2018 Mass. state tournament information

My annual post with the Mass. state tournament information:

  • The open state tournament will be at AMF Chicopee Lanes Apr. 21-May 6 (weekends), with an entry blank available here (PDF format). Mail-in entries close Apr. 1.
  • The women’s tournament will be at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden May 5-20 (weekends). Entry blanks are available in the bowling centers. Entries close Apr. 1.
  • Westgate Lanes will host the youth tournament Apr. 28-May 6 (weekends). Entries are typically coordinated through the local youth associations.

2017 Mass. state senior tournaments

Information on the 2017 Mass. state senior tournaments:

  • The open senior tournament will be held Oct. 28 & 29 at AMF Chicopee Lanes. An entry form is available on the Mass. Tri-County USBC BA website.
  • The women’s senior tournament will be held Nov. 4 & 5 at Ken’s Bowl in Pittsfield. Flyers are available in the bowling centers.

2017 Mass. women’s state tournament results

The Massachusetts USBC Women’s Bowling Association recently sent out official results of their state tournament, held last month at Westgate Lanes, which I’ve obtained from one of my contacts and link here. As usual, I’ll recognize the state champions below:


Div. 1 handicap: Pin Pushers (Berkshire County) 2,905
Div. 2 handicap: The Flying Monkeys (Berkshire County) 2,845
Scratch: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter (Foxvale) 2,537


Div. 1 handicap: Katelyn Olds & Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 1,530
Div. 2 handicap: Valerie Armstrong & Lourine Brown (Greater Boston) 1,558
Div. 3 handicap: Eva Thompson & Harriet Grant (Greater Boston) 1,464
Scratch: Katelyn Olds & Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 1,380


Div. 1 handicap: Traci Bourdon (Berkshire County) 816
Div. 2 handicap: Pat McAfee (Soutneastern Mass.) 814
Div. 3 handicap: Joyce Cozzaglio (Berkshire County) 785
Scratch: Christine Belsky (Foxvale) 704


Div. 1 handicap: Lourine Brown (Greater Boston) 2,334
Div. 2 handicap: Valerie Smith (Foxvale) 2,224
Div. 3 handicap: Joyce Cozzaglio (Berkshire County) 2,230
Scratch: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 2,027

Note: The listed scratch champions are those who entered the optional scratch events.

Of note elsewhere in the file is that Lourine Brown had a 290 game in the tournament.

Congrats to all! 🙂

Tasheka Douglas bowls 711 in Rhythm & Bowling

This is really backlogged, but on Feb. 5 (Super Bowl Sunday), Tasheka Douglas posted games of 256, 186, and 269 for a 711 series in the Boston Rhythm & Bowling league. WTG Tasheka! 🙂

Note: Because the date in question was Super Bowl Sunday, my own Sunday league didn’t bowl that week.

2017 Mass. state tournament information

With my new expanded New England bowling coverage on Facebook, I’ve been posting state tournament information for the other New England states on the Facebook page, but I will always devote an actual blog post to the Massachusetts state tournaments, and I should have the information for this year’s tournaments now:

  • The state open tournament will be held at Gardner Ten Pin weekends from Apr. 15-May 7 and May 13 (not May 14, which is Mother’s Day), with the entry form available on the Greater Gardner association website (but I suggest saving and printing out the images, as the entry form appears to be a set of JPEG images). In a first for the state tournament, the Greater Gardner association is accepting online payment of entry fees; look for button on the website link above. Mail-in entries close Apr. 1, but walk-in entries are accepted cash-only on the basis of lane availability.
  • The women’s tournament will be held weekends from May 6-21 at Westgate Lanes. Entry forms are available in the state’s bowling centers, and I’ve made a PDF copy available here. Entries for the tournament also close Apr. 1.
  • The youth tournament will take place Apr. 29-30 and May 6-7 at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford, with the entry form available on the youth association website (PDF format) and closing Feb. 27. Note: Westgate Lanes is already scheduled to bowl on the first weekend.

Debbie Major rolls 290 game in His & Hers

I finally have a woman’s score to report this season, and it happens to be a true honor score: Debbie Major had a 290 game tonight in the His & Hers league. WTG Deb! 🙂

Valerie Bercier wins inaugural NAT Scratch Mini-Marathon


Finalists of the inaugural NAT Scratch Mini-Marathon, champion Valerie Bercier, runner-up Danny Khuu (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament conducted its first Scratch Mini-Marathon today at Westgate Lanes, and, as reported on their Facebook page, Valerie (Calberry) Bercier, a member of Team Canada, was the winner of the final match over Danny Khuu, 237-194. Valerie was bowling well all day, as she was the high qualifier, bowling a 279 high game in the six-game block. There were 19 entries for this initial event, with Westgate bowlers Brian Egan and Ed Roberts also among the six who cashed.

The NAT’s new scratch tournaments are all going to be on challenge/sport conditions, with Kegel Tower of Pisa being today’s condition.

Ruthie Graham wins Greater Boston senior title

I’m late recognizing this, but, according to the posted results, Ruthie Graham, who has long served as an officer in the His & Hers and TNBA leagues at Westgate Lanes, won the women’s division of the Greater Boston USBC BA’s senior tournament, held recently at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden. Ruthie had a 745 score with handicap in the tournament.

Congrats Ruthie! 🙂

Amie Goodspeed wins 4th RILC title at Westgate

As the Facebook post above indicates, Amie Goodspeed (right in photo) successfully defended her Rhode Island Ladies Classic title at Westgate Lanes from last season today after defeating Shaunna Varin 194-185 (with handicap; Amie was bowling scratch) in the title match. The title was Amie’s 4th overall, with wins in three consecutive months.

Good bowling also to Westgate’s Chris Major, who was caught by Amie in the last two games of qualifying for the spot in the final match.

Sarah Gill bowls first 300 in junior travel league

Congrats to Sarah Gill, formerly in the North Bowl junior program and now representing Wonder Bowl, who picked the junior travel league at Westgate yesterday to bowl her first 300 game. She became the 7th female to bowl a perfect game at Westgate Lanes, and the youngest female ever to do so. 🙂

2016 Mass. state senior tournaments note

I may not have entry forms available for linking right now, but I do need to note that the open senior tournament will take place Oct. 29 & 30 at Gardner Ten Pin, and the women’s senior tournament on Nov. 5 & 6 at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden. If I get entry form links, I’ll update the post.

Open tournament entry form update: The entry form for the open senior tournament is on the Greater Gardner association website, but they chose to post the form as an image, and, although they do have a print button on the page, I don’t really recommend it; instead, save the entry form image and print it using something else (right-clicking the file and choosing “Print” in Windows File Explorer or similar should work for desktop PCs).

2016-17 Westgate league meeting schedule set

The fall league meeting schedule at Westgate Lanes has been set; for the first time to my memory, Facebook events for the individual league meetings have been set up, and the Westgate Lanes event list can be found here. For any prospective new league members, you may wish to consult the league schedule to find out when the leagues bowl (first day and time). If you’re on Facebook and interested in bowling a league, please indicate that you are “Going” on the event for the league(s) you wish to bowl in.

Of course, pre-registration is also on for the youth leagues during the month of August, with a fee of $15 and first week of bowling free if pre-registered. The Facebook event list linked in the above paragraph also has the meeting for the junior and senior age divisions, at which teams will be formed.

Tina Gannon throws 276/721 in Monday doubles

I was watching Ryan Yelle and Mike Botelho’s pair most of the night the other night, but I did see in the standings today that Tina Gannon shot 212, 276, and 233 in her first three games that night for a 721 award set. WTG Tina! 🙂

2016 Mass. women’s state tournament results

The Massachusetts Women’s Bowling Association has made results of their state tournament, conducted at Ken’s Bowl in Pittsfield, official, and the full prize list is linked here (PDF file). As always, I’ll list the state champions below. The association represented will be in parentheses, the scores for division champions are with handicap, and the scratch champions are those who entered the optional scratch events.


Div. 1: Spitfires (Berkshire County) 2,728
Div. 2: Webbles (Berkshire County) 2,718
Scratch: Four in the Zone (Greater Springfield) 2,131


Div. 1: Gisela Dellmuth & Catalina Sweeney (Greater Gardner) 1,401
Div. 2: Deb LaRose & Mary Freeman (Greater Springfield) 1,436
Div. 3: Dorothy Hopkins & Michelle Geloran (Tri-City) 1,449
Scratch: Katelyn & Marieann Laurin (Greater Springfield) 1,173


Div. 1: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 784
Div. 2: Laura Kane (Worcester County) 761
Div. 3: Jodi St. Peter (Berkshire County) 803
Scratch: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 736


Div. 1: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 2,152
Div. 2: Dale Snyder (Worcester County) 2,107
Div. 3: Jodi St. Peter (Berkshire County) 2,276
Scratch: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 2,008

Congrats to all! 🙂

Tina Gannon posts 713 set in Coke league

I’m not sure how many times Tina Gannon has bowled a 700 series in the Coke league this season, but she did it again Monday night with a 713, which had a high 254 game in it. WTG Tina! 🙂

Amie Goodspeed wins RI Ladies Classic at Westgate

RI Ladies Classic Finalists Apr 16 2016

Finalists of the RI Ladies Classic event at Westgate Lanes on Apr. 16 (L-R): Champion Amie Goodspeed, runner-up Shirley Major (Photo courtesy of RI Ladies Classic)

The RI Ladies Classic reported on their Facebook page that Amie Goodspeed, a bowler out of North Bowl Lanes, won the event today at Westgate Lanes, which was rescheduled from January because of weather. Goodspeed defeated the defending champion of this stop, Shirley Major, 216-167 (with handicap; both bowlers were bowling scratch), in the final match. Tina Gannon, seeking a “threepeat” after wins at Alley Katz and Holiday Lanes in Westport (the latter having been previously unreported), was third. There were nine entries.

Ryan Graywacz wins first NEBA title at Westgate

Ryan Graywacz NEBA Mar 20 2016

Ryan Graywacz, champion of the NEBA event held at Westgate Lanes on Mar. 20, 2016 (Photo courtesy of NEBA)

The New England Bowlers Association reported on their Facebook page that Ryan Graywacz won his first title yesterday at Westgate Lanes after defeating Matt Janas, 254-204, in the final match. Westgate bowlers cashing were Danny Khuu, Sean Richard, Brian Egan, Steve Dale Jr, and Ryan Yelle.

Also, Eric Frost and Nicole Trudell both had 300 games during the 9 AM squad, and Brian Egan used an 11 in a row 290 last game to get into the 9 AM squad cut.

Shirley Major posts 729 set in Patriots league

It had seemed the only scores by women I’ve been mentioning this season were Tina Gannon’s, but I saw in the updated Patriots league standings that Shirley Major last week had games of 269, 245, and 215 (not necessarily in that order) for a 729 set. WTG Shirley! 🙂

Tina Gannon wins 2nd RI Ladies Classic title in Westerly, RI

Feb 2016 RI Ladies Classic finalists

Finalists of the RI Ladies Classic on Feb. 27 at Alley Katz: Runner-up Janice Harrington, champion Tina Gannon (Photo courtesy of RI Ladies Classic)

The RI Ladies Classic reported on their Facebook page that Tina Gannon won her second title on Feb. 27 at Alley Katz in Westerly, RI after defeating Janice Harrington 217-194 (with handicap; Tina was bowling scratch) in the title match. It was reported that Harrington needed a double to capture the title, but left a solid 7 pin.

Congrats again Tina! 🙂

2016 Mass. state tournament information

As my readers know, I try to post the information on the year’s state tournaments when they all become available, and I do so now:

  • The open state tournament will take place at Greylock Bowl & Golf in North Adams weekends from Apr. 23 to May 15. Entry forms should be available on the North Adams association site; mail-in entries will close Apr. 9.
  • The women’s state tournament will take place at Ken’s Bowl in Pittsfield weekends from Apr. 23 to May 8. An entry form may be available on the Mass. Women’s Bowling Association website, or flyers can be found in the bowling centers. Entries close Apr. 1 unless schedule is filled sooner.
  • The youth state tournament will take place at AMF Holiday Lanes in Somerset weekends from Apr. 23 to May 1. Please contact a local youth association official for entry details; entries close Feb. 29.

I will post results as they become official.

Roland Sandefur bowls 290, Tina Gannon 279/720 in Coke league

I didn’t realize it when he bowled it, but Roland Sandefur last night had an 11 in a row 290 game in the Coke league. Also, Tina Gannon just keeps it going, putting up a 279 high game in her 720 series. Nice bowling, guys! 🙂

RI Ladies Classic rescheduled

Due to the possible severe weather later, the RI Ladies Classic has decided to postpone today’s tournament at Westgate Lanes, and it has been rescheduled for Apr. 16. We hope for a good turnout on the new date.

Tina Gannon bowls 300 game in Kingston

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned an honor score bowled in Kingston on this blog, but Tina Gannon, the best woman in the Coke league at Westgate, had a 300 game the other night in her house league, the Wednesday Night Mixed league in Kingston. WTG Tina! 🙂

Tina Gannon throws 278 game in Coke league

Tonight, Tina Gannon threw a 278 game in the Coke league, which turned out to be the high game of the night by any bowler of either gender in the league. WTG! 🙂

Backlog: Tina Gannon posts 745 in Coke league

Not sure how this got past me, but back on Sept. 21, Tina Gannon had a 268 high game in a 745 series in the Coke league. Sorry for this not being timely, Tina! 🙂

2015 Mass. women’s state senior tournament results

The Massachusetts USBC Women’s Bowling Association has posted results of this year’s women’s state senior tournament (PDF file linked), conducted last month at Cove Lanes in Great Barrington. The state champions were Patricia Noyce, representing the Worcester County association, in Class I (65 & over) and Karen Umbrello, also representing Worcester County, in Class II (50-64). Patricia Sweeney (3rd) and Doris Woods (6th), representing Tri-City, also placed in Class I.

Congrats to all! 🙂

Paul Dang posts 299, Laura Beaudet 288 in Brunswick Mixed

Kevin Stiger’s 300 game of last week in my Wednesday night league was followed up by a couple of close approaches tonight: Paul Dang’s 299 game, and Laura Beaudet putting up a 288 game. Congrats to both! 🙂