Nov. 18 Sunday Niters sub recap

Last night’s bowling, frame-by-frame

Moe Morrison suggested that I should’ve stayed in Sunday Niters and left my other league. She may have had a point, because I had, by far, my best night of the season subbing for Peter last night. I struggled a bit early, but was clean after the 4th frame first game, and had at least one strike in the 10th in each, punching out with six in the second game. As I said in the BowlSK comment, “I need more of these on Wednesday night!”

Result: 169-234-232=635
Average (6 games): 198
AVG+1 score for next time: 602

Composite average (39 games): 172

Eric covered my under-average first game with a 252 to win the only two points that were mildly contested in our sweep.


Sean Richard posts 300/824 in Malden; team shoots 1071 game, 3038 series

Sean Richard posted on Facebook that he had 234-300-290 for an 824 set last night in Malden. I’m tempted to say he has high average in that league right now. Nice bowling! 🙂

UPDATE: Brian Gaskill provided me the recap photo below, which shows the team, Rick O’Shea, had a 1,071 second game and a 3,038 series, both reportable to USBC headquarters. Fantastic! 🙂

Nov. 14 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 11 bowling, frame-by-frame

My execution was clearly better in the second game, though I thought I threw good shots to leave the 10s I missed in the third game. The missed 10s were stranger because I made the first two 10s that I left.

Result: 134-180-134=448
Average (33 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 157
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 533

Composite average (36 games): 169

Si was absent first game again, but did help us win second game for our lone point.

2018-19 Week 10 league standings update

After splitting 2-2 with Striking Gentlemen, Let’s MixEm Up is in 10th place, 6.5 points behind Party of Six, who lead Last Empire by 1.5 points, Creeden’s Mustangs by 2.5 points, and Stacked by three points. Spare Us will be tomorrow night’s opposition.

Zach Thompson rolls 297 in Pepsi league

There still hasn’t been a 300 in the Pepsi league this season, but Zach Thompson provided the latest close approach last night, leaving a big split for a 297 game. It should be noted that two of his three teammates had big games, as well, in that game.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Shawn Hagan fires 300/817 in Malden

Shout-out to the Pepsi league’s Shawn Hagan with 240-300-277 for an 817 set in the Mixed Doubles +1 league in Malden the other night. 🙂

Mike Dupuis bowls 300, team 854 game in Patriots

Jim Ferguson called to my attention that Mike Dupuis not only shot a 300 game last week in the Patriots league, but his Strike F/X teammates, John Camara (276) and Alex Aguiar (278) combined for an 854 game, which is over the USBC reporting threshold. Nice going! 🙂

Sean Richard blasts 300/835 in Malden

I didn’t have a sure memory of “$eany Ka$h” throwing award scores in Malden, but, after he posted 277-258-300 for an 835 last night, I now do. WTG! 🙂

Nov. 7 Brunswick Mixed recap

There wasn’t a standings update because Shawn was late getting to them and scores needed to be corrected for BowlerExpress.

My Week 10 bowling, frame-by-frame

My first game was promising, but then my spare game largely escaped me, though, strangely, I didn’t miss a 10 pin until the very end.

Result: 191-150-146=487
Average (30 games): 170
Average for last 9 games: 168
Next week’s AVG+1 score 540

Composite average (33 games): 171

Si was absent first game, but had a strong third game to help us win third game and steal total. It turned out I needed the second hit in the 10th first game, but didn’t get it.

2018-19 Pepsi league 2nd quarter lane condition

The lane condition schedule for the Pepsi league has actually been included with the lane schedule, and it appears that it’s the reverse of last year, as Broadway will be the pattern for the 2nd quarter, which starts tomorrow night. As always, the top graph is linked on the pattern name.

Trey Coy fires 300 in TNBA league

Kris Higgins alerted me that Trey Coy, a former member of the BBIS league, shot a 300 game in the TNBA league last night. Kris provided the video below, as well.

Congrats Trey! 🙂

Ed Ashbaugh acquires Trade Center Bowl

As announced in the Facebook post linked here, Ed Ashbaugh, familiar to Westgate as one of the Pepsi league bowlers, is now the owner of Falmouth’s Trade Center Bowl. Congratulations, and I wish you well with this new venture. 🙂

“Mr. 900” shoots 299 in TNBA league

You wouldn’t expect “Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel to not finish a 300 game off, but he did leave a pin for a 299 last week in the TNBA league. Still, good bowling! 🙂

Link to reinstated

I recently learned that the state association actually retained for use by the association’s youth committee, so I have reinstated the link to that website in the “Local/New England” sidebar list.

Gary Warner scores first 300 in Westgate Mixed

Congrats to Gary Warner, a bowler I knew from softball before I knew he was a bowler, for his first 300 game last night in the Westgate Mixed league. His father-in-law, Bill Condon, got the video I present below:

Fine bowling! 🙂

Oct. 31 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 9 bowling, frame-by-frame

Some sloppy execution cost me a decent first game, and I was only able to get over average in the other two. An issue might have been pacing, as Steve was the only other bowler on the pair, with our opponents forfeiting.

Result: 135-173-178=486
Average (27 games): 170
Average for last 9 games: 173
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 514

Composite average (30 games): 172

Team won all four forfeit points, with the team just getting our forfeit score in the first game.

Shawn Hagan bowls 298 in Pepsi league

Shawn Hagan last night in the Pepsi league had the front 11, but then left a fast eight (4-7) for a 298, now the high game in the league this season. Nice bowling! 🙂

Egan & Zimmerman repeat NAT doubles championship at Westgate

Oct 2018 NAT doubles

Finalists of Oct. 28 NAT doubles event at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions Mark Zimmerman & Brian Egan, runners-up Hakim Emmanuel & Angel Hernandez Sr. (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Tournament)

According to this Facebook post (must be logged into Facebook to view), Mark Zimmerman & Brian Egan repeated last month’s doubles title at Town Line Luxury Lanes by defeating Hakim Emmanuel & Angel Hernandez Sr., 491-490 (with handicap) to capture the title at Westgate Lanes. The final match came down to Egan’s three balls in the 10th, all of which needed to be strikes to win by a pin.

Congrats again guys! 🙂

2018-19 Week 8 league standings update

After winning one point from 5 Spares, Let’s Mix Em Up is tied for 11th with Great Balls of Fire and 5 Spares, nine points behind Party of Six, who lead Stacked, Creeden’s Mustangs, and Last Empire by four points. The coming week is a position round, and our opponents are the aforementioned Great Balls of Fire.

Brian “Hawk” Earle shoots 299 in Westgate Mixed

Age may have slowed Brian “Hawk” Earle a bit, but he’s still capable of putting up good games, the best I’ve seen being a stuck 10 for a 299 last night in the Westgate Mixed league. WTG! 🙂

Oct. 24 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 8 bowling, frame-by-frame

A little bit of everything last night except for first-ball gutter balls and split conversions. I’m proudest of my clean second game, and no missed single-pin spares all night.

Result: 173-191-175=539
Average (24 games): 172
Average for last 9 games: 177
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 541

Composite average (27 games): 173

Steve was absent, and the team only won the second game.

2018-19 Week 7 league standings update

After winning four points from The Fun Team, Let’s Mix Em Up is in 12th place, six points behind Party of Six, who are two points ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs and Spare Us, and 2.5 points ahead of Livin on a Spare. 5 Spares will be tomorrow night’s opponents.

Si had the high scratch & handicap series in the men’s “E” division, with only Joe Sullivan having a higher game in the division.

Greg Andrews tosses 299/854 in Patriots league

In the scuttlebutt before the Pepsi league last night, I was told Greg Andrews had a big night Thursday night, and, checking with the desk today, it was 278-277-299 for a monster 854 set. Nice bowling! 🙂

“Mr. 900” shoots 822 in Rhythm & Bowling

“Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel sent me a scorer photo which showed that he went 277-277-268 for an 822 set last night in the Rhythm & Bowling league, which research showed was his highest since the 900, and was also the first of his three honor series that didn’t have at least one 300 game. If you’re thinking “Hakim pair”, it was on 43 & 44, not 47 & 48.

Congrats Hakim! 🙂

Jim Ferguson captures 1st NAT singles title at Westgate

Oct. 14 NAT finalists

Finalists of Oct. 14 NAT singles event at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champion Jim Ferguson, runner-up Daniel Zizza (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Tournament)

As updated in their newsletter, the Northeast Amateur Tournament reported that Jim Ferguson won his first singles title and 5th overall in last Sunday’s event at Westgate Lanes, defeating Daniel Zizza, 239-234 (with handicap) in the final match.