squad. He had games of 279, 247, and 280. WTG! :)

Coke league bowlers move into top 10 in USBC Open Championships

May 3, 2015

Cambridge 2, with Coke league bowlers Brian Gaskill and Stephen Dale Jr., bowled games of 1,004, 1,084, and 1,096 for a 3,184 total to move into 6th place in Regular Team at the USBC Open Championships in El Paso, TX. The team also included New England bowlers Bruce Hall, Chris Sole, and Ryan Graywacz, who paced the team with a 715 series. The team is part of the Chris Viale’s Cambridge Credit group, for which Team USA member Shannon O’Keefe bowls at the Open.

Nice bowling guys! :D

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 4

May 3, 2015

I spoke too soon yesterday, because I did miss Chris Minor’s 300 game in singles. Today, the honor scores were provided by Shawn Hartigen in the team event with a 300 game and Al Donato in singles with a 290. Al (Coke league) is the only Westgate bowler of the three.

Just a reminder that results will be posted probably around Monday or Tuesday on the Brockton Bowling Association website.

Sean Richard bowls 802 in UBA ranking match in Wallingford

May 2, 2015

It’s been quite a run Sean Richard has been on already, and he didn’t limit himself to Westgate Lanes, as he put up games of 276, 279, and 247 for an 802 series in the first three games of a UBA ranking match against Chris Burke today at Wallingford Bowl in Connecticut. WTG! :)

Note: If anyone is wondering, UBA ranking matches are USBC-sanctioned.

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 3

May 2, 2015

There were no honor scores in any of the squads today, but we did have a notable presence in multiple PBA Tour title winner John “Buzzsaw” Gant, and he had a chance at 800 in his team event until a 6 pin (lefty) stood up on him in the 6th frame of the third game, finishing with a 780 series.

The association has been running raffles to raise funds, and I’ve been going into the ball raffles last weekend and this weekend, with Storm’s Crux being the raffle ball (last Saturday was the pearl version, and we also got three of the original hybrids). I led this paragraph with this in order to note that Ken Gerraughty from my league won today’s ball raffle, which he immediately had drilled and bowled a practice game with.

I’m expecting a busy day tomorrow.

Shawn Hagan throws 300 in 2015 Champlain International

May 1, 2015

Congrats to Shawn Hagan for a 300 game in the singles event of the well-known Champlain International tournament at Champlain Lanes in Shelburne, VT, outside of Burlington. It seems he loves that bowling center, as I’m told he usually is good for a 300 game in that tournament every year. WTG! :)

Ed Godino III throws 290 game in TNBA (with tournament note)

May 1, 2015

Congrats to Ed Godino III, who used to be in my league and whose father is still in same league, for a recent 290 game in the TNBA league. As has been mentioned, there’s been a technical problem getting standings uploaded, but we couldn’t place an exact date on this one. WTG Ed! :)

Deaf tournament note: Rai Doblmeier of the Tuesday scratch league let me know that he finished second to Peter Kaczmarcyk today in the Masters competition of the Eastern regional deaf tournament at Empire Lanes in Rochester, NY. Good bowling Rai! :)

Sean Richard bowls 832 in Patriots league, sets new Westgate record average

April 30, 2015

Sean Richard and Danny Khuu were separated by only 19 pins for 90 games in the Patriots league going into tonight, both needing a 727 series to break Jason Sherwood’s Westgate Lanes record average of 236.79 set two years ago, and the duel would take place on the same pair of lanes, 53 & 54, as their teams were matched for position round.

The first game would see Sean Richard run the first ten strikes before leaving a 4 pin for a 289, which, with Danny Khuu’s 266 left Sean just four pins ahead. A 7 pin miss in the 6th frame by Sean would lead to a 266 second game, while Danny posted the front 11 before leaving the 2-10 for a 298, leaving Danny ahead by 28 pins for the record.

Danny’s first three frames in the third game would prove to be his undoing, however, as he left the 4-6-10 split in the first frame and a 10 pin spare in the third frame, while Sean ran strikes until a 7 pin in the eighth frame, ending with a 277 for an 832 series, giving him the new record average of 237.70. Danny ended with a 225 game for a 789 series.

I’ve seen some amazing performances in my return, and Sean’s tonight would rank up there among them. He and Danny are friends off the lanes, but both competitive on them. It was good to see them both try to bring the best out of each other.

Congrats to you two on a good show tonight. :)

Bob Hamilton bowls 826 set in Westgate Mixed

April 29, 2015

Congratulations to Bob Hamilton, with games of 279, 279, and 268 for an 826 set tonight in the Westgate Mixed league. The two 279 games both had the front nine, so the potential of a bigger number was there. WTG! :)

Apr. 29 league night recap

April 29, 2015

My Week 33 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I might have been able to raise my average with a better second game, but I was happy I was bowling better toward the end of the season, so I’m hoping to rebound next season.

Result: 185-139-192=516
Final average (99 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 169

The second game was really our undoing, as none of us had a mark in the 6th and 7th frames other than what the vacants provided. Barry bowled better bookend games, as well, and those were the two points we won.

“Bowling Stones” ended up winning the second half, so they will roll off for the championship against the first half winners, “Striking Gentlemen”, next week.

Sean Richard posts 300 game in His & Hers

April 28, 2015

“$eany Ka$h” has continued hot out of the state tournament weekend, as he has posted his third perfect game in as many days tonight in the His & Hers league. WTG! :)

2015 state tournament results note

April 28, 2015

I just wanted to remind everyone that results for the state tournament after the first weekend have been posted on the Brockton Bowling Association website (link is to PDF) and should be updated after every weekend. I will also post a link to the file on the association’s Facebook page when I see that they have been updated.

Apr. 28 Coke league note

April 28, 2015

Devon McGregor posted on Facebook today that, last night, he had his first ever clean set in 31 years of bowling. I’ve been saying that 30-clean is still a feat in today’s bowling, even on a house shot, so Devon doing so on the Coke league’s more challenging conditions is rather impressive. WTG D’Von! :)

Winter 2015 Week 15 virtual league results (final week)

April 28, 2015

“Diamond Flush 2.0″ was swept by Team 5, and fell to 7th in the final standings. There was a surprise at the top, however: Team 3 just needed to avoid being swept to win the championship, but “The Big Red One” pulled off the sweep, setting the new five-man series record in the process. Congrats to “Bavant”, “bigcall”, “Gohokies”, “ijohn83″, and “Vannman”, but I need to mention that “Chuck” was subbing for “Vannman” in the last week (“Vannman’s” league finished early), and “Bavant” couldn’t bowl because of a medical emergency and had to take his blind.

Individually, “Fin09″ ended up the average leader, with 236+ for 39 games.

State tournament first Sunday addendum

April 27, 2015

I probably missed it, being away doing something else, but Jay Mantere, the NAT’s director, posted on Facebook that he converted the Big 4 (4-6-7-10) during the team event yesterday. WTG Jay! :)

Apr. 26 league standings update

April 26, 2015

After winning two points from “Striking Gentlemen”, “Turkey Hunters” are in a four-way tie for 13th and will bowl against “Bowl Pack” in Wednesday’s position round. The tie is 13 points behind “The 508 Boys”, who will bowl against “Bowling Stones”, who need 2.5 points out of the match to move into first place. “No Names” have a chance to tie for first if they sweep and the points in the first place match break favorably.

Individually, Barry had the high scratch game and series in the men’s “B” division of the league last week.

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 2

April 26, 2015

I need to tie up a couple of loose ends from yesterday, because I missed a couple of honor scores in the singles event of the 3:30 squad yesterday. They were shot by doubles teammates, as Mike Schrems put up games of 255, 290, and 268 for an 813 series, and Troy Bouchard ended the event with a 300 game.

All of today’s honor scores were shot in the doubles event, starting with Chris Bourdon with a 300 game in the 9 AM squad. In the 3:30 squad, Brian Egan and Sean Richard started their doubles event with games of 278 and 300 respectively for a team honor game of 578.

As an aside, Matt Richard bowled the minors both days, and, while they were not quite the same game scores, he had identical 780 series in singles for the two days.

Good bowling this weekend, everyone! :)

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 1

April 25, 2015

The first day of state tournament began with some scores in the minor events, with Brian Gaskill putting up a 299 game in doubles, and Sean Richard throwing a 290 in singles.

As a local board member, I participated in the opening ceremony before the noon squad, with Bob Young being inducted to the state Hall of Fame posthumously for Meritorious Service, along with Jim Harger for Bowling Achievement. Hakim Emmanuel was also presented several gifts from Westgate Lanes and the local and state associations for his 900 series, along with his 300 and 900 rings.

Although the 3:30 squad later was relatively tame for scores, Brian Boghosian, the 1999 USBC Masters champion, had a flirtation with a 900 series of his own in the noon squad (team event), putting up back-to-back 300 games before ringing a 10 pin to start the third game and finishing up with a 258 for an 858 series that would have been the Westgate Lanes house record up until two months ago. Team event was also special for Ed Grossett, who picked the state tournament to throw his very first 300 game.

The tournament continues tomorrow.

State tournament side event note

April 23, 2015

Junior wants to run the no-tap shootouts during the state tournament as a side event, and the first of these will be Saturday at 6 PM following the last squad of the day in the state tournament. The jackpot for seven no-tap strikes (not natural) in a row is currently over $700.