Apr. 21 Brunswick Mixed recap

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

This was one of those cases when all of my score was in one game, because I either couldn’t make shots or lost carry after the first game. The unkindest cut was at the end, with three open frames (the last two splits) when I still could have saved something out of it.

Result: 218-147-144=509
Average (78 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 163
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 563

Kevin did return last week, which was why my spirits were immediately better. The team did manage to take first and third games and total.

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 27 standings update

Interactive standings after Week 27 (Week 11 of 2nd half)

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 11th, 17 points behind the leaders, Never Lucky, who lead Last Empire by a point, BBOB by 2.5 points, and 4 On 9 Man and 10th Frame Magic by 3.5 points. Motley Crew will provide our opposition tonight. Note: There are four weeks remaining in the second half, as we count our roll-off as our 32nd week.

Randi did have the high handicap series in the women’s “A” division last week (noted on this page of the standing sheet).

Apr. 14 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 27 bowling, frame-by-frame

I might have had a little bit of a “hangover” effect from last week in the first game, but I cleaned up the single-pin mistakes the rest of the night and had better games the rest of the night from there. The second game was about as hard as I can ever remember working for a clean game, except for maybe one (I don’t remember exactly when) in which I had to convert a couple of splits to stay clean.

Result: 148-195-171=514
Average (75 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 168
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 565

Lisa was officially removed from the team (😢), and we were again without Kevin. Our fortunes were brighter, however, winning second and third games and total.

Apr. 7 Brunswick Mixed recap (inc. standings update)

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

I got hit by the “Curse of the Vacant,” as I was feeling off-kilter at the start and never really got untracked all night, with no competition to motivate me. Of the six strikes I threw, only two of those were together, and I missed more spares than I made. The humor I saw in the night is that I hit a “slot machine” score with the fours.

Result: 160-137-147=444
Average (72 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 171
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 572

Again, I was bowling with just Randi, but we did just well enough to win three points; yes, I cost us the second game. 😢

Interactive standings after Week 26 (Week 10 of 2nd half)

Creeden’s Mustangs are now 17 points behind the leading Never Lucky, who lead Last Empire by a point, BBOB by a point and a half, and 4 On 9 Man and 10th Frame Magic by 3.5 points. Strike Machine will be the opponents tonight.

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 25 league standings update

Interactive standings after Week 25 (Week 9 of 2nd half)

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 11th, 18 points behind a tie for first between Last Empire and Never Lucky, with BBOB 2.5 points behind the tie in 3rd and 10th Frame Magic 3.5 points behind the lead in 4th. We will be bowling for our points against the vacant tonight.

With my handicap added, my 256 last week was the high game in the league’s men’s “D” division last week.

Sean Richard 278/791, Keith Kaestner 289 highlight Apr. 1 Patriots league scoring

There was plenty to go with last week in the Patriots league, starting with “Ka$h” posting 278-245-268 for a 791 (see recap, Lane 45) and Jon Hester bowling 279-257-217 for a 753 (same recap, Lane 46; Note: Match actually took place on 53-54 due to breakdown). Keith Kaestner provided the other big highlight of the league’s week, with a 289 game (see high scores), with Mike Major and Stan Lewis also having 279 games, and Mike Trent Jr. a 276.

Nice bowling, all around! 🎳😎

Mar. 31 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 25 bowling, frame-by-frame

To my credit, I had my best game of the season (the second game) after a nearly two week layoff due to my feared (but unfounded) COVID exposure. However, with the single-pin spare misses, it was also a missed opportunity, as the fill from making all of my single pins would have given me a 600 series. The detox and polish of the Tropical is still proving to be a good call, however, as it’s giving me my best look, by far.

Result: 181-226-147=554
Average (69 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 176
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 509

Team had two members absent, but still won the second game against the second half leaders.

My COVID absence

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been away from Westgate for most of the last couple of weeks. This has been due to my possible COVID exposure two weeks ago, which was with a bowling contact. I was fully vaccinated at the time, but felt it my responsibility to stay away once I found out about the positive test in order to avoid possibly exposing anyone further, and that was just lengthened due to delays in my own testing.

The good news I have today is that I have tested negative, which means I can return today, which would have been two weeks out from the exposure. My bowling life was impacted, as I missed not only one Brunswick Mixed league session, but also one night of Patriots league brackets and two nights covering the Pepsi league as secretary, as well as the Northeast Amateur Tournament event here on Sunday. But I am looking forward to getting back to my bowling family.

Ray Fischer tosses 300/761, Brian Egan 289, Jon Hester 279 in Patriots league

Ray Fischer has been a great competitor at Westgate for many years, and continues to be one even today, proving it last Thursday night in the Patriots league, capping off a night in which he started 215-246 with a 300 for a 761 set (see recap, Lane 49). Brian Egan also had a 289 game that night, and Jon Hester a 279 (see high scores).

Stephen Major, Ray’s grandson, recorded and sent me the video shown below:

Congrats Ray, and nice bowling Brian & Jon! 🎳👏

Ed Grossett rolls 763, Ethan Reyes 278 in Patriots league

Ed Grossett is probably the best back-up bowler (back-up = right-handed, but ball moves left-to-right) in Massachusetts, and maybe in New England. This will be my first mention of him here (at least for a score) since his first 300 game, which came here at Westgate six years ago at the state tournament, as he turned in a fine 255-253-255 for a 763 set Thursday night in the Patriots league (see recap, Lane 41). Also, Ethan Reyes posted a 279 game last week (see high scores).

WTG guys! 🎳👏

Mar. 23 Brunswick Mixed update

For various reasons, I’ve missed posting my own bowling the last couple of weeks, along with updating my league’s standings, so I’ll post my last two BowlSK sheets first:

My bowling on Mar. 10

My bowling on Mar. 17

My bowling was markedly better last Wednesday, particularly the first game, which was my best in quite a while, as it was clean (and you know how I treasure my clean games)! Some of the difference last Wednesday was biting the bullet and getting the Tropical Breeze detoxed and polished, but my spare game was also a bit better than the previous week, particularly where I didn’t miss any single-pin spares. A reset of my averages (overall and moving) and tomorrow night’s +1 score target follow:

Average (66 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 170
Tomorrow night’s AVG+1 score: 556

Interactive standings after Week 23 (Week 7 of 2nd half)

The team only won one point in the last two weeks, the first game last week, so we remain in 11th (virtual last place). As tomorrow night is a position night, we’ll be bowling the vacant. BBOB have assumed the league lead by a half-point over Last Empire and Never Lucky, with 4 On 9 Man a point behind in 4th place.

Aaron Major 300/807, Brian Egan, Jon Hester 300s lead Mar. 11 Patriots scoring

If you thought Chris Zalewski’s 809 series last Wednesday night was something, the Patriots league wasn’t going to be outdone, as Aaron Major had 300-268-239 for an 807 of his own (Lane 47). While this wasn’t a bigger set than Zalewski’s, it was the scoring by the other bowlers that was the outdoing, as Brian Egan and Jon Hester both threw 300 games in the first game as teammates (see recap on Lane 50), with only Mark Zimmerman’s 224 preventing it from being a team award game (by a pin). All of this made Jim Ferguson’s 278/762 night look paltry by comparison (recap linked on Lane 47 above; see Lane 40).

Great night guys! 🎳😎👏