Jim Ferguson rolls 802 to lead Westgate Warriors over Machine

The Westgate Warriors’ home match against The Machine was Saturday, with the Warriors coming away with a 30-10 net victory. Jim Ferguson played the biggest part in it, going 279-268-255 for an 802 set in scratch, and Danny Khuu (scratch) and Jon Hester (handicap 2) adding a 299 game each.

In a match against the Silver Lane Express, Mike Farrah of the Auburn Maulers had a 300 game at Westgate on Saturday, as well.


Westgate Warriors rout Darkside at Apple Valley Bowl

The Westgate Warriors began the interdivision portion of their schedule Saturday at Apple Valley Bowl in Plantsville, CT, routing The Darkside 38-2. The Warriors were led by Bill Beck, making his Warriors debut with a 761 in scratch, Jim Bessette (718 in scratch), Zach Thompson (664 in handicap 1), Jon Hester (656 in handicap 1), and Brian Egan (660 in handicap 2).

2017-18 UBA season tour schedule note

I found out today that the UBA season tour round at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes has been moved up to Apr. 29 from May 6 due to a small conflict at the bowling center. Start time will still be 1:00 PM, with the same opponents.

Westgate Warriors earn net win at Lessard Lanes

The Westgate Warriors yesterday ground out a 24-16 net win over Silver Lane Express at Lessard Lanes in Plainville, CT. It was the Handicap 2 trio doing most of the damage, as Stan Lewis and Jon Hester were both over 700 in the process of taking 8 of the 10 team points and helping the Warriors get overall total by 7 pins. Danny Khuu also posted a 733 in Scratch.

2017-18 UBA season tour schedule

The rest of the 2017-18 UBA season tour schedule has been released to me, and it is below:

A couple of notes:

  • The stops at Apple Valley Bowl and East Providence Lanes are against New England South district opponents to be determined later.
  • It did not escape notice by me that the rematch of last season’s New England North district final will be coming to Westgate in December. 🙂

Update: The schedule above now reflects the New England South opponents. The Warriors will face The Darkside twice, as well as The Commission and Pound 4 Pound.

Westgate Warriors defeat Mill City in 2017-18 UBA season opener

The Westgate Warriors began defense of their UBA New England North district title today with a 24-16 net victory at AMF Auburn Lanes over Mill City Mayhem. James Bessette, bowling in Handicap 2, ended up with the only 700 of the match for either side with a 711 set, supported in Scratch by Danny Khuu (691) and in Handicap 1 by Stan Lewis (684).

Sept. 2017 Westgate Warriors schedule note

The full schedule isn’t out yet, but Zach Thompson did post in the Westgate Warriors’ Facebook group that they will begin defense of their district championship on Sept. 9 at AMF Auburn Lanes vs. Mill City Mayhem, followed on Sept. 24 at Lessard Lanes (Plainville, CT) vs. Silver Lane Express. I will post the full season tour schedule when I have it.

Westgate Warriors win UBA division playoffs; Khuu bowls 300/803, Yandek 299

I’ll just leave the recaps here:

2017 division semifinals recap

2017 division finals recap

After a hard-fought 24-16 win over Mop Nation Militia in the semifinals, the Westgate Warriors secured the UBA New England North title today at East Providence Lanes with a 34-6 victory over the top seed, The Machine. The standouts in the final match were Danny Khuu, who shot 246-300-257 for an 803, and Matt Yandek, who posted a 299 game en route to a 796 effort.

Next for the Warriors are the All America Conference playoffs, which will take place next Saturday at Hudson Lanes in Jersey City, NJ.

Additional information: The Westgate Warriors will bowl matches vs. Dynasty (MD/DC/VA Division) and Hounds of War (New England South) on Saturday. The format is a double-elimination round-robin, with a team winning the conference by winning their first two matches (21+ points). If all three teams go 1-1, the first elimination match will be between the teams with the two lowest point totals.

Update: Zach Thompson got video of the last strike of Danny Khuu’s 300 game in the finals, which he’s allowed me to share here:

Westgate Warriors defeat Auburn Maulers to qualify for UBA playoffs

The Westgate Warriors survived a sweep of the scratch points (with Troy Labrie putting up an 818) by taking 18 of the possible 20 handicap points and getting overall total to defeat the Auburn Maulers 28-12 in the UBA position round yesterday at Wallingford Bowl in Wallingford, CT. Leading the way for the Warriors were James Bessette (751, in scratch), Kevin Thibeault (729, in scratch), Jim Ferguson (716, in handicap 1), Mark Zimmerman (707, in handicap 1), and Zach Thompson (707, in handicap 2).

The Warriors ended the season tour in 3rd place and have qualified for the division playoffs, which will take place on July 15 at East Providence Lanes, with the Warriors taking on Mop Nation Militia in the semifinals.

Westgate Warriors defeat Phoenix at Lucky Lanes

The Westgate Warriors were in need of a good day to get back into playoff contention with the season tour’s position round coming up, and they got it in the form of a 36-4 victory over Phoenix at Lucky Lanes in Berlin, CT. On a day when it was tough to score, the first handicap trio of Mark Zimmerman, Jim Ferguson, and Sean Richard had their stars shine brightest, sweeping all 10 of their points thanks to a 644, 637, and 629 respectively. Brian Egan and Danny Khuu also did well in the scratch trio (684 and 674), and Jon Hester led the second handicap trio with a 655.

The Warriors hold the last playoff spot by two points over Phoenix, and will be bowling the Auburn Maulers in the position round, which will be Saturday at Wallingford Bowl.

Danny Khuu leads Westgate Warriors over Phoenix in Lowell

The Westgate Warriors were led by Danny Khuu, with games of 275, 279, and 259 for an 813 series, to a 34-6 net win over Phoenix today at Brunswick Zone Lowell. Other notable individual efforts by the Warriors were by Sean Richard (749), Zach Thompson (740), and Shawn Hagan (716).

Westgate Warriors romp over Gorilla Warfare 36-4

Team president Zach Thompson reported to me that the Westgate Warriors scored a 36-4 net victory over Gorilla Warfare last Saturday in the UBA matches at Apple Valley Bowl in Plantsville, CT. James Bessette (774), Mark Zimmerman (752), Danny Khuu (731), and Brian Egan (723) were the Warriors bowling over 700 scratch in the match.

Westgate Warriors defeat Mill City Mayhem 22-18; Tony Bennett throws 300/815

Yesterday, the Underground Bowling Association made its third season tour stop at Westgate Lanes. The Westgate Warriors faced Mill City Mayhem in their home match, eking out a 22-18 net win, largely on the strength of the Handicap 1 team of Mark Zimmerman, Kevin Thibeault, and Danny Khuu sweeping all ten of their points, with Kevin shooting a 781 and Danny a 742.

Meanwhile, a member of Mop Nation Militia, Tony Bennett (who’s been mentioned here in connection with his 300 game at the USBC Open), posted games of 300, 258, and 257 for an 815 series in their match.

Good bowling guys! 🙂

Westgate Warriors finish 2nd in Northeast Team Relay

The Underground Bowling Association held the Northeast region’s annual Team Relay event last Saturday at Wallingford Bowl in Wallingford, CT. The format had the teams first bowling three games as a four-man team with handicap, then three games of scratch trios, two games as a doubles pair with handicap, and finally one bowler for two games scratch.

The Westgate Warriors ended up finishing second to the New England Heat, but the second place was a cash spot. The team started slow, earning only four points after shooting a 2,883 with handicap, although Jon Hester did help the cause with a 792 scratch. Trios was better, with the team of Hester (728), Hakim Emmanuel, and James Bessette (715) shooting 2,094. The momentum continued in doubles, where Stan Lewis and Hester put up a scratch 536 first game on the way to a 1,073, and Bessette finished up with 268 and 279 in singles for a 547.

WTG guys! 🙂

Westgate Warriors defeat New England Heat at Bowl-O-Rama

As reported to me by team sources, the Westgate Warriors bounced back from a six-point effort two weekends ago vs. Mop Nation Militia with a 30-10 effort vs. the New England Heat at Callahan’s Bowl-O-Rama in Newington, CT. I may add individual scores later, but the scratch team and one of the handicap teams swept their points in the match.

Update James Bessette commented to the Facebook post of this article with the recap (which I’ll try to include below). Brian Egan, bowling on one of the handicap teams, posted a nice 761 set to lead the Warriors.

Westgate Warriors start 2016-17 UBA season 30-10

The Westgate Warriors got a solid 30-10 win to start the 2016-17 UBA season tour today over the Auburn Maulers at AMF Cranston Lanes. Standouts reported to me by team president Zach Thompson included James Bessette with a 744, Jon Hester with a 708, and Zach himself added a 701, with all three bowling on teams getting handicap.

2016-17 Westgate Warriors schedule

The Westgate Warriors’ schedule for the 2016-17 UBA season tour has been released, with new team president Zach Thompson providing it in the image below:

2016-17 Westgate Warriors schedule

I’m not sure about home centers for some of the new teams, but I’m fairly certain the Warriors are opponents for the New England Heat’s home match on Oct. 8. As indicated above, the Westgate home match is Dec. 4 vs. the Mill City Mayhem (out of Lowell).

Note: I had an earlier post with the schedule, but Zach made some revisions, so this post will have the official schedule.

James Bessette bowls 300/814 in UBA position match at Silver Lanes

The lack of posting about the Westgate Warriors from me is indicative of a disappointing Underground Bowling Association season for them, but they did end it on a high note today at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes in E. Hartford, CT by winning 32 of 40 points against Norrage in their position round match. The bowler doing the most damage in the match was James Bessette, who had 22 strikes in a row bowling in the scratch portion of the match en route to an 814 series that had a 300 game in it.

Of course, I’m hoping for a better season next year. Something I can already post about next season is that there will be two UBA districts in New England, North and South, with the Westgate Warriors set to bowl in the North district.

Sean Richard bowls 300 in UBA at Laurel Lanes

It took him pretty much a year and a half to do it, but “$eany Ka$h” put up his first Underground Bowling Association 300 game today in the Westgate Warriors’ match against Ice Nation at Laurel Lanes in Plainville, CT. Unfortunately, the big score rang kind of hollow, as, despite some very good scores, the Warriors lost the match 26-14.

Westgate Warriors sweep home match; Wayne Toutain shoots 300

The Westgate Warriors rebounded from a couple of bad recent outings in their home match today by sweeping Norrage, 40-0. Zach Thompson, bowling in one of the handicap groups, set the tone for the match with a 289 first game on the way to a 784 scratch set.

About the only thing spoiling the day was Norrage’s Wayne Toutain throwing a 300 game in the second game bowling in the other handicap group, but the Warriors still won the two points out of the game.

WTG everyone! 🙂

2015 UBA Westgate schedule change note

For anyone planning their bowling for Westgate’s UBA weekend on Dec. 5 & 6, please be advised that the UBA matches have been rescheduled for that Sunday at 1 PM. As a result, the NAT and the Bay State Open have also swapped dates, with the NAT scheduled for Saturday with a 1:15 PM first squad time, and the Bay State Open running at 3 PM Sunday following the UBA matches.

2015-16 Westgate Warriors schedule posted

The Underground Bowling Association has released the season tour schedule for this season, and I’ll list the Westgate Warriors’ schedule below (if following link, click on “CT-NE” at the bottom for schedule):

  • Sept. 12: AMF Cranston Lanes v. Pound For Pound
  • Oct. 3: Bowl-O-Rama v. New England Heat (New England Heat home match)
  • Nov. 7: AMF Auburn Lanes v. Machine
  • Dec. 5: Westgate Lanes v. Norrage (Westgate Warriors home match)
  • Jan. 9: Spare Time Lanes v. Hounds of War
  • Feb. 7: AMF Circle Lanes v. Gorilla Warfare
  • Mar. 5: Laurel Lanes v. Ice Nation
  • Apr. 3: AMF Milford Lanes v. Auburn Maulers
  • Apr. 30: Wallingford Bowl v. Mop Nation Militia
  • May 15: Brunswick Colony Lanes v. B.O.A.
  • June 18: Position round at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes (neutral house)

The Warriors’ home match on the linked schedule is an error because the schedule is listed as Dec. 6, but it is actually the day before.

Playoff details will be posted here if the Warriors qualify.

Mop Nation Militia finishes 2nd in 2014-15 UBA Season Tour

I’ve been waiting for a good time to mention this, but the Westgate Warriors have a friendly rivalry with another Underground Bowling Association team, Mop Nation Militia, which also has some Westgate bowlers in the franchise (Steve Dale Jr., Chuck Paige II, Roland Sandefur, Eric Durden, and Rich Fulton are the Westgate bowlers on the team known to me). Mop Nation Militia was bowling for the UBA Season Tour Championship this weekend at the UBA’s signature event, Battle Bowl, at Brunswick Zone Carolier in N. Brunswick, NJ, eventually finishing runner-up to Synergy.

Congrats to everyone in the “Mop Nation”. 🙂

Westgate Warriors advance to UBA Playoffs

The Westgate Warriors, in their first season in the Underground Bowling Association, advanced to the UBA Playoffs today with a 36-4 win over Apocalypse in the NY/CT district position round at AMF Circle Lanes in East Haven, CT. Highlighting the day’s action for the Warriors were a 690 from Zach Thompson and a 688 from Charlie Unthank, both in handicap matches.

The Warriors will take on SWAT in the district semifinals on July 11 at Bowler City Lanes in Hackensack, NJ.

Sean Richard bowls 802 in UBA ranking match in Wallingford

It’s been quite a run Sean Richard has been on already, and he didn’t limit himself to Westgate Lanes, as he put up games of 276, 279, and 247 for an 802 series in the first three games of a UBA ranking match against Chris Burke today at Wallingford Bowl in Connecticut. WTG! 🙂

Note: If anyone is wondering, UBA ranking matches are USBC-sanctioned.

Westgate Warriors win first ever home match; Shawn Hagan throws 290 game

The Westgate Warriors defeated Pound For Pound 30-10 in their first ever home match by a score of 30-10 (points are given game and series for each match, scratch and two handicap, and also for the overall team total). The effort was paced largely by Shawn Hagan’s 290 game in the second handicap match, though the scratch match, with Sean Richard, Brian Egan, and Danny Khuu competing for the Warriors, was won handily by the Warriors, as well.

Elsewhere in the building, a 300 game was posted by Jesse Pickett, a member of the New England Heat, in the second game.

Westgate Lanes debut of UBA set for Jan. 4

I’ve been quiet about it until now, but some of you may have seen references in the sidebar and calendar to the Underground Bowling Association (UBA) in recent weeks. What is the UBA? It’s sort of a travel league, but a lot of urban culture influences the organization. Among other things, bowlers in the UBA are known by their nicknames, much like rappers are known by their stage names (more on this later).

Westgate Warriors logo

What this has been building up to is that the UBA is about to make its formal Westgate Lanes debut Sunday, and the center’s own UBA team, the Westgate Warriors (their logo is above), will face Pound for Pound in their first home match ever in the UBA. Paris “P-Nyce” Cook is the team’s president, and some of the better Westgate bowlers, including Seany Ka$h (with this nickname being a natural for Sean Richard to use in the UBA), are on the team. Matches consist of one scratch and two handicap match-ups of three bowlers each, with a points system determining the match winner as well as counting in the conference standings (the Westgate Warriors are in the NY/NE Conference). Note: I said formal debut because bowlers in the UBA also participate in head-to-head individual ranking matches, and some of those have already been at Westgate Lanes.

There is much administrivia for this post, including an item that has already been in the sidebar for a couple of months: The UBA’s homepage (under the “Bowling Sites” category). The Westgate Warriors also have their own page, which has been added to the “Local/New England” list. I have also started a “Westgate Warriors” post category for posts related to the team (this post being the first one in the category).

Also, I was hoping to have a special project for the Warriors off the ground by now, which was why I’ve been delaying this post, and I will be an honorary member of the team. Some of the project requirements haven’t been completed, however, and we hope to complete these after Sunday’s match.

Finally, with teams coming in from all over the Northeast, UBA events are actually weekend-long affairs, with side events taking place the Saturday before matches. The Bay State Open and the Eliminator have committed to Saturday afternoon, and in the evening, there will be the inaugural four-game Warrior Sweeper.