Jessica Lowe fires 740 set in TNBA league

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about her, but congrats to Jessica Lowe, who posted 269-225-246 for a 740 effort last Friday night in the TNBA league. Nice bowling! 🙂


Sean Richard fires 300 in AXS Kings & Queens

“$eany Ka$h” bowled the AXS Kings & Queens mixed doubles event at Old Mountain Lanes today with Sandi Litchfield, and came away with at least his 96th 300 game. If I found that they won the tournament, there will be a follow-up post.

Nice bowling Seany! 🙂

Johnnie Funches scores 290 in Rhythm & Bowling

Unlike my own Sunday league, the Boston Rhythm & Bowling has an early session on Super Bowl Sunday rather than take the week off, and I noted that, on that day, Johnnie Funches had a 290 game. Nice going! 🙂

Steve Travers fires 300/827, Mike Trent Jr. first 300 in Patriots league

Two perfect games to report from last night, one by association Hall of Famer Steve Travers, who bookended his with games of 259 and 268 for an 827 set, and the other was the first 300 by Mike Trent Jr.

I missed getting Steve’s game (though I’d like to at some point), but I did get Mike’s, which is below:

The game shown was on lanes 25 & 26, which is probably the closest to the desk I’ve ever recorded.

Congrats guys! 🙂

Shane Litchfield bowls 299/824 in Westgate scholarship tournament

Results of today’s Westgate Memorial Scholarship Tournament (all scores with handicap, prize in parentheses):


  1. Shane Litchfield 830 ($500)
  2. Chris Zalewski 738 ($250)


  1. Ashley Major 714 ($250)

Shane deserves special mention here, as he went 299-249-276 for an 824 scratch series, his first honor scores (albeit unsanctioned).

Congrats to everyone! 🙂

Ryan Yelle shoots 826 in Westgate Mixed

Congrats to association Hall of Famer Ryan Yelle, whom I found out tonight went 269-279-278 for an 826 set last night in the Westgate Mixed league. 🙂

Keith Seto bowls 290 in Brunswick Mixed

Embarrassed that I let this slip by because it was in one of my own leagues, but Keith Seto had a 290 game the other week in the Brunswick Mixed league. Congrats! 🙂

Bill Briggs shoots first Pepsi league 300

Bill Briggs has been a member of the Coke (now Pepsi) league since its beginning, and finally got his first 300 in the league. I should also say that Bill has been one of the biggest supporters of my social media efforts, so I’m happy he finally has a 300.

The video I got is below:

Congrats Bill, you’ve earned this one! 🙂

EDIT: My report that this was Bill Briggs’ first 300 ever was in error, and this was just his first one in the Pepsi league. The post has been edited.

Ray Fischer scores 298 in His & Hers

Stephen Major told me yesterday that when he had his 298 game the other night in the His & Hers league, his grandfather, Ray Fischer, was doing the same thing on an adjacent pair. Nice bowling, Ray! 🙂

Stephen Major shoots 816 in His & Hers; Ray Fischer bowls 290

Congrats tonight to Stephen Major, who recorded 238-280-298 for an 816 set in the His & Hers league, which was his 2nd 800 series. I also need to note a backlogged score from that league last week, as Stephen’s grandfather, Ray Fischer, had a 290 game, so congrats to him, as well. 🙂

UPDATE: I just realized that, with Tim Major’s 265 third game, Stephen and Tim have a 563 doubles game, over the USBC’s reporting threshold. Congrats! 🙂

Brian Egan posts 801 in Pepsi league

800 is typically a major feat in the Pepsi league, and Brian Egan reached that number last night, going 279-245-277 for an 801 set. Brian had feared not hitting the new pattern, Broadway, but did just fine. Congrats Brian! 🙂

Steve Hamilton Jr. bowls 297 in Thursday Handicap Doubles

I haven’t mentioned the Thursday Handicap Doubles league, now the only Thursday night doubles league, yet this season, but I got a report of a 297 game last night in that league by Steve Hamilton Jr., Rose & Steve’s son. Good bowling! 🙂

Stan Lewis & Jon Hester win Bay State Open doubles in Somerset; Hester bowls 300

As reported in the above Facebook post, Pepsi league teammates Jon Hester & Stan Lewis (L-R in photo) won the Bay State Open’s first match-play doubles event Saturday at AMF Somerset Lanes, defeating Graham Eng & Kris Tam by a score (with handicap) of 504-452. The video of the final match will be below:

As also noted in the post, Jon Hester threw a 300 game in their semifinal match, which was also captured live on Facebook for the first time by the Bay State Open. That will be in the video below:

Congrats guys! 🙂

Kevin Thibeault throws 300 in RI Doubles Championship

Here’s something I just found out about: On Sunday, Kevin Thibeault posted a 300 game in a new event put on by the Rhode Island Bowling Association, the Rhode Island Doubles Championship at Walnut Hill Bowl in Woonsocket. The tournament continues through this weekend.

Good bowling, Kev! 🙂

Thibeault, Hedding, Peirce shoot 300 in Patriots league

There may be more scores from tonight later, but, for now, I can report that Harry Thibeault, “TomTom” Hedding, and Mike Peirce had 300 games in the Patriots league. For the former two, they came in the first game as teammates, with only Sean Richard’s 213 game preventing that from being reportable as a team score (825 for trios).

Nice bowling! 🙂

Jim Ferguson tosses 299 in Patriots league

Association Hall of Famer Jim Ferguson is in need of “average boosters” to help him in the pursuit of “TomTom” Hedding’s association record, and got another one tonight with a 299 game in the Patriots league. Note: He ended the night with a 739, which raised it close to Hedding’s 240.60.

WTG! 🙂

Ryan Yelle fires 299 in Westgate Mixed

There used to be a USBC award “trifecta”, which meant a 300 game, an 800 series, and an 11 in a row game, all in the same season. Which leads me to this: Ryan Yelle completed his “trifecta” for the year last week in the Westgate Mixed league with a 299 game. Nice going! 🙂

Peter Cappola throws 300 in Westgate Mixed

He’s been in my leagues before (winning Brunswick Mixed one year), but I’ve never mentioned an honor score for Peter Cappola until now, as he bowled 300 last night in the Westgate Mixed league. Nice going. 🙂