Alex Major tosses 290 in Patriots league

I noticed in the week’s Patriots league scores that Alex Major had a 290 game on what was otherwise a quiet week. WTG Alex! 🙂


Jim Ferguson bowls 300 in Open qualifying

As the Facebook post above shows, Westgate bowler Jim Ferguson used a 300 third game to lead last night’s squad in the NEBA Open at East Providence Lanes. Good luck today in match play, Jimmy! 🙂

Jake Tobin slams 300/846 in Brunswick Mixed

For our league, 846 is a monster set, and that was the score Jake Tobin threw off last night, going 279-267-300 and really just four pins away from 900. Great bowling! 🙂

Ethan Reyes bowls first 300 in youth league

I didn’t think there were any high scores on Saturday morning last season, but there will be at least one this season, as I saw Rose Hamilton post on her Facebook that Ethan Reyes had his first 300 this morning. WTG Ethan! 🙂

Sean Richard rolls 300 in TNBA league

It’s been a bit, but “$eany Ka$h” woke up out of a Westgate slumber with a 300 last night in the TNBA league. His Facebook post said it was thrown with an OOB (out of the box) ball, and the pro shop has video on their page.

WTG Seany! 🙂

Eric Healy shoots 299 in Sunday Niters

Let this slip, but Eric Healy, a member of the Sunday Niters team I sub for, threw a 299 game the Sunday night before Christmas. Nice bowling! 🙂

Westgate Warriors take 34 from Auburn Maulers; Hester posts 290

I just saw the recap from Sunday’s match vs. the Auburn Maulers at Sparetime in Groton, CT, with the Westgate Warriors taking 34 points out of the match. The primary standout was Jon “Hoss” Hester, who put up a 290 second game in a 731 effort in scratch, with Sean Richard also recording 718 in the second handicap group, and Bill Beck just missing 700 (699) in the first handicap group.

Standings posted in the Warriors’ Facebook group have the Warriors with an 11 point lead over Mop Nation Militia, with a position round coming next.

Khuu 300/820, Robinson, Major 300s lead Patriots scoring barrage

There were fireworks aplenty last night in the Patriots league. It was Danny Khuu leading the way, going 230-290-300 for an 820 set, but there were a couple of other 300s, one off the left hand of association Hall of Famer Dan Robinson, which we have this video of from Sandi Litchfield:

The other was by Hall of Famer Bill Major’s son, Alex, and we have this video from Chris Silva:

Nice bowling all around! 🙂

Chris Galarza rolls first 300 in His & Hers

Si told me last night about a 300 in His & Hers the other night by Chris Galarza, a lefty who was only averaging in the 150s, but who had converted to the two-handed style and had everything “click”. Congrats.

Sean Richard bowls 814 in Malden

“$eany Ka$h” did it again last night in Malden, as he posted a recap on Facebook showing 267-268-279 for an 814 set, which should be his third 800 in Malden this season. WTG! 🙂

Paris Cook rolls 300 in Rhythm & Bowling

Paris Cook posted on Facebook that he had a 300 game last night in the Rhythm & Bowling league, which I thought was the first recorded by the new scoring system until I remembered about Rene Thompson’s last week. Paris left a video in his DropBox, which I will try to embed here:

Congrats Paris! 🙂

Shawn Hagan rolls 812 in Malden

Pepsi leaguer Shawn Hagan showed me a recap photo in which he went 267-265-280 for an 812 set the other night in Malden. Nice bowling! 🙂

Rene Thompson posts 300, Tasheka Douglas 723 in Rhythm & Bowling

A couple of scores from the Rhythm & Bowling league, including a woman’s score: Rene Thompson finally broke through with a 300, and Tasheka Douglas had a 256 high game in a 723 set. Nice bowling! 🙂

UPDATE: I missed this detail originally, but Rene’s 300 is the first one recorded by the new scoring system, so additional congrats! 🙂

Joe Logel & Kevin Kelliher win Bay State Open doubles at Westgate

As noted in the above Facebook post, Pepsi league “rookies” Joe Logel & Kevin Kelliher defeated Bob Goulart & Dylan McLoud, 755-684, with handicap, to win the Bay State Open’s modified doubles event yesterday at Westgate Lanes. Qualifying in this modified format was three games of standard doubles and two games of Baker doubles, with one standard game and one Baker game in the elimination finals.

During qualifying, Joe Bourhill had a 300 bid thwarted by a 5 pin for a 299.

Congrats everyone! 🙂

Matt Richard posts 298 in Patriots league

Sean Richard posted a video of his son Matt going for 300, but a 4-7 thwarted him this time. As was said by the famous cartoon moose, Bullwinkle, “Well, I’m getting close.”

Nice bowling Matty! 🙂

Aaron Major posts 299/814 in His & Hers

Aaron Major is not having a quiet His & Hers season, continued the other night with 299-268-247 for an 814 set. Note: He currently has a 245 league average.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Brian Gaskill shoots 300 in Malden

Brian Gaskill has had to fill in in the Pepsi league, but this post is about last night in Malden, where he had a 300 game. WTG! 🙂

Ed Miller bowls 298 in Brunswick Mixed

Just to show everyone that I sometimes don’t see stuff from my own league, I only saw today that Ed Miller had a 298 game in the league on Oct. 10. Nice bowling! 🙂