Keith Kaestner, Mark Paradis shoot 300s in NAT

July 26, 2016

Striking a compromise between timeliness and my wish to not post about a tournament until I get something official from it, I’m reporting on the honor scores from Sunday’s NAT first, which were the 300 games bowled in qualifying by Keith Kaestner and Mark Paradis. Danny Khuu got video of the last strike of Keith’s game, which I share below:

Congrats to both, particularly Keith, as he bowls in my Wednesday league. I hope to have results soon.:)

July 25 No-Tap Shootout results (with league note)

July 26, 2016

With 13 entries in the no-tap tournament last night, Sean Richard won with an 875 score, TomTom Hedding second with an 854, and Danny Khuu third with an 847.

Also, I usually don’t mention 300 games bowled in the no-tap tournament because of the nature of the tournament, but I need to note here that Jewell Wilson managed a <strong>natural</strong> 300 game in the second game. Good going!

<strong>Mike Botelho converts 7-10 split</strong>: There may not have been many great scores tonight in the league, but Mike Botelho, who I know from the Coke and Westgate Mixed leagues, did something very notable tonight by converting the 7-10 split. I knew he was shooting the split, but looked up just in time to see the second pin fall. To my memory, it was the first time I had ever seen a 7-10 converted in person. WTG Mikey!:)

Ed Godino III throws 290 in Wed. Summer Mixed

July 26, 2016

If there’s one bowler in my Wednesday night winter league who can post some big scores, it’s the younger Ed Godino. He’s actually bowling on Wednesday night this summer, and had himself a 290 game in the league last Wednesday night. WTG Ed!:)

Stephen Major makes first cut at 2016 Junior Gold

July 22, 2016

Congratulations to Stephen Major, as the USBC has reported that he ended his Junior Gold tournament tied for 147th place, his best Junior Gold finish to date. He ended qualifying tied for 159th with a 190+ average for 16 games, then bowled -97 (five games) today to finish with a 188+ average.

If any New England bowlers reach the match play portion of Junior Gold, there will be post(s) to come.

EDIT: The advancers round standings linked has an apparent error in average calculation. I corrected the average in this post.

Kevin Thibeault bowls first NEBA 300 in Auburn

July 18, 2016

While stopping in on the Monday doubles league tonight, Kevin Thibeault told me he had a 300 in the NEBA event yesterday at AMF Auburn Lanes, which I confirmed with his mother was his first in NEBA and 11th overall. WTG Kev!:)

Aaron Major bowls 300 in Youth Open doubles

July 16, 2016

Junior Gold week has started off well for Stephen & Aaron Major, as, according to the current standings, they are leading U20 scratch doubles with a 1,439 score at the Youth Open, which runs for the next three weekends at Expo Bowl in Indianapolis, IN, the Junior Gold host city. In the last game of the event, Aaron had a 300 game (Tim Major’s video of the last strike of the game is below) and Stephen added a 279.

There’s still a lot of bowling left, but most of the best youth bowlers in the nation are in Indy for Junior Gold this week, so we have some hope that the Majors’ score holds if they can get through this weekend.

Alex Aguiar wins two events at 2016 BTM Tournament

July 15, 2016

As Jeff Richgels posted on Facebook (look in first comment), Alex Aguiar of Dartmouth, MA has unofficially won Open Singles and Open Doubles (with Alex Cavangaro) at this year’s BTM (<em>Bowling This Month</em>) Tournament, which has been running concurrently with the USBC Open Championships at Coconut Bowl in Sparks, NV. Alex shot 739 in singles and combined with Cavagnaro for a 1,463 score in doubles. According to the posted program sheet (PDF), the lane condition was Sport-compliant (40′, 25.83mL, 1.92:1).

I’ll add to this post when I have something more official from the tournament.

July 11 No-Tap Shootout results

July 12, 2016

The no-tap tournament last night had 19 entries, the most we’ve had for it recently. Ed Roberts ended up winning with an 877 (and had the no-tap 900 series alive until the 6th frame of Game 3), Sean Richard was 2nd with 857, and Stan Lewis 3rd with 832.

There will be another one soon, but not next week because of a few bowlers being in Indianapolis because their children are bowling Junior Gold.

July 2016 SEMBA Century Doubles results

July 10, 2016

The Senior E. Mass. Bowlers Association held its inaugural Century Doubles (sum of the ages of the bowlers on a team must be at least 100) tournament at Westgate Lanes today, with John Kirker & Todd Lathrop winning the final match, 446-335, over John Hayes Jr. & Brian Egan, as reported on the SEMBA website, which also has the other cashers (eight total).

There were 26 entries, which I believe was better than expected, and I might have been able to run some brackets if SEMBA management had known they were going to get that turnout.

9th anniversary post

June 30, 2016

I tend to post on the anniversary of my return to bowling (meaning the outing with my brother that sparked my return to league bowling), but I don’t have that much to say on the occasion this year. The thing I did want to mention is that I made more of a commitment to reporting local bowling news to those outside the area, mostly taking the form of a partnership with NEBA to post their tournament results, as they post on Facebook, to the IBMA’s group, which began with the March tournament at Westgate Lanes. I do see myself expanding my involvement with the other local tournaments (most notably the Bay State Open) in the coming year.

I usually thank my readers (the bowlers) at this time, as this blog probably wouldn’t still exist without having bowling news to report.:)

Vicki Prevost elected to IBMA Board of Directors

June 29, 2016

International Bowling Media Association Operations Manager Jackie Wyckoff announced in the organization’s Facebook group that legendary New England bowling writer Vicki Prevost, whose “Pin Tales” column has been running in the New Bedford Standard-Times for over three decades, has been elected to a two-year term on the Board of Directors. Along with former Enterprise bowling columnist Dick Roche, Vicki is someone whom I’ve respected in the local bowling media, and would like to congratulate her on her election.

As administrivia, a link in the “Local/New England” sidebar list to the sports section of the South Coast Today website, where Vicki’s column appears online, will be added. Really long overdue.:)

Mark Zimmerman shoots 300 in Monday doubles

June 27, 2016

I saw another 300 game video on Sean Richard’s Facebook and immediately thought it was in the doubles league tonight, so I asked him to confirm it. He said his 300 was not in the league, but told me Mark Zimmerman did have one in the league tonight. WTG Mark!:)

June 22 sub recap

June 22, 2016

If I haven’t already mentioned, I’m not staying completely away from league bowling in the summer, as I may sub on occasion Wednesday night. Tonight was my first opportunity to do so, and I ended up with Ralph Marple, once my summer league teammate, and his namesake son. I was replacing Brian Shea for the night, with Gary Weiner also being absent.

My bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

This was not too disappointing a night, considering I hadn’t bowled a ball in anger for a few weeks. The key to my first game was the ball change to my Alpha Crux in the 10th, and the punch-out in that frame helped the team win the points. I improved with every game, throwing a one-open 194 to end it. The team also won the third game and total, so I was happy I could help the Marples out tonight.:)

Sean Richard bowls 290 in Wed. Summer Mixed

June 18, 2016

I’ve already mentioned Greg Andrews’ 300 game on Wednesday night, but a look at the updated standings for that league alerted me to another nice game, Sean Richard’s 290. WTG!:)

James Bessette bowls 300/814 in UBA position match at Silver Lanes

June 18, 2016

The lack of posting about the Westgate Warriors from me is indicative of a disappointing Underground Bowling Association season for them, but they did end it on a high note today at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes in E. Hartford, CT by winning 32 of 40 points against Norrage in their position round match. The bowler doing the most damage in the match was James Bessette, who had 22 strikes in a row bowling in the scratch portion of the match en route to an 814 series that had a 300 game in it.

Of course, I’m hoping for a better season next year. Something I can already post about next season is that there will be two UBA districts in New England, North and South, with the Westgate Warriors set to bowl in the North district.

2016 Mass. women’s state tournament results

June 17, 2016

The Massachusetts Women’s Bowling Association has made results of their state tournament, conducted at Ken’s Bowl in Pittsfield, official, and the full prize list is linked here (PDF file). As always, I’ll list the state champions below. The association represented will be in parentheses, the scores for division champions are with handicap, and the scratch champions are those who entered the optional scratch events.


Div. 1: Spitfires (Berkshire County) 2,728
Div. 2: Webbles (Berkshire County) 2,718
Scratch: Four in the Zone (Greater Springfield) 2,131


Div. 1: Gisela Dellmuth & Catalina Sweeney (Greater Gardner) 1,401
Div. 2: Deb LaRose & Mary Freeman (Greater Springfield) 1,436
Div. 3: Dorothy Hopkins & Michelle Geloran (Tri-City) 1,449
Scratch: Katelyn & Marieann Laurin (Greater Springfield) 1,173


Div. 1: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 784
Div. 2: Laura Kane (Worcester County) 761
Div. 3: Jodi St. Peter (Berkshire County) 803
Scratch: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 736


Div. 1: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 2,152
Div. 2: Dale Snyder (Worcester County) 2,107
Div. 3: Jodi St. Peter (Berkshire County) 2,276
Scratch: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 2,008

Congrats to all!:)

Greg Andrews bowls first 300 in Wed. Summer Mixed

June 17, 2016

Greg Andrews was in the Coke league briefly, but regularly bowled at AMF Taunton Lanes until it closed two years ago. When that happened, he joined the Westgate Mixed and Patriots leagues, and is now bowling the Wednesday night summer league. The other night, in that league, Greg bowled what a league source told me was his first 300 game. Congrats Greg!:)

2016 Mass. state tournament results

June 17, 2016

The North Adams USBC Bowling Association has made results of the 2016 state tournament, recently concluded at Greylock Bowl & Golf, official, and the results can be found on their website (links to PDFs of event standings and prize list on linked page). As usual, I’ll recognize the state champions below (association represented in parentheses):

Handicap Team: Live Free or Die (Worcester County) 3,815
Scratch Team: The Bearded Beasts (North Adams) 3,583
Handicap Doubles: Jim Ferguson & Danny Khuu (Brockton) 1,639
Scratch Doubles: Buddy Wilt & Rob Young (Brockton) 1,499
Handicap Singles: Lou Rosa (Southeastern Mass.) 872
Scratch Singles: Danny Khuu (Brockton) 815
Handicap All-Events: Dan Morse (Brockton) 2,437
Scratch All-Events: Danny Khuu (Brockton) 2,347

Recognizing the team champions as individuals:

Live Free or Die: Dave Rice, Valerie Calberry, Eric Frost, John Bercier, Mike Klosin
The Bearded Beasts: Tom Mongeon, Josh Sweet, Rob Carter, Dave Rice, Scott Demarsico

As previously reported, Danny Khuu’s scratch all-events score is a new state tournament record.

If the Brockton bowlers who usually read this don’t know Dan Morse, he’s actually, as Mike Violette told me, a first-year North Bowl bowler who actually started in one of the leagues in Rhode Island and was convinced to join a league at North Bowl. Mike said Dan has really improved in his first year, already threatening honor score level at times.

Congrats to all!:)

June 10 practice

June 10, 2016

I’ve recently said I’ve often found it hard to find time to practice, but another reason why I don’t practice enough is that I’ve found I bowl too quickly when bowling alone, with one game enough before my league play.

Things were different tonight, however, as I got an offer from my Wednesday night teammate Jeff to practice together while his son Phil bowls the Friday night youth doubles league. The pace was slow enough for three games bowling with him, and I used the time to work a little more with my Alpha Crux, but I struggled early on, with my few weeks layoff showing. I didn’t put a double together until a turkey to start the third game, and still missed enough spares for that to not be a 200. Still, I plan to meet up with Jeff occasionally to keep my game in order for the fall.

May 15 NAT doubles results

June 6, 2016
May 2016 NAT doubles finalists

Finalists of the Northeast Amateur Tournament doubles event on May 15, 2016 at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Runners-up Barry Muise & Jim O’Neil, champions Dale Doody & John Bekish (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament’s current newsletter reports Dale Doody & John Bekish as the champions of the regular season-ending doubles event at Westgate Lanes, defeating Coke league bowler Barry Muise and his partner Jim O’Neil by a score of 984-886 (with handicap) in the two-game final match. Other Westgate bowlers cashing were Stan Lewis & Tom Hedding, Paris Cook & Ralph Dahlgren, Tina Gannon & Bill Briggs, Chuck Paige II (with partner Jim Handy), and Matt & Sean Richard.

There was a 290 game during qualifying, bowled by Jeff Wilson, but it needs to be noted that he had the first 11 rather than the more normal back 11.

The NAT has also announced on Facebook that their August 14 tournament will take place at the brand new Wamesit Lanes in Tewksbury, with qualifying taking place in the main bowling center and the head-to-head finals in the Pow Wow Room. Unless I miss my guess, this will be the first tournament Wamesit Lanes hosts.