Stephen Major records first adult 300 in Patriots league

Tonight at Westgate, Stephen Major, subbing in the Patriots league, recorded his 7th 300 game, but first as an adult bowler. Congrats! 🙂


Dave Kullas posts 300/300/847 in Hyannis

One of the regular members of the Cape team in the Coke league, Dave Kullas, put up a monster 300-247-300 effort for an 847 set tonight in the David Smith Memorial Classic league in Hyannis. It was nearly the house record, which Kullas also holds with an 859 series.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Shawn Hagan tosses 300 in Malden

And I got word from Coke league bowler Shawn Hagan about his 300 game last night in the Trios + 1 league at Town Line in Malden. Very nice! 🙂

George Boudreau fires 826 set in Hyannis

George Boudreau, who has been subbing on the Cape team in the Coke league for a couple of nights so far this season, tonight put together games of 268, 279, and 279 for an 826 set while subbing in the Tuesday Night Mixed league at Ryan Family Amusements in Hyannis. Nice going! 🙂

Greg Andrews bowls 300, Bruce Kawadler 290 in Westgate Mixed

A couple of bowlers in the Westgate Mixed league had good games last night, one by the familiar Greg Andrews, with his third 300 of the season, and the not so familiar name who had one was Bruce Kawadler, with a 290 game.

Good bowling! 🙂

Mike Peirce wins Bay State Open at Walnut Hill; Sean Richard bowls 290/816

As reported in their newsletter, the Bay State Open reported Mike Peirce as the winner of the season-opening match play event last Saturday at Walnut Hill Bowl in Woonsocket, RI after defeating Sean Richard, 258-250 (with handicaps added) in the final match. Additionally, tournament director Zach Thompson reported that Sean Richard bowled 257-290-269 in the first three games of qualifying for an 816 series.

Nice going, guys! 🙂

Keith Kaestner leads Sept. 21 Patriots league scoring

Four honor games were bowled last night in the Patriots league, with Keith Kaestner having the biggest of all of them with his 3rd career 300 game. Nick Grossi recorded a video, and I share it here:

Ralph Dahlgren and “Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel helped round out the night with 299 and 298 games respectively, but it was Sean Richard capping it off in an unusual fashion, whiffing the 2-4-7 before putting the back 11 together for a 277 game.

Nice bowling guys! 🙂

EDIT: And another one I overlooked in the queue, Bob Hamilton’s 298 game.

Brian Egan bowls 299/814 in Malden

Most know by now that I’ll post about a score bowled by a Westgate bowler away from Westgate if I know about it. There was a case tonight, as Brian Egan shot 299-267-248 for an 814 set in the Trios + One league at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden. WTG! 🙂

Greg Andrews slams 300/845, Harry Thibeault posts 298/800 in Westgate Mixed

I was able to get home early, but I did hear from a Westgate Mixed league source later that Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Harry Thibeault shot 248-298-254 for 800 on the button in that league tonight, and that Greg Andrews had a bigger night, going 277-268-300 for an 845. Nice bowling! 🙂

Edward Murphy fires 299 in His & Hers

This should be the first time for this bowler: A newcomer to the His & Hers league, Edward Murphy, posted a 299 game last week. WTG! 🙂

“Mr. 900” rolls 300 in Rhythm & Bowling

Before tonight, counting his summer league, “Mr. 900” had a 300 game in every league he bowls in at Westgate Lanes, with one exception, the Boston Rhythm & Bowling league. After tonight, he has all of his leagues covered, as he threw one to end his night. WTG! 🙂

“Mr. 900” shoots 298 game in Patriots league

It seems like an upset because he’s gotten his perfect games since the 900 series, but Hakim Emmanuel only had the front 11 in the first game tonight in the Patriots league before leaving the 3-6 for a 298 game. Good bowling, still, Hakim!  🙂

Jon Hester bowls 299/805 to open Patriots league season

I didn’t get the scores until today, but Jon “Hoss” Hester opened the Patriots league season last week with 279-299-227 for an 805 set. WTG! 🙂

As an aside, the Patriots league, which had been a doubles league, has had to go to trios this season as preparation for the coming Westgate renovation.

Sean Richard fires 300 in Westgate Mixed

There have been three 300 games already this season at Westgate Lanes, and a Hall of Famer, Sean Richard, can account for two of those after bowling his second one tonight in the Westgate Mixed league. WTG! 🙂

Danny Khuu posts 801 & 300 in NAT doubles

Scoring in the NAT handicap doubles event at Westgate Lanes yesterday was led by Danny Khuu, who first posted 279-242-279 for an 801 for the first three of four games, and then followed that up with a perfect fourth game for a nice 1,101 four-game total. I got the last strike of the 300, which is below:

There were also a couple of 11 in a row scores during qualifying, a 299 by Del Picard, and a 298 by Jeff Santos.

Nice bowling, guys, and results (hopefully) are soon to come.

Greg Andrews throws 300 in Westgate Mixed

A lefty put up the second 300 game of the season in as many nights, but, rather than Sean Richard tonight, it was Greg Andrews in the Westgate Mixed league. Nice bowling! 🙂

Sean Richard bowls 1st 300 of 2017-18 season in His & Hers

The Westgate fall league season formally got underway tonight, and there’s already a 300 to report, with “$eany Ka$h” doing the honors in the His & Hers league. I want to say this is the second time in my memory (last 10 years) that the first 300 of the season came on its very first night. WTG! 🙂

Paris Cook shoots 300 in Monday doubles league tournament

I’m not sure if it counted for USBC awards, but it was still in competition and deserved at least a blog mention: Paris Cook had a 300 last night in the Monday summer league’s season-ending tournament last night, which was run in an eliminator format. Paris and his partner, Matt Richard, won it.

Nice bowling!

Sean Richard bowls 300 in NEBA at Silver Lanes

I’m not sure how many he’s had in NEBA competition, but I know it’s not his first one: “$eany Ka$h” had his first 300 as a new “free agent” today during NEBA qualifying at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes, and, hopefully, he holds on for an at-large spot. Nice bowling, and good luck tomorrow! 🙂

Jon Hester posts 817 in Monday doubles

Summer leagues are winding down, but the Monday doubles league didn’t end without Jon Hester putting up 269-278-207 for an 817 in his first three games the other night. Nice going, Hoss! 🙂

Sean Richard posts 801 in Monday doubles

“$eany Ka$h” hasn’t had 300s since his release from Radical staff, but he’s making up for those with a bigger number…800, with Sean putting up 289-268-244 in the first three games of the doubles league tonight for an 801. WTG! 🙂

Khuu posts 811, Hester, Egan 300, Hamilton 299 in Monday doubles

I usually don’t hang around the Monday Summer Doubles league all night unless the Red Sox are idle, and I was happy they were tonight, because there was plenty of scoring. Danny Khuu had the biggest “number”, by way of posting 278-277-256 for an 811 set, but there were also a couple of 300 games, one by Jon “Hoss” Hester, and the other by Brian Egan. I’ll share Hester’s video first, as I “owe him one” for not sharing his UBA scores:

And now Egan’s:

Finally, association Hall of Famer Bob Hamilton stuck a 10 pin in one of his games for a 299.

Nice bowling tonight! 🙂

Stephen Major shoots 300/854 for Brockton youth record

Stephen Major’s youth days may be coming to an end, but he’s at least going out with a bang, as, tonight, in the Adult/Junior league, he posted 289-300-265 for an 854 set, which is believed to be a new Brockton youth association record. It was also memorable for him because he’d never had an 800 series until tonight.

WTG Steve! 🙂

Bob Hamilton rolls 300 in Wednesday Summer Mixed

Joe Bourhill has had the high game in the Wednesday summer league up until now, but one of his teammates in that league, association Hall of Famer Bob Hamilton, went one pin better, with a 300 game last week. Nice going! 🙂

Mike Peirce rolls 299 in Adult/Junior

It’s been a rather quiet season in the Adult/Junior league this summer, but adult Mike Peirce had a 299 second game last Thursday night. WTG! 🙂

Wayne Andrews throws 297 in Monday Summer Doubles

Thought I’d mention a couple of scores from last night, but only one was a real honor score, that being Wayne Andrews’ 297 game. The non-honor score I found notable was a 799 for the first three games by Danny Khuu, with a solid 9 at the end of the third game thwarting the 800 bid.

Good bowling! 🙂

Anthony Pepe wins 7th NEBA title at Westgate

As noted in the post above, Anthony Pepe defeated Jon Van Hees, 258-202, in a battle of PBA Tour champions to capture his 7th NEBA title yesterday at Westgate Lanes. 142 entries competed on the Kegel Great Wall of China pattern, with Brian Gaskill, Danny Khuu, Keith Tantillo, and Ed Roberts the Westgate bowlers who cashed.

It turned out that NEBA couldn’t stream match play due to difficulties with Westgate’s wifi, but Keith Kaestner stepped in to stream the final match on Westgate Lanes’ Facebook page. If NEBA posts a video later, as they’ve said, it will replace the video from the Westgate page embedded below:

There were a few other scores during qualifying, as Pepe threw a 300 game, as did Jeremy Cyr, and Gino Beniamino added a 299 game. I missed Cyr’s 300 game, but did record the last strike of Pepe’s, which is below:

For those who were wondering what my family obligation was, it was my little sister’s 50th birthday, but I managed to squeeze in the celebration after watching most of yesterday’s qualifying, returning from that in time to see the final match.

Thanks go to NEBA for putting on another great tournament at Westgate. 🙂

Tyler Perry, John Kirker shoot 300, Scott Hubert 296 in NEBA

As was my plan, I was around for the NEBA squad tonight, and saw three notable games, a couple of 300 games by Tyler Perry and John Kirker, and a 296 by Scott Hubert. I got video of both 300 games, starting with Tyler Perry’s:

And John Kirker’s:

Nice going guys! 🙂

My plan for tomorrow has been altered a bit, with my family meeting me later in the day, so I should be around for the 9 AM squad and at least most of the 12:30 squad, but I’ll probably miss match play. If I have scores to post, those will be done when I get home, and a wrap-up post with whatever NEBA does on Facebook will come later.