2015 Mass. youth state tournament results

May 23, 2015

The Mass. USBC Youth Association has posted official results of the 50th state tournament, which concluded recently at AMF Chicopee Lanes, on their website (see separate links on front page for each event). As usual with the youth tournament, I’ll note the winners from Westgate Lanes, as a post with all of the state champions would be lengthy:

Team, 321-400 Handicap: Nasirha Andrade, Haley Demling, Anna Blyth, Joshua White
Team, 461-560 Scratch: Brandon Moore (from North Bowl), William Gerraughty, Jonathan Gerraughty, Adaisha Straughn
Team, 461-560 Handicap: Xavier Andrade, Glenn Rucker, Anthony Vieira, Christopher Zalewski
Doubles, 321-360 Scratch: Cameron Kaestner & Kyle Egan
All-Events, 161-180 Handicap: Kyle Egan
All-Events, 101-120 Scratch: Xavier Andrade
All-Events, 121-140 Scratch: William Gerraughty

Congrats to all of our bowlers who placed in the tournament. :)

May 23 No-Tap Shootout results

May 23, 2015

The results of today’s no-tap shootout:

  1. Rich Fulton 900
  2. Matt Richard 877
  3. Tim Major 852
  4. Stan Lewis 829

I forgot to get an entry count, but you may assume at least 20 (four prizes at 1:5 ratio). Rich told me this was the second time he’s shot a no-tap 900, and has also had an 897 no-tap series.

Congrats everyone! :)

May 20 promotion note

May 20, 2015

For the third year in a row, Westgate Lanes will be participating in the “Kids Bowl Free” summer program, with registered children being entitled to two free games per day throughout the summer. Parents may register their children on the “Kids Bowl Free” website.

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 8

May 17, 2015

Before I wrap up the final day of the tournament, I’ll tie up a couple of loose ends from yesterday, as Jim Sicard had games of 258, 279, and 278 for an 815 series and Mike Farrar had a 300 game in the singles event of the 3:30 squad.

Today belonged to Tom Hedding, who, in the 9 AM squad, bowled games of 290, 258, and 300 for an 848 series, and because this was in his singles event, this is a new state tournament record, set just last year in Lowell by Ralph Marple. There were a couple of honor games in doubles prior to that, with Dave Chalifoux’s 300 game and Steve Travers with a 290 game.

The last squad of the tournament saw Scott Corkhum throw games of 279, 280, and 259 for an 818 series, which I believe helped him and his brother Ken into the scratch doubles lead. Rounding out the final day of the tournament, Jim Simon had a 299 game in doubles, and Chris Carter another 299 in singles.

I will post the final results link and acknowledge the champions when the results are made official.

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 7

May 16, 2015

The noon team event got the scoring going today, led by Bruce March, a 2003 inductee into the state Hall of Fame, with games of 263, 300, and 257 for an 820 series, with Dan Esdale (297) and Jim Wallace (279) having 11 in a row games. I got the video of Bruce March’s last strike for 300, which is below:

Another Hall of Famer, Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Jim Ferguson, followed up on last week’s team performance in doubles in the 3:30 squad, when he went 249, 258, and 300 for an 807 (doesn’t count for all-events, as this was a re-entry). Gary Weiner added a state tournament 300 game to his two this year in the Westgate Mixed league, and Lou Rosa also had a 290 game. I am aware of another 800 series in singles, but I don’t have the details, so that will be posted in the future.

Richard’s Warriors follow-up

May 15, 2015

Co-tournament director Gerry LaTremouille was kind enough to scan and send me a copy of the scoresheet for Richard’s Warriors (which will be in the singular in the results), which I link here. You’ll have to turn your head to view it, but a thing you’ll notice is that they wanted to rename themselves “It’s Gotta Be The Shoes” afterward, but we couldn’t change the team name without deleting their entry, so their name will officially remain Richard’s Warrior(s). It does show the individual games and totals as well as the team totals (1,215 and 1,138 for the first two games, respectively), so I’m happy to have a full record of their performance up now. :)

May 14 Bay State Open note

May 14, 2015

Because of a problem with the original venue, the Bay State Open’s Baker doubles tournament on June 6 has been rescheduled to Westgate Lanes, so we hope to see you then. :)

May 13 scrapbook addition

May 13, 2015

Alayna Rosen of the Westgate Mixed league sent me a photo of her team, Team 1, which won the league championship tonight. The photo has been added to the “scrapbook” (on Page 2).

John Hayes Jr. bowls 300 in Sportsmen league

May 12, 2015

Congrats to John Hayes Jr. for a 300 game tonight in the Sportsmen league, which was on the WTBA Sydney pattern. Paul Loberman recorded the last strike, and the video is below.

2014-15 season Brunswick Mixed bracket note

May 11, 2015

As my final bracket profit/loss worksheet shows, I finished the season $8 in the red, which is not a bad loss for entering five brackets a night over a 30 week season. The percentage was 5.71%, which was well under the “expected” 12.5%. Thus, I can take solace in that I had a good brackets season, even if my bowling season wasn’t that great.

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 6

May 10, 2015

Mother’s Day meant the slowest day of the tournament, but some bowlers did bowl, and a couple of the “usual suspects” had honor scores: Danny Khuu, with games of 289, 279, and 254 for an 822 series, and Sean Richard with a 300 game, both in doubles during the morning squad.

The tournament’s final weekend is in the coming weekend.

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 5

May 9, 2015

Sean Richard got things going in doubles in the morning with games of 289, 276, and 256 for an 824 series, but it would be the 3:30 PM squad’s team event, which Sean was also part of, that would highlight the day:

“Richard’s Warriors”, with a lineup of Brian Gaskill, Jim Ferguson, Brian Egan, Bob Hamilton, and Sean Richard, put up a 1,309 third game, thanks in part to a 300 game from Ferguson and a 297 from Richard, which helped them post a 3,662 series, which was just one pin shy of the state tournament record by “The Winers” in the 2010 tournament at AMF Auburn Lanes. The video of Jim’s last strike is below.

Since I had the opportunity, I also took the photo below (pardon the blurred image):

A meeting of the old state record holder and the new one. You know the man on the left, and Jim Lovewell is on the right.

A meeting of the old state record holder and the new one. You know the man on the left, Jim Lovewell is on the right.

Actually, I could have made it three record holders in the same photo, as Shirley Major, the former women’s state record holder, was also bowling in the squad.

May 7 live blog update

May 7, 2015

Alerting my readers that, because I had one available, yesterday’s live blog for the roll-off has been updated with a photo of the winning team, “Bowling Stones”.

Isabella & Ethan Reyes win youth tournaments at Wonder Bowl

May 7, 2015

The Mass. USBC Youth Association ran two tournaments recently at Wonder Bowl, the annual state Pepsi tournament on Apr. 11, and the spring singles tournament the following day. In the former (link is to official results), Isabella Reyes won the U10 girls division, and in the latter, Ethan Reyes won the U15 boys division (competition in the spring singles tournament was based on handicap scores).

Congrats to both. :)

My 2014-15 season, by the numbers

May 7, 2015

As I usually do at the end of my winter bowling season, I dedicate a post here to breaking down my league performance with the help of the BowlSK reports. First, the first-ball numbers (numbers before the pipe | character reflect last year’s performance):

Strike percentage: 32.2% | 32.3%
Pocket shots: 67.2% | 64.0%
Carry percentage: 45.7% (333/728) | 46.9% (322/686)
Double rate: 32.7% (110/336) | 32.0% (106/331)
Average first-ball count: 8.7 | 8.6
Average first-ball non-strike count: 8.0 | 7.9

Most of these numbers were about the same or actually improved, but I was hitting the pocket less, leaving a few less-manageable spares, which my first-ball counts confirm. However, let’s see what the numbers have to say about my spare game this year:

Overall spare percentage: 63.2% (436/690) | 55.7% (384/690)
Single-pin spare percentage: 75.8% (235/310) | 67.6% (188/278)
Multi-pin spare percentage: 64.2% (179/279) | 60.3% (185/307)
Makeable (non-split) percentage: 70.3% (414/589) | 63.8% (373/585)
Split conversion percentage: 21.8% (22/101) | 10.5% (11/105)
Washout conversion percentage: 30.8% (8/26) | 28.6% (10/35)
Percentage on single 10 pin: 68% (83/122) | 60.6% (63/104)
Percentage on single 7 pin: 70% (49/70) | 61.2% (41/67)

Clearly, my spare game suffered this year, particularly where I’ve left more than one pin on the deck, because I did leave fewer single pins this year, where my multi-pin spares, splits, and washouts went up by a noticeable number, as hitting the pocket less would indicate. My overall game needs work, and that’s why I hope to connect with Larry Lichstein in the future.

Live blog: 2015 Brunswick Mixed roll-off

May 6, 2015

Blogging each game of the roll-off between “Striking Gentlemen” and “Bowling Stones” as we go along:

Game 1: “Bowling Stones” won the first game 967-941 (team scores will be with handicap) after taking control in the 9th frame after all of the present “Striking Gentlemen” failed to mark. Alex Frisbie had the high game for “Bowling Stones” with a 171, while John Beliveau was high for “Striking Gentlemen” with a 176.

Game 2: This game was won by one pin by “Striking Gentlemen” 970-969 after Kevin Hart’s double in the 10th set up their finish. Kevin finished with a 154, while John Beliveau again finished high on the team with a 169. Peter Cappola was high for the “Bowling Stones” with a 197, and they still lead the match by 25 pins.

Game 3: “Bowling Stones” took control of the game in the 8th frame and didn’t look back, winning 992-931 and the match 2928-2842. Peter Cappola had a 184 and Alex Frisbie 180 to lead the winners, while Kevin Hart was high on his team with a 150 in a losing effort.

Congrats, Stones! :)

EDIT: As unusual, because I have it available, I’ll post the winning team’s photo here rather than wait for the banquet.

2014-15 Brunswick Mixed league champions, Bowling Stones (Front, L-R: Ellie Painter, Warren Painter; Rear, L-R: Lisa Frisbie, Alex Frisbie, Peter Cappola)

2014-15 Brunswick Mixed league champions, Bowling Stones (Front, L-R: Ellie Painter, Warren Painter; Rear, L-R: Lisa Frisbie, Alex Frisbie, Peter Cappola)

“Lane Side Reviews” added to sidebar

May 5, 2015

I came across “Lane Side Reviews” in one of my Facebook bowling groups, and saw that they have a wealth of recent ball demo videos on their YouTube channel, from not only Storm and Roto Grip, but the other major companies, so I thought it worthy of a link in the sidebar; they do have other videos, so I thought the video/streaming list the best fit.

2015 state tournament Day 4 addendum

May 5, 2015

It turned out I missed one other honor score on Sunday, that an 806 by Chris Donaghey in singles in the 9 AM squad. He had games of 279, 247, and 280. WTG! :)

Coke league bowlers move into top 10 at USBC Open Championships

May 3, 2015

Cambridge 2, with Coke league bowlers Brian Gaskill and Stephen Dale Jr., bowled games of 1,004, 1,084, and 1,096 for a 3,184 total to move into 6th place in Regular Team at the USBC Open Championships in El Paso, TX. The team also included New England bowlers Bruce Hall, Chris Sole, and Ryan Graywacz, who paced the team with a 715 series. The team is part of Chris Viale’s Cambridge Credit group, for which Team USA member Shannon O’Keefe bowls at the Open.

Nice bowling guys! :D

2015 Mass. state tournament Day 4

May 3, 2015

I spoke too soon yesterday, because I did miss Chris Minor’s 300 game in singles. Today, the honor scores were provided by Shawn Hartigen in the team event with a 300 game and Al Donato in singles with a 290. Al (Coke league) is the only Westgate bowler of the three.

Just a reminder that results will be posted probably around Monday or Tuesday on the Brockton Bowling Association website.