Westgate youth team wins All-Star Classic in Somerset

Per the Facebook post above, a Westgate Lanes youth team with Ethan Reyes, Jonathan Gerraughty, Corey Major, Nick Damon, and Kyle Major (youth are L-R in above photo) won the annual All-Star Classic yesterday at AMF Somerset Lanes. They were coached by Steve & Rose Hamilton, along with Ken Gerraughty (adults L-R). Congrats all around! 🙂


Jan. 14 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 17 bowling, frame-by-frame

I almost recovered from my second game to save average, but I came up a couple of pins short. I’ll use the rest of the space here to explain my usual problem with the 10 pin, as I missed a few more of them tonight: I’m throwing my plastic ball at it, and it’s usually on line, but it hooks on the back end; keep in mind that that plastic ball is not supposed to hook at all.

Result: 182-155-207=544
Average (51 games): 182
Average for last 9 games: 201
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 573

Composite average (105 games): 180

Peter had a nice bounce-back night (662), and the only points we lost were the second game’s, in which we only lost by 11 pins.

Jim Ferguson tosses 299 in Patriots league

Association Hall of Famer Jim Ferguson is in need of “average boosters” to help him in the pursuit of “TomTom” Hedding’s association record, and got another one tonight with a 299 game in the Patriots league. Note: He ended the night with a 739, which raised it close to Hedding’s 240.60.

WTG! 🙂

Jan. 10 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 19 bowling, frame-by-frame

Tonight was my comeuppance, as I was largely a victim of bad pin carry, and compounded it by missing more single-pin spares than I made. The 166 first game had my only double of the night.

Result: 166-139-140=445
Average (54 games): 179
Average for last 9 games: 168
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 576

Composite average (102 games): 180

The team got bad news in the loss of Ralph for the rest of the season due to an accident shoveling snow (injured knee). As poorly as we bowled tonight, we still managed to take three of four (first & third games & total by one pin).

Ryan Yelle fires 299 in Westgate Mixed

There used to be a USBC award “trifecta”, which meant a 300 game, an 800 series, and an 11 in a row game, all in the same season. Which leads me to this: Ryan Yelle completed his “trifecta” for the year last week in the Westgate Mixed league with a 299 game. Nice going! 🙂

2017-18 Week 18 league standings update

As usual, updating my league standings, after Week 18:

  • Brunswick Mixed: As I alluded to in the Week 18 recap, Let’s Mix Em Up finished the first half in second place, two points behind Dawg Pound. Creeden’s Mustangs finished third, 4.5 points behind the lead, and Lost & Found  ended up 4th, five points behind. My team starts the second half tomorrow night vs. 5 Spares.
  • Sunday Niters: Only Here for the Beer won all eight points to start the second half, and The 3 Stooges the only team winning six, putting us in second. Suzy’s Crew and Ball Busterz are the teams tied for third, splitting 4-4.  We go for the lead Sunday night, as we’ll be facing Here for the Beer. I received high score mention on the standing sheet this week.


Jan. 7 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 16 bowling, frame-by-frame

I didn’t quite start the second half of this league the way I ended the first half, but, where I was still over 600, I’ll take it. The first game was either nine or strike, and there were just too many nine-drops. Carry was better in the other two games, with a five-bagger in each.

Result: 173-210-235=618
Average (48 games): 182
Average for last 9 games: 196
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 568

Composite average (99 games): 181

A bad game by Peter cost us the first game, but we won the other two and total.

Corey Major posts 758 in Saturday Juniors

I haven’t had reason to post about the youth leagues yet this season, but 13 year old Corey Major gave me one today, because he put up 256-246-256 for a 758 set in the junior division. Nice job! 🙂

Jan. 3 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 18 bowling, frame-by-frame

Respectable night tonight, though with a bit of a letdown in the third game, in which I had my only single-pin misses. Second game was clean, and I think everyone knows I’ll take any clean game.

Result: 176-214-183=573
Average (51 games): 181
Average for last 9 games: 174
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 589

Composite average (96 games): 181

Team won all four, but we needed the first place match to split 2-2 to force a one-game roll-off for the half, and Dawg Pound won all four, meaning we ended the half in second place.

2017-18 Week 17 league standings update

Again, only one league to update…

  • Brunswick Mixed: After failing to win points from Lost & Found, Let’s Mix Em Up is in third, two points behind Dawg Pound, who are a half-point ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs, and 2.5 points ahead of Sweet Rolls, who are in 4th and are our opponents for the position round to end the first half. Individually, Ralph had the high scratch series in the men’s “D” division last week with his 521 series and Si high handicap series (646) in the same division.

2017-18 mid-season round-up

With New Year’s being the unofficial halfway point of the bowling season, I devote my usual post to the high averages, series, and games in Westgate’s leagues, based on the currently-available standing sheets. Averages are based on a minimum of 36 games, and youth bowlers are included with their gender, where applicable.


Average: 239.3; Jim Ferguson (Thursday Night Patriots, 45 games)
Series: 826; Sean Richard (Westgate Mixed)
Game: 300; Ryan Yelle, Sean Richard, Peter Cappola (Westgate Mixed), Keith Kaestner, Tom Hedding, Brian Egan, Jim Ferguson, Paris Cook, Sean Richard, Stephen Major (Thursday Night Patriots), Mike Henrikson, Kevin Coleman (TNBA), Shawn Syde (Sunday Niters), Paris Cook (Boston Rhythm & Bowling), Danny Khuu (Pepsi-Cola Classic), Wu-Zen Cheah (Firefighters)


Average: 195.0; Chris Major (His & Hers, 45 games)
Series: 697; Sandi Litchfield (Thursday Night Patriots)
Game: 268; Laura Beaudet (Brunswick Mixed)


  • With the 300 games for the men, the list is only indicative of the bowlers and leagues, not the number thrown by the bowler.
  • Readers interested in a particular league can find individual standing sheets on Bowler Express or LeagueSecretary.com (where the BBIS league’s sheet may be found).

2017 Holiday Doubles final results

The Brockton Bowling Association has posted the final prize list (PDF format) for the Holiday Doubles tournament held on Dec. 17 at Westgate Lanes. I’ll note the winners below:

Scratch doubles: Shawn Hagan & Tom Hedding (1,509)
Handicap doubles: Anthony Johnson & Jeff Wingo (1,751)
Scratch “Holiday Bonus” singles: Danny Gauthier (1,100)
Handicap “Holiday Bonus” singles: Anthony Johnson (1,283)

Note: The “Holiday Bonus” singles event used the bowlers’ doubles scores, with the high game of the bowlers’ three counting twice as a “bonus” fourth game.

The Brockton Bowling Association would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate all of the cashers.

Peter Cappola throws 300 in Westgate Mixed

He’s been in my leagues before (winning Brunswick Mixed one year), but I’ve never mentioned an honor score for Peter Cappola until now, as he bowled 300 last night in the Westgate Mixed league. Nice going. 🙂

Dec. 27 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 17 bowling, frame-by-frame

My physical game has been known to go in the tank when the holidays roll around, and I’m fearing that that’s the case now, as I’ve been under average each of the last two weeks in this league. An otherwise dreadful spare game was salved with two “baby” split conversions, and I never had more than a double all night.

Result: 157-179-161=497
Average (48 games): 180
Average for last 9 games: 173
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 565

Composite average (93 games): 180

Ralph had the best night of us (521), and we failed to win points on a night when first place only took one point.

2017-18 Week 16 league standings update

Just one league to update, with the other on hiatus for the holidays…

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning one point from Gutt Er Done, Let’s Mix Em Up are in second, a point behind Dawg Pound, with Creeden’s Mustangs 2.5 points behind the lead in third and Sweet Rolls 4.5 points behind in 4th. Lost & Found are tonight’s opponents, and, as the end of the first half is next week, I’ll give the opponents for the other leaders: Dawg Pound bowls against Sweet Rolls, and Creeden’s Mustangs against Spare Us. Tom, with his 214, had the high scratch game of the week in the men’s “C” division.

Paris Cook bowls 300 in Rhythm & Bowling

I knew he had it possible when I left last Sunday, but didn’t know he finished it until I saw an updated standing sheet today: Paris Cook had a 300 game in the Rhythm & Bowling league. Good job! 🙂

Ed Ashbaugh bowls 814 in Hyannis

You can make a safe assumption that the David Smith Memorial Classic league in Hyannis is the best tenpin league on Cape Cod. Here’s how I’ll back that assumption up: I’ve mentioned Dave Kullas’ scores in that league before. Now, Ed Ashbaugh, Dave’s teammate in the Pepsi league, joins him, as he had 256-278-280 for an 814 last night in that league. Nice bowling! 🙂

Dec. 20 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 16 bowling, frame-by-frame

Tonight was a weird night overall, as I wasn’t great, but I seemed to welcome the fact that we had to move after the first game due to a scorer issue (right lane wasn’t picking up second-ball scores consistently). I did well enough after the move to eke out my 500 and keep the damage to my average to a minimum.

Result: 145-177-179=501
Average (45 games): 181
Average for last 9 games: 189
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 567

Composite average (90 games): 181

Tom had our only 200 game in the second game, which we won, losing the other two and total. Second place won three points, so they moved into the lead, with my team in second, a point behind (I will still formalize this in a standings update.).

2017-18 Week 15 league standings update

Updating my league standings after Week 15:

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning no points from Spare Change, Let’s Mix Em Up leads by a point over Dawg Pound, 1.5 points over Creeden’s Mustangs, and four points over Stuck With Us. Tomorrow night’s opponents are Gutt Er Done, which has three of my four teammates from last season.
  • Sunday Niters: After winning eight points from We Don’t Give a Split, The Three Stooges finished in 5th place for the first half. Ten Is Enough are the first half winners, by six points over Here for the Beer. The league will not bowl on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, so the second half will start for us on Jan. 7 vs. We Don’t Give a Split (yes, again).


Aaron Major wins JBSC at Auburn Lanes

As posted in their Facebook group, Westgate’s Aaron Major, on his Christmas break from Wichita St., won the U20 boys division of the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge yesterday at AMF Auburn Lanes, having defeated Xavier Bamford in the final match (score not available). Congrats Aaron! 🙂

Update: As posted by Tom Hankey Jr. in the JBSC group, the lane condition was the 2016 Junior Gold Woodland Bowl 36′ pattern.

Danny Gauthier bowls 300/800, Adam Johndrow 300 in BBA Holiday Doubles

There were a couple of scores from yesterday’s Brockton Bowling Association Holiday Doubles tournament, the biggest one being a 300-265-235 performance by Danny Gauthier. While he didn’t get an 800, Adam Johndrow also had a 300 game, and we got video of that, which is below:

Congrats guys, and we hope to have full tournament results posted soon.

Dec. 17 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 15 bowling, frame-by-frame

After a tournament day that didn’t go according to plan, I was eager to take my frustration out on the pins, and did it to the tune of my second high series of the season, the high of which also came in this league. I didn’t get off to a good start in the third game, or this might have been better, and you can also point to my single-pin misses as another reason.

Result: 215-243-194=652
Average (45 games): 181
Average for last 9 games: 202
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 589

Composite average (87 games): 181

I carried my team the first two games, and Peter and Ed shot 246 and 200 respectively to help us take the third game by over 100 pins. It was the end of the first half, so we’ll see where we finished.

Link to Tri-State Bowlers added to sidebar

Via the Digital Bowling Society, Justin Sorel’s new Tri-State Bowlers site came to my attention. It appears to be a Timely calendar with bowling events in southern New England, which can be subscribed to (for your own calendars), and events can also be added to it on the site. I gave it a “Local/New England” sidebar link, not being sure if I can merge it with the calendar on this site.

Sean Richard throws 802 set in Patriots league

“$eany Ka$h” posted on his Facebook tonight that he had games of 287, 268, and 247 (with a photo of the scorer recap) for an 802 series, his 41st 800 series, in the Patriots league. Great bowling! 🙂

Darrell Guertin wins year-end SEMBA at Westgate

As noted in the above post, Darrell Guertin won a close 207-204 final match with 1999 ABC/USBC Masters champion Brian Boghosian to come away with the title in SEMBA’s year-end event last Sunday at Westgate Lanes. Of 26 qualifying bowlers (needed 4 SEMBA tournaments in 2017), 23 came out to bowl, with SEMBA taking 12 out of qualifying. Lane condition was Kegel Broadway on one lane of a pair, Route 66 on the other.

The post also mentions John Kirker’s 300 game, the second in SEMBA’s brief history, and I had a video, but decided against using it due to extenuating circumstances.

Jake Tobin rolls 11 in a row 279 in Brunswick Mixed

I might have missed it if I didn’t see it myself, but Jake Tobin, in the third game last night in my league, overcame an open first frame with the back 11 for a 279 game. Jake himself wasn’t sure, but I think he left a six-count washout, likely the 1-2-4-10, in the first frame.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Ryan Yelle rolls 300/805 in Westgate Mixed

I’m not sure if he’s had 300 games here in tournaments (or what is now the Pepsi league), but two-time association Bowler of the Year and Hall of Famer Ryan Yelle had his first one in the Westgate Mixed league last night. Mark Condon recorded the video below for Snapchat, which Sean Richard arranged to have sent to me:

Congrats Ryan! 🙂

Update: An updated standing sheet showed that Ryan Yelle’s 300 game was also part of an 805 series, but the scores were removed from the scoring system by the time I made my inquiry. If the other two games can be determined, I’ll update this.

Update: The three games were 247, 300, and 258.