Westgate league round-up, Week of Mar. 22

Really, there were just three game scores of note coming out of this reporting period, a 279 by Aaron Major and a 277 by Kenny Meyer in the Patriots league, and a 288 by Rene Thompson in the Rhythm & Bowling league (links are to high score lists; Rhythm & Bowling league bowled on Mar. 20 & is reporting a week late).

Good bowling, everyone! 🎳👍


Brunswick Mixed update, Mar. 16

Condensing two posts into this one because I have only one other score to post about in the other Westgate leagues last week:

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

Good, but disappointing at the same time. I started out with maybe my second-best game of the season on what had been my “kryptonite” pair, but then the “kryptonite” came back and the best I could take from the night was only improve my average on the pair.

Result: 230-150-139=519
Average (78 games): 179
Average for last 9 games: 182
Tonight’s AVG+1 score: 600

The team used the strength of a 767 series from Bobby, which had a 279 game in it, to win three of the four points and move into a tie for 8th with Walter & Joseph Strong, 13 points behind the leading We Got This, who are now a point ahead of BBOB and three ahead of Sweet Rolls and Tucking Fen Pin in a tie for 3rd. We have an immediate rematch against last week’s opponents, 4 On 9 Man, tonight (but on a different pair, of course).

Bobby, fairly obviously, had the high scratch game & series in the league overall last week (and in the house, too; more on that in a moment), but the game was tied with both Shawn Coles and Tim Major, who both, of course, also had 279 games.

Patriots league note: The only bowler who had even a game as high as Bobby Geddes’s last week at Westgate Lanes was Brian Gaskill, with a 279 in the Patriots league (see high score list).

Good bowling everyone! 🎳❤️‍🔥

Personal league update, Feb. 16

As always, starting with my own bowling:

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

I looked really good through two games, but then the proverbial house of cards fell down and I was left with a night that was only over average after having only one open frame through the first two games. It was my first “yuck!” ending to a night in a long time, as well, with the three splits out of the last four frames to close it.

Result: 205-197-137=539
Average (66 games): 179
Average for last 9 games: 175
Tonight’s AVG+1 score: 599

The team only won the first game and now stand in a tie for 8th place with 4 On 9 Man, eight points behind the leaders, Sweet Rolls. Their lead is two points to a tie for 2nd between Canton and BBOB, and three to a tie between We Got This and Lundin Fog for 4th. Something Fishy, currently in 7th, will be tonight’s opponents.

Last week, Shawn Coles (the secretary) posted a 279 game in the league. Nice game! 🎳🤩

Westgate league round-up, Week of Feb. 1

I should be considered more or less back from “bereavement leave” with this post. It was kind of a slow week overall, but here are the notable scores from the past week, which will include the most recently posted Boston Rhythm & Bowling league scores, which are a week lagged:

Thursday Night Patriots: Aaron Major, Ralph Dahlgren 279
Boston Rhythm & Bowling: Daquan Holley 277
Pepsi-Cola Classic: David Chin 266

Nice bowling guys! 🎳😎

“Ka$h” rolls 300/812, Stephen Dale Jr. 802, Kyle Egan 300 in Patriots league

I don’t ever remember “Ka$h” (Sean Richard, for the uninitiated here) going more than a full calendar year without a perfecto in his home house, but as seen above, he tacked one on the end of an 812 set a couple of weeks ago to highlight a big week in the Patriots league that also saw Stephen Dale Jr. shoot an 802 series and Kyle Egan (who was home from the Wichita St. varsity team) also post a 300 game.

Nice bowling guys! 🎳👌😎

Westgate league update, Jan. 18

With my father’s end-of-life events distracting me the last few weeks, I decided to do an update tonight league-by-league, with all scores (except for the ones that usually get their own posts) that usually get written up since my last post done so:

Thursday Night Patriots: (Dec. 16) Corey Marvel 279, (Dec. 23) Ethan Rosenberg 279/766, Brian Gaskill 279/753, Aaron Major 289, (Dec. 30) Brian Gaskill 762, Stephen Dale Jr. 753, Brendan Litchfield 278, Stephen Major 276, (Jan. 6) Mark Zimmerman 279/764, Kevin Thibeault 279, (Jan. 13)
Boston Rhythm & Bowling: (Dec. 12) Johnie Funches 277/777, Cindy Cabral 268/701, (Dec. 19) Lewis Bennett 279
Pepsi-Cola Classic: (Dec. 27) Bill Briggs 276/744, Willie Crocker 739, (Jan. 3) Rich Fulton 266, (Jan. 17) Mike Major 266

WTG everyone! 🎳👌😎

Brunswick Mixed update, Nov. 17

Finally getting to my own bowling, and I’ll start with the previous Wednesday night’s bowling:

My bowling on Nov. 3, frame-by-frame

This was the better of the two efforts, and could have easily been a 600 if not for three splits in the second game. There were two missed single pins, but only one that I blamed on myself (the other was a barely missed one in a game that was a lost cause anyway because of the splits).

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

This one also included a clean game (the second one), and another positive I could take out of this one was that there were no missed single-pin spares. The downer? I couldn’t make the 3-6-10 in the last game.

And here are where my stats stand at this point:

Average (24 games): 180
Average for last 9 games: 181
Tonight’s AVG+1 score: 561

Move To Strike is currently tied with Tucking Fen Pin for 11th place, 9.5 points behind We Got This, who are leading 4 On 9 Man by 2.5 points and Sharon Turkeys and Lundin Fog by 3 points.

In the last two weeks, Ricky Chan and Paul Dang recorded 277 and 278 games, respectively. Nice bowling. 🎳🙂

League round-up, Week of Nov. 9

This is what should have been the third weekly installment of the weekly league round-up, but I’m including scores from two weeks ago because the Tuesday and Wednesday leagues were postponed last week due to a storm-related power outage at Westgate:

Thursday Night Patriots (Oct. 28): Aaron Major 279/775, Jim Ferguson 279/761, Kevin Kelliher 289, Dimitrus Lewis 279, Stephen Dale Jr. 275

Boston Rhythm & Bowling (Oct. 24): Steve Charlot 279

Pepsi-Cola Classic (Nov. 1): Kevin Thibeault 703, Rich Fulton 267

Thursday Night Patriots (Nov. 4): Keith Kaestner 279/783, Stephen Dale Jr. 279, James Scales 278

TNBA Mixed (Nov. 5): Chris Zalewski 280

There is a score missing from that, but that’s because it’ll be treated separately. Good bowling everyone! 🎳😎

Westgate league round-up, week of Oct. 19

I decided rather than waste time posting separate articles about each league, I’d post one article rounding up all of the notable scores for the last week at Westgate Lanes as a trial. I’ll except my own league, as I can post about that league with the write-up about my own week’s bowling. So here goes:

Thursday Night Patriots: Aaron Major 279/779, Brian Egan 278/754, Danny Khuu 279, James Scales 278, Drew DiStefano 277

TNBA Mixed: John O’Donnell 275

Note: League names are linked to their LeagueSecretary.com dashboards.

Good bowling everyone. 🎳😁

2021-22 Brunswick Mixed early-season recap

As far as my own early season is concerned, it has shown a lot of promise. I fell onto a team with the Geddes family, Bob along with his parents, Steve and Joan, and, with Bob, one of the best bowlers in the league, it’s another situation where I don’t necessarily have to carry the team, so I’m leading off in the lineup, which kept the Move To Strike name.

I’ll link some of the BowlSK sheets to give everyone a sense of how well this season has been going so far compared to recent ones:

Week 1

I got my first 200 game out of the way early, in the second game of the first week. The shot is quite different this year, with a little more oil on the front part of the lane. This means the ball has plenty on the back end for the 10 when I make a good shot.

Week 2

This may have been my most consistent week of the five that I’ve bowled (I missed one for a Brockton High School Alumni Association event), but it was a shame that I couldn’t finish it out for the 600.

Week 4

This was a week when I needed to shoot spares to keep my average, and that’s what I did. My score only went down by a pin each game (so maybe this was more consistent than Week 2?).

Week 5

And I’m only showing this one because of the big first game, which was my best in a couple of years. I think I still should have had a 600 out of it, but my slide (left) foot was just too sore by the end of the night. Averages and such follow:

Average (15 games) 179
Average for last 9 games: 176
Tonight’s AVG+1 score: 545

As far as standings are concerned, Move To Strike was in 3rd place going into last week’s bowling, two points behind We Got This and a half-point behind Lundin Fog for 2nd place. We went 1-3 last week vs. Spare Us, so we should still be somewhere in the upper half of the standings.

For high scores, Ricky Chan had a 277 game Week 2 (Sept. 15) and Shawn Coles had a 762 series last week (Oct. 13).

2021-22 Patriots league early-season recap

I finally had time to sit down and write a post about the Patriots league’s early season, with a big change being that I’m also now secretary of that league. I’m still tied to LeagueSecretary.com for links to scores, but I may not bother with links to anything for this post, given the amount of information I need to post (the reader will be directed to the league dashboard page for his/her exploration). So here go the scores, week-by-week:

Week 1 (Sept. 9): Adam Johndrow, 290-265-266=821, Danny Khuu 279-300-224=803, Aaron Major 300-257-255=812, Sean Richard 277-269-259=805, Ethan Rosenberg 279/779, Bill Briggs 277

Week 2 (Sept. 16): Aaron Major 300/755, Steve Dale Jr. 289/757, Mark Zimmerman 767, Nick Grossi 754, Brian Egan 279, Sean Richard 279, Cameron Kaestner 278

Week 3 (Sept. 23): Danny Khuu 299/769, Aaron Major 279/753, Patiparn Sukkham 289

Week 4 (Sept. 30): AJ Voisine 297-278-266=841, Mark Zimmerman 280/753, Aaron Major 278, Mike Morrisey 278

Week 5 (Oct. 7): Adam Johndrow 277/782, Brian Gaskill 750, Mike Major 278, Kevin Thibeault 277, Brendan Litchfield 276.

Week 6 (Oct. 14): Aaron Major 278/755, Brian Egan 285

Congrats and/or good bowling, however it applies! 🎳😁

2021 Monday Summer Doubles honor score recap

As I was very busy running the side action most of the Monday Summer Doubles season, and away for Lions Club meetings on the other Monday nights, I hardly had any time to keep track of award scores, much less do write-ups. So I’ll just write a bulk post of all of them for the season in chronological order, with only 300 games and 800 series (first three of four games) considered:

  • July 5, Ray Fischer, 300 2nd game
  • July 19, AJ Voisine, 283-266-278=827 series (1st career 800 series)
  • July 26, Joe Bourhill, 300-288-237=817 series
  • Aug. 2, Sean Richard, 300 3rd game

Congrats and great bowling everyone! 🎳🔥

Sammy Wong slams 1st 300 in Brunswick Mixed roll-off

This pandemic season was certainly a strange one for my league, but Sammy Wong (in photo above, courtesy of Strike F/X Pro Shops) made sure it ended up being a special one by throwing his first 300 in the first game of the roll-off to spark his team, Last Empire, to the league championship win. I hope to get the team photo tomorrow when the league pays out for the season. One thing I did get, however, was the video, which I actually went live on the Facebook page with for the first time, which will be below:

Congrats Sammy! 🎳🥳

Aaron Major 759, Keith Kaestner 757 lead May 12 Patriots scoring

With the Patriots league season winding down, Aaron Major and Keith Kaestner had consistently good games last week in the Patriots league, with the former going 269-245-245 for a 759 (recap, Lane 51), and Kaestner bowling 264-236-257 for a 757 (recap, Lane 33). In addition, fine games were turned in by Shane Litchfield (279), Mike Trent Jr. (279), and Stan Lewis (278) last week (see high scores).

Nice bowling everyone! 🎳🔥