Jim Ferguson posts 300 in Patriots league

Sean Richard was joined tonight by his buddy Jim Ferguson, also with a 300 game in the Patriots league. Good shooting! 🙂


Sean Richard throws 94th 300 in Patriots league

“$eany Ka$h” posted on his Facebook that he got 300 game #94 tonight in the Patriots league. I should note that his most recent scores have been posted throwing 900 Global equipment. Nice going! 🙂

Paris Cook rolls 290 in TNBA league

The most recent update of the TNBA league standing sheet gave me another score from Friday night: Paris Cook’s 290 game. Nice job! 🙂

Wu-Zen Cheah bowls 300 in Firefighters league

I haven’t had occasion to report news out of the unsanctioned Monday night Firefighters league until now, and the news for this is that Wu-Zen Cheah bowled 300 in the league last night. Nice bowling! 🙂

Brian Pinard & John Doran win NAT doubles at Westgate; Chuck Paige shoots 800, Sean Richard 300/804

Dec 3 NAT handicap doubles finalists

Finalists of Dec. 3 NAT handicap doubles event (L-R): Champions Brian Pinard & John Doran, runners-up Chuck Paige & Matt Richard (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament posted on their Facebook page that Brian Pinard & John Doran won their handicap doubles event yesterday at Westgate Lanes after defeating Westgate bowlers Chuck Paige & Matt Richard, 448-442 (with handicap), in the final match. Among the other teams qualifying for head-to-head match play were Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson, AJ Voisine (with partner Jayme Silva), Ed Grossett & Mike “Sensae” Reed, and Stan Gibbs & Stephen Major.

In qualifying, Chuck Paige put up a 245-287-268 effort for 800 on the button, which was his first 800 series, and Sean Richard posted 279-225-300 for an 804. Sean’s 300 was his 93rd, and my video of the last strike is below:

In that game, Sean teamed with Jim Ferguson for a 558 doubles game, over the USBC team score reporting threshold.

Congrats all around! 🙂

Sean Richard throws 299/813 in Bay State Open

The Bay State Open held an event after the UBA matches, and, while results will be shared here later, I did want to note that Sean Richard went 256-258-299 for an 813 series in the qualifying squad. Nice bowling! 🙂

Jim Ferguson rolls 802 to lead Westgate Warriors over Machine

The Westgate Warriors’ home match against The Machine was Saturday, with the Warriors coming away with a 30-10 net victory. Jim Ferguson played the biggest part in it, going 279-268-255 for an 802 set in scratch, and Danny Khuu (scratch) and Jon Hester (handicap 2) adding a 299 game each.

In a match against the Silver Lane Express, Mike Farrah of the Auburn Maulers had a 300 game at Westgate on Saturday, as well.

Tom Hedding rolls 300/815 in Patriots league

“TomTom” Hedding, the reigning association Bowler of the Year champion, returned to familiar territory last night in the Patriots league with a 300-279-236=815 performance. I missed getting the video (I was there and had my camera, but was a few pairs away), but Sean Richard did get one, which is below:

Nice going! 🙂

Brian Gaskill pitches 300 in Malden

As he posted on Facebook above, Pepsi league bowler Brian Gaskill tossed a 300 last night in the Trios + 1 league at Town Line in Malden. WTG! 🙂

Rene Thompson bowls 290 in Rhythm & Bowling

Kind of backlogged, but caught before the league standings were updated for this past Sunday: Rene Thompson had a 290 game last Sunday in the Boston Rhythm & Bowling league. Nice! 🙂

Mike Carter bowls 804 in Cranston

Saw it on his Facebook last night: Pepsi league bowler Mike Carter made it two 800 series in three weeks in the Sunday Afternoon Mixed league at AMF Cranston Lanes with 265-271-268 for an 804 this past weekend. Nice going! 🙂

Kevin Coleman posts 300 in TNBA

Got word that Kevin Coleman had a 300 game last night for the TNBA league, but there’s a question of whether it qualifies for a USBC award, as it was a pre-bowl score after the regular league session. USBC rule 50-2 states that the 300 game award cannot be earned while pre-bowling unopposed, but there is one bowler I know (no names mentioned) who says otherwise.

Nice bowling anyway, Kevin. 🙂

Ryan Yelle posts 299 in Westgate Mixed

I didn’t hear how he finished, but Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Ryan Yelle had his best game since joining the Westgate Mixed league with a 299 last night. Nice bowling! 🙂

Dave Kullas shoots 300 in Yarmouth

I’ve noted scores by Pepsi league bowler Dave Kullas before, mainly for what he bowls in the Dave Smith Memorial Classic league in Hyannis. However, he also subs occasionally in the Tuesday Night Mixed league at the Ryan Family Amusements in Yarmouth, and I’m pleased to post that he had his first 300 game at that establishment last night. Nice bowling!

Sean Richard posts 300/858 in NAT doubles in Malden

There will be more from the weekend later, but I saw Jim Ferguson post on Facebook that Sean Richard, his partner today in the NAT doubles at Town Line in Malden, shot 279-300-279 for an 858 set in the first three of four qualifying games. It may be a new personal high for “Ka$h”, as I don’t recall seeing a better series from him.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Paris Cook fires 300 in Patriots league

As usual with this league, there may be more later, after I see an updated standing sheet, but I’m aware of at least one score from last night in the Patriots league: Paris Cook posted on Facebook that he had a 300 game. WTG! 🙂

Bobby Geddes throws 804 in Brunswick Mixed

He was a member of the Brunswick Mixed league when I joined, taking time away from it for college, and Bobby Geddes had what I believe was his personal high last night, posting 236-279-289, with a stone 9 derailing the 300 game in the third game, for an 804, his first 800 series. WTG! 🙂

Mike Carter posts 843 set in Cranston

I saw on Coke league bowler Mike Carter’s Facebook today that he shot 278-278-287 for a personal high 843 series in the Sunday Afternoon Mixed league at AMF Cranston Lanes. Nice bowling! 🙂

Brian Egan posts 300, Tony Attardo 299 in Patriots league

That I’m mentioning Brian Egan tonight for a 300 game in the Patriots league is nothing new. What makes tonight different is that I’m mentioning Tony Attardo, whom I’ve written about for other things before, notably his Brockton Bowling Association and NEBA Hall of Fame elections, for a score for the first time, with a 299 game.

Nice bowling guys! 🙂

Steve Dale Jr. shoots 299 in Coke league

Steve Dale Jr., one of the inaugural NEBA Hall of Famers, put up a 299 second game last night, and it was in a big spot, as his team, Rick O’Shea, got the points they needed for first place in the Coke league’s first quarter position round. Nice bowling! 🙂

Shawn Syde tosses 300 in Sunday Niters

My Week 9 bowling, frame-by-frame

I followed up my Wednesday night with a much better Sunday night (comparing it to my two recent Sunday nights). I only missed one makeable spare and no single pins, and put together turkeys early and late in the second game for my 220.

Result: 186-220-177=583
Average (27 games): 177
Average for last 9 games: 159
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 549

Composite average (51 games): 175

Winning the second game by 168 pins (thanks to Ed’s 224, also) must have made Shawn Syde, one of our opponents, mad, because he proceeded to close out the night with a 300 game, and, indeed, if Shawn had bowled a better second game, his 800 was out there with a 288 first game. The teams split 4-4.

Nice bowling, Shawn! 🙂

Sean Richard bowls two 300 games in RI city doubles

The “century watch” is just about on now for Sean Richard, as he had 300 games #90 and #91 in separate doubles squads today in the Rhode Island city tournament at Lang’s Bowlarama. Seany, I just hope I’m there to see #100. 🙂

Tom Hedding throws 300/878 in RI city tournament

“TomTom” Hedding has thrown off big sets before, but he had a true monster of one today in the Rhode Island city tournament at Lang’s Bowlarama, posting 279-300-299 for an 878 in his singles event (which appears to be his favorite event, as he also holds the Mass. state tournament singles record).

WTG! 🙂

Update: Tournament director Bryan Rhodes informed me that Hedding’s 878 is a RI city tournament singles record, and the 4th highest series ever bowled in the state.

Tom Hedding bowls 290 in Patriots league

I’m able to mention “TomTom” Hedding for a league score for the first time this season, and that for a 290 game in the Patriots league, the league, of course, in which he set the association record average last season. Nice bowling! 🙂