Richie In Trophy Shirt (Small version)

Rich Vogel (who prefers to be called “Richie”), the author of this blog, started league bowling at Westgate Lanes in Brockton, MA in the late 1980s and continued until the early 1990s, returning to league bowling after a 15 year hiatus in 2008. In the interim, he has had heel fractures, but has since regained enough form to be competitive in a league setting again. Bowling highlights have been a 288 league game (with a 290 in open bowling), a 707 series (all achieved recently), and a victory in a house handicap tournament in 1989. Richie is pictured here in the trophy shirt he received for winning the tournament. Online, Richie is a frequent poster to the bowling forums (BowlingCommunity.com) on the website, BowlingFans.com and also runs that site’s virtual league. He also manages the Facebook page of the Brockton USBC Bowling Association, for which he is currently serving on the Board of Directors. Richie considers himself a member of “Storm Nation”, as most of the balls in his arsenal are made by Storm, but he does have one ball not made by Storm (his T-Zone spare ball, by Brunswick).

This blog serves primarily as Richie’s personal bowling journal. However, with rare media coverage of the local (Brockton, MA and vicinity) bowling scene, Richie also uses the blog to post local bowling notes, including local honor scores and tournament news. Richie is a fan of the four major professional spectator sports leagues (especially the Boston teams), so he also passes along (with links) articles he finds on major professional athletes engaged in bowling activities, including charity tournaments. Such articles are posted in the “Cross-training” category.

Richie can be contacted via the blog’s contact form.

Richie is a member of the International Bowling Media Association (IBMA).