Bob Hamilton posts 297 in Westgate Mixed

Association Hall of Famer Bob Hamilton had the front 11 last night before tugging the last one for a 297. Maybe next time! 🙂


Jan. 16 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 20 bowling, frame-by-frame

After being absent in consecutive weeks with the flu and an infected left ankle, I got clearance for bowling from the local wound care clinic. I had a slow start, but making most of my spares, before going clean in the second game with a 232, my second-best game of the season in this league. I ran out of gas a bit in the last one, but doubled late to save a 186 and make this my best set of the season in this league.

Result: 156-232-186=574
Average (54 games): 171
Average for last 9 games: 186
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 552

Composite average (60 games): 174

Si was absent, and I got a 130-ish game from Steve in the first game for our only point.

Eric Healy shoots 299 in Sunday Niters

Let this slip, but Eric Healy, a member of the Sunday Niters team I sub for, threw a 299 game the Sunday night before Christmas. Nice bowling! 🙂

2018-19 Week 19 league standings update

Despite taking three points from Party of Six, Let’s MixEm Up find ourselves behind five teams that won all four, Sweet Rolls, Striking Gentlemen, Livin on a Spare, Lost & Found, and Spare Us, and behind three-point winner Stacked in pinfall. Sweet Rolls are Wednesday night’s opponents, and I’m hoping I can bowl.

Si was high in his division for everything except handicap game last week.

2018-19 Pepsi league 3rd quarter lane condition

Per the reverse order of last year’s patterns, and as posted on the master lane schedule, Route 66 will be the lane condition for this (3rd) quarter of the Pepsi league (of course, a top graph is linked on the pattern name).

Westgate Warriors take 34 from Auburn Maulers; Hester posts 290

I just saw the recap from Sunday’s match vs. the Auburn Maulers at Sparetime in Groton, CT, with the Westgate Warriors taking 34 points out of the match. The primary standout was Jon “Hoss” Hester, who put up a 290 second game in a 731 effort in scratch, with Sean Richard also recording 718 in the second handicap group, and Bill Beck just missing 700 (699) in the first handicap group.

Standings posted in the Warriors’ Facebook group have the Warriors with an 11 point lead over Mop Nation Militia, with a position round coming next.

Khuu 300/820, Robinson, Major 300s lead Patriots scoring barrage

There were fireworks aplenty last night in the Patriots league. It was Danny Khuu leading the way, going 230-290-300 for an 820 set, but there were a couple of other 300s, one off the left hand of association Hall of Famer Dan Robinson, which we have this video of from Sandi Litchfield:

The other was by Hall of Famer Bill Major’s son, Alex, and we have this video from Chris Silva:

Nice bowling all around! 🙂

Chris Galarza rolls first 300 in His & Hers

Si told me last night about a 300 in His & Hers the other night by Chris Galarza, a lefty who was only averaging in the 150s, but who had converted to the two-handed style and had everything “click”. Congrats.

Jan. 9 Brunswick Mixed recap

No bowling for me last night, but I did observe Si post a 527 and Steve have one of his better nights to win second & third games and total against the first-half winners, which is certainly a good way to start the second half.

Chuck Paige wins Bay State Open Over/Under doubles in Auburn

Per the post above, Chuck Paige teamed with Jayme Silva to win the Bay State Open’s first Over/Under (45) doubles title Sunday at AMF Auburn Lanes. The pair defeated Leo Roy & Louis Bacci, 470-453 (with handicap), in the final match, which may be viewed below:

Congrats guys! 🙂

2018-19 Week 18 league standings update

I missed position round with the flu, and Let’s MixEm Up won no points from The Fun Team. We finished the first half in 8th place, 9.5 points behind Party of Six, who won by 3.5 points over Stacked. We start the second half tomorrow against Party of Six. I’ll be there, but not bowling with a left ankle infection.

Si did sweep his division honors last week.

Sean Richard bowls 814 in Malden

“$eany Ka$h” did it again last night in Malden, as he posted a recap on Facebook showing 267-268-279 for an 814 set, which should be his third 800 in Malden this season. WTG! 🙂 RSS feeds removed

As some of you know, the well-known bowling news site ceases operations after 20 years today, so I’ve had to remove the RSS feeds from the site from the sidebar. It had been a go-to site for international bowling news, and so will be missed, and I wish founder Herb Bickel all the best. The site’s link will be removed shortly.

Paris Cook rolls 300 in Rhythm & Bowling

Paris Cook posted on Facebook that he had a 300 game last night in the Rhythm & Bowling league, which I thought was the first recorded by the new scoring system until I remembered about Rene Thompson’s last week. Paris left a video in his DropBox, which I will try to embed here:

Congrats Paris! 🙂

Shawn Hagan rolls 812 in Malden

Pepsi leaguer Shawn Hagan showed me a recap photo in which he went 267-265-280 for an 812 set the other night in Malden. Nice bowling! 🙂

Dec. 26 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 17 bowling, frame-by-frame

Really, the only things I wanted back from last night were the five splits I left, including the 4-5-7 three times. The ball change after the first two was good, but I probably could’ve just kept the Tropical Breeze and moved, too.

Result: 199-157-189=545
Average (51 games): 170
Average for last 9 games: 186
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 556

Composite average (57 games): 173

Si had a strong 576 night, and team won second and third games and total after losing the first by under 30 pins.

For an aside, it was kind of “reunion night” last night, with not only Junior & Marcia, the former owners, paying a visit, but also Mike & Liz DiBenedetto, who were on the Coles’ team the first few years I was in the league. Nice seeing everyone! 🙂

Rene Thompson posts 300, Tasheka Douglas 723 in Rhythm & Bowling

A couple of scores from the Rhythm & Bowling league, including a woman’s score: Rene Thompson finally broke through with a 300, and Tasheka Douglas had a 256 high game in a 723 set. Nice bowling! 🙂

UPDATE: I missed this detail originally, but Rene’s 300 is the first one recorded by the new scoring system, so additional congrats! 🙂

2018-19 Week 16 league standings update

After winning three points from Livin on a Spare, Let’s MixEm Up is tied for 6th with Lost & Found, 5.5 points behind Party of Six, who lead Last Empire and Spare Us by 1.5 points, and Stacked by three points. We face Creeden’s Mustangs tonight, and, as the last position round of the first half is next week, I’ll run down the leaders’ matches below:

  • Party of Six vs. vacant
  • Last Empire vs. Great Balls of Fire
  • Spare Us vs. The Fun Team
  • Stacked vs. Livin on a Spare

Joe Logel & Kevin Kelliher win Bay State Open doubles at Westgate

As noted in the above Facebook post, Pepsi league “rookies” Joe Logel & Kevin Kelliher defeated Bob Goulart & Dylan McLoud, 755-684, with handicap, to win the Bay State Open’s modified doubles event yesterday at Westgate Lanes. Qualifying in this modified format was three games of standard doubles and two games of Baker doubles, with one standard game and one Baker game in the elimination finals.

During qualifying, Joe Bourhill had a 300 bid thwarted by a 5 pin for a 299.

Congrats everyone! 🙂

Matt Richard posts 298 in Patriots league

Sean Richard posted a video of his son Matt going for 300, but a 4-7 thwarted him this time. As was said by the famous cartoon moose, Bullwinkle, “Well, I’m getting close.”

Nice bowling Matty! 🙂

Dec. 19 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 16 bowling, frame-by-frame

Pleased with the score at the end, but each game had a different character, grinding out the spares in the first, the four-bagger in the second, and the strike-or-split nature of the third. The whole still raised my average.

Result: 189-191-176=556
Average (48 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 179
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 537

Composite average (54 games): 172

Team won first & third games and total for 3 points. Third game was thanks to Si’s 203.

A couple of asides:

  • I ended up chopping my division’s Christmas Bowl money with Steve Geddes because we were the same number over average (75) last week. Si won in his division.
  • The new scoring system is able to produce desk printouts that show the spare leaves, so I’ll be relying less on my own notes.

2018-19 Week 15 league standings update

After winning four points from the vacant, Let’s MixEm Up is in 7th, 7.5 points ahead of Party of Six, who are three points ahead of Stacked, and 4.5 points ahead of both Last Empire and Spare Us. Livin on a Spare, who are immediately ahead of us, will be tomorrow night’s opponents.

I had the high series, both scratch & handicap, in the men’s “C” division last week, while Si swept the board in men’s “E”.

Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson win NAT year-end doubles in Malden

2018 NAT year-end doubles

Finalists of NAT year-end doubles event (L-R): Champions Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson, runners-up Shawn Hagan & Dave Chalifoux (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Tournament)

As the Northeast Amateur Tournament posted on Facebook, Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson defeated Shawn Hagan & Dave Chalifoux, 502-464 (with handicap) to win their year-end doubles tournament at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden.

Good bowling, guys! 🙂