Sean Richard repeats as Brockton association high average

August 23, 2016

According to the Brockton Bowling Association yearbook, published yesterday, Sean Richard was association high average for a second year in a row with his 234 in the Westgate Mixed league. Going by highest average only, the other Westgate bowlers in the top five were Tom Hedding (233, Thursday Night Patriots), Rob Young (233, Thursday Night Patriots), Greg Andrews (231, Westgate Mixed), and Jim Ferguson (229, Thursday Night Patriots). The high averages in the other centers in the association were a tie between James Burt and Dan Vincent at North Bowl (228, Monday Merchants), Tina Gannon in Kingston (213, Wednesday Night Mixed), a tie between Keith DeCambra and Steve Parmeggiani at Ryan Family Amusements in Raynham (208, NAAITL), and Buddy Wilt at Boston Bowl Hanover (204, Monday Mixers).

Good work everyone.:)

Link to Amateur Experience Series added to sidebar

August 23, 2016

With my commitment to cover more bowling elsewhere in New England on Facebook, I’ll be posting about Bryan Rhodes’ Amateur Experience Series (AXS) in Rhode Island more, and the link to the AXS web page is now in the “Local/New England” sidebar category.:)

Aug. 15 No-Tap Shootout results

August 16, 2016

With 10 entries last night, Jon Hester was the winner with 858 and Mark Zimmerman second with 844. Both the 900 and strike jackpots were fairly close to being claimed, as Hester took a 600 into the third game, and Rob Young had the first five no-tap strikes in that game.

John Bekish wins July 2016 NAT at Westgate

August 14, 2016
July 2016 NAT finalists

Finalists of the July Northeast Amateur Tournament at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champion John Bekish, runner-up Paris Cook (Photo courtesy of NAT)

In the current web newsletter, the Northeast Amateur Tournament reported John Bekish as the winner of the event held on July 24 at Westgate Lanes, defeating Paris Cook, 253-248 (with handicap) in the title match. There were 75 entries, and, along with Paris, Keith Kaestner, Chuck Paige II, and Sean Richard were the other Westgate cashers.

Keven Williams’ Drone Reviews added to sidebar

August 12, 2016

I’m always looking for interesting new bowling content to link to, and I came across Storm/Roto staffer Keven Williams’ YouTube channel. It’s a ball review channel, but a pretty interesting one, as he’s recently started using footage from a GoPro drone over the lanes in his videos. The different take on reviews made it worth a link in the sidebar, under the “Bowling Streaming/Videos” category.

2016-17 Westgate league meeting schedule set

August 9, 2016

The fall league meeting schedule at Westgate Lanes has been set; for the first time to my memory, Facebook events for the individual league meetings have been set up, and the Westgate Lanes event list can be found here. For any prospective new league members, you may wish to consult the league schedule to find out when the leagues bowl (first day and time). If you’re on Facebook and interested in bowling a league, please indicate that you are “Going” on the event for the league(s) you wish to bowl in.

Of course, pre-registration is also on for the youth leagues during the month of August, with a fee of $15 and first week of bowling free if pre-registered. The Facebook event list linked in the above paragraph also has the meeting for the junior and senior age divisions, at which teams will be formed.

Danny Khuu bowls 299, Sean Richard 297 in Monday doubles

August 9, 2016

I don’t remember if they’ve ever bowled 300 on the same night, but two of Westgate’s best, Danny Khuu and Sean Richard, nearly did so last night in the doubles league when the former bowled a 299 and the latter 297. Good job!:)

Aug. 8 site tweaks

August 8, 2016

Formally logging some sidebar tweaks I’ve done, with two items:

  1. The widget with the Facebook logo now indicates that more (New England bowling) coverage will be found on the Facebook page in the widget title.
  2. I removed the full event calendar link from the “Local/New England” links list, and have given the link its own widget, which is located above the “Upcoming Events” widget, which now also indicates that links in events are clickable in the full event calendar. Hopefully, this widget combination makes the calendar more accessible to those interested.:)

Coverage of NEBA to expand on Facebook

August 7, 2016

Some of you may have already seen the post on Facebook, but I’ve decided to give NEBA expanded coverage, and will do so in the manner I’ve adopted for the IBMA Facebook group, by sharing what NEBA posts about an event on Facebook, with the winner’s photo as the main post and the final match video, prize list, qualifying scores, and match play results in the comments to that post. You may want to note I’ll usually have the video up first, and the JPEGs of the other material later. While coverage of NEBA will be primarily on the Facebook page (look for the Facebook logo in the sidebar, which is clickable), I’ll still post about NEBA on the website when it’s at Westgate Lanes, and when Westgate bowlers do well in it (usually 1st or 2nd, though I may note 3rd/4th for the NEBA majors, the Cambridge Credit Invitational and the Brunswick Tournament of Champions).

Kenny Lei throws first 300, Stephen Major 290 in Adult/Junior

August 4, 2016

I got word from Stephen Major that one of the newer adults in the Adult/Junior league, Kenny Lei, bowled his first 300 game tonight, and Stephen also told me he himself had a 290 game. WTG, both of you!:)

Hakim Emmanuel, Danny Khuu bowl 300s in Monday doubles

August 3, 2016

Paying the usual Wednesday summer visit, I saw Ray had a couple of new 300 games on the wall from the other night in the doubles league. One was for Danny Khuu’s, but I had to pay closer attention to the other one, as it was “Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel’s, and I did note it was on lanes 47 & 48, the pair the 900 series was on, so that’s now five career 300 games for Hakim, all on that pair.

Good job to both!:)

Official: Stephen & Aaron Major national boys doubles champions

August 2, 2016

I got word today from Sharon Evans of the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge that Stephen & Aaron Major are now officially the national U20 boys doubles champions, but there was something else that happened involving Stephen in Indianapolis: According to the posted final standings (PDF), he placed 7th with his grandfather, Ray Fischer, in the 12 & over boys division of the Adult/Youth Baker doubles side event.

Congrats again!:)

Dutch Bowling TV, The Bowling Universe added to sidebar

July 30, 2016

A visitor who has The Bowling Universe online pro shop alerted me to a couple of dead links, and one is actually not dead, but changed: has been partnering with Dutch Bowling TV for their streaming. Dutch Bowling TV is sometimes Dutch language, which was why I’ve been hesitant to add them, but’s webmaster told me that Dutch Bowling TV is always English-language when partners with them. The changed link in the sidebar (under the “Bowling Streaming/Videos” sidebar category) reflects the partnership in the listing. Also, while I was talking to’s webmaster, he told me they’re going to have next week’s Weber Cup on Facebook Live, so you might want to “Like” their Facebook page for notifications.

As for The Bowling Universe, they do have some helpful guides on the site, so I did add their link in the “Other Equipment Sites” pro shop catch-all.

Dan Hamilton passes at age 59

July 27, 2016

I need to pass along my condolences to the Hamilton family at this time, as Dan Hamilton, brother of Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Bob Hamilton, has been reported to have passed away at age 59. This is open to correction, but association president Rob Young told me that Dan had once held the Westgate Lanes house record in the 1970s with an 818 series.

Tina Gannon throws 276/721 in Monday doubles

July 27, 2016

I was watching Ryan Yelle and Mike Botelho’s pair most of the night the other night, but I did see in the standings today that Tina Gannon shot 212, 276, and 233 in her first three games that night for a 721 award set. WTG Tina!:)

Keith Kaestner, Mark Paradis shoot 300s in NAT

July 26, 2016

Striking a compromise between timeliness and my wish to not post about a tournament until I get something official from it, I’m reporting on the honor scores from Sunday’s NAT first, which were the 300 games bowled in qualifying by Keith Kaestner and Mark Paradis. Danny Khuu got video of the last strike of Keith’s game, which I share below:

Congrats to both, particularly Keith, as he bowls in my Wednesday league. I hope to have results soon.:)

July 25 No-Tap Shootout results (with league note)

July 26, 2016

With 13 entries in the no-tap tournament last night, Sean Richard won with an 875 score, TomTom Hedding second with an 854, and Danny Khuu third with an 847.

Also, I usually don’t mention 300 games bowled in the no-tap tournament because of the nature of the tournament, but I need to note here that Jewell Wilson managed a natural 300 game in the second game. Good going!

Mike Botelho converts 7-10 split: There may not have been many great scores tonight in the league, but Mike Botelho, who I know from the Coke and Westgate Mixed leagues, did something very notable tonight by converting the 7-10 split. I knew he was shooting the split, but looked up just in time to see the second pin fall. To my memory, it was the first time I had ever seen a 7-10 converted in person. WTG Mikey!:)

Ed Godino III throws 290 in Wed. Summer Mixed

July 26, 2016

If there’s one bowler in my Wednesday night winter league who can post some big scores, it’s the younger Ed Godino. He’s actually bowling on Wednesday night this summer, and had himself a 290 game in the league last Wednesday night. WTG Ed!:)

Stephen Major makes first cut at 2016 Junior Gold

July 22, 2016

Congratulations to Stephen Major, as the USBC has reported that he ended his Junior Gold tournament tied for 147th place, his best Junior Gold finish to date. He ended qualifying tied for 159th with a 190+ average for 16 games, then bowled -97 (five games) today to finish with a 188+ average.

If any New England bowlers reach the match play portion of Junior Gold, there will be post(s) to come.

EDIT: The advancers round standings linked has an apparent error in average calculation. I corrected the average in this post.

Kevin Thibeault bowls first NEBA 300 in Auburn

July 18, 2016

While stopping in on the Monday doubles league tonight, Kevin Thibeault told me he had a 300 in the NEBA event yesterday at AMF Auburn Lanes, which I confirmed with his mother was his first in NEBA and 11th overall. WTG Kev!:)