Aaron Major wins first PBA regional title in York, PA

Aaron Major (center) with Kevin Thibeault (left) and Stephen Major (right) after his PBA East regional win at Colony Park Lanes in York, PA (Photo courtesy of Strike F/X Pro Shops)

Congratulations to Aaron Major, who, as reported by the PBA, won the East Region Colony Park Lanes Challenge, an event for non-champions, Saturday in York, PA after defeating Michael Martell of Brooklyn, NY, 247-172, in the position round match of the round-robin match play finals. Aaron qualified 13th, but went on an incredible run in match play, winning all eight of his matches with only one game under 200 on a tough Viper lane condition.

Aaron had great company at this event, as his cousin, Stephen, finished 4th, and another Westgate bowler, Kevin Thibeault, grabbed the last cash spot (28th). Great bowling, everyone! 🎳🎉🥳🔥

Sammy Wong slams 1st 300 in Brunswick Mixed roll-off

This pandemic season was certainly a strange one for my league, but Sammy Wong (in photo above, courtesy of Strike F/X Pro Shops) made sure it ended up being a special one by throwing his first 300 in the first game of the roll-off to spark his team, Last Empire, to the league championship win. I hope to get the team photo tomorrow when the league pays out for the season. One thing I did get, however, was the video, which I actually went live on the Facebook page with for the first time, which will be below:

Congrats Sammy! 🎳🥳

May 12 Brunswick Mixed recap

Last week’s (and my last week of) bowling, frame-by-frame

I knew I needed a great night to raise my average, but I was only almost exactly that, average. The strikes just weren’t there, with my double near the end being just “too little, too late” for even my team, as that couldn’t save the point, which we needed to even have a chance to move up.

Result: 156-157-190=503
Final average (87 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 167

10th Frame Magic ended up being the team that moved into the roll-off with Last Empire, and that will be tonight.

Aaron Major 759, Keith Kaestner 757 lead May 12 Patriots scoring

With the Patriots league season winding down, Aaron Major and Keith Kaestner had consistently good games last week in the Patriots league, with the former going 269-245-245 for a 759 (recap, Lane 51), and Kaestner bowling 264-236-257 for a 757 (recap, Lane 33). In addition, fine games were turned in by Shane Litchfield (279), Mike Trent Jr. (279), and Stan Lewis (278) last week (see high scores).

Nice bowling everyone! 🎳🔥

May 5 Brunswick Mixed recap (with standings update)

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

After having a “house of cards” come crashing down the previous week, I had three more nearly “normal” games last week and did manage to recover the pin in average that I lost the previous week. It was also mostly ground out, as I only doubled twice, both in the second game.

Result: 177-191-161=529
Average (84 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 168
Tonight’s AVG+1 score: 571

We didn’t have Randi, but Kevin had a good enough third game to win that point. One more week left.

Interactive standings after Week 30 (Week 14 of 2nd half)

My team (Creeden’s Mustangs) needs to win all of our points against the vacant tonight and Maggie’s Warriors cannot win more than one point if we want to climb out of the 2nd half cellar alone. At the top, Last Empire can force a one-game roll-off for the 2nd half by sweeping BBOB and the first place match splits 2-2, and Last Empire would then have to win that roll-off to avoid a roll-off next week for the championship. Any other scenario at the top would mean a roll-off for the championship next week.

Ethan Rosenberg tosses 1st 300 in state tourney doubles

Did I mention Ethan Rosenberg wasn’t done after his first 800 set on Thursday night? All he did last weekend after that was go to Auburn for state tournament and put up his first 300 game in the doubles event there. Many thanks to Stephen Major for getting the video above to me, which first appeared on the Strike F/X Pro Shops Brockton Facebook page. Congrats again, Ethan! 🎳🔥

Ethan Rosenberg knocks 289/801 to lead May 6 Patriots league scoring

As noted by the guys at Strike F/X Pro Shop, Ethan Rosenberg put together games of 289, 279, and 233 for an 801 series last Thursday night in the Patriots league (see recap, Lane 49), his first 800 series. Congrats Ethan! 🎳🔥

Also notable that night were Joe Bourhill’s 278-253-257 for a 788 set (recap linked above, Lane 52) and Jim Ferguson’s 288-247-220 for a 755 (also on recap, Lane 50). Nice bowling! 🎳👍

More on the 300 game mentioned above later. 😉

Apr. 28 Brunswick Mixed recap (with standings update)

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

I seemed to be at least decent through two games, except that I couldn’t make a 10 pin to close it out, and I hit the skids in the third game, to the point where I thought I needed a ball change. Whatever it was, I was definitely fishing for the pocket, and it hurt us.

Result: 186-177-114=477
Average (81 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 166
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 509

It turned out my team got the worst of bad lanes, but we managed to win the second game.

Interactive standings after Week 29 (Week 13 of 2nd half)

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 11th, 18 points behind the leaders, Last Empire, who lead Never Lucky by a point, 10th Frame Magic by a point-and-a-half, and BBOB, our opponents tomorrow night by 5.5 points. As this is the penultimate week of the 2nd half, here are the other matchups: Last Empire vs. 10th Frame Magic, and Never Lucky vs. Maggie’s Warriors.

Kevin did manage to sweep the board in the men’s “B” division last week (see standing sheet page).

Shawn Coles tosses 300 in Brunswick Mixed

Going the opposite of the usual and recognizing my league secretary first, with the trey last week, which his wife captured not just the last strike, but the three strikes in the 10th, on video and sent my way. As the only thing he wasn’t on yet was Instagram, I decided to put him there first:

Congrats buddy! 🎳😁👍

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 28 standings update

Interactive standings after Week 28 (Week 12 of 2nd half)

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 11th place, 17 points behind the leaders, Never Lucky, who lead Last Empire by a point and 10th Frame Magic and BBOB by 3.5 points. Maggie’s Warriors are the opponents tonight.

Note: If Last Empire wins the second half, there would be no roll-off, as they won the first half.

Happily for me, my 218 was good for the high scratch and handicap (246) game of the week in the men’s “D” division last week (see standing sheet page).

Apr. 21 Brunswick Mixed recap

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

This was one of those cases when all of my score was in one game, because I either couldn’t make shots or lost carry after the first game. The unkindest cut was at the end, with three open frames (the last two splits) when I still could have saved something out of it.

Result: 218-147-144=509
Average (78 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 163
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 563

Kevin did return last week, which was why my spirits were immediately better. The team did manage to take first and third games and total.

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 27 standings update

Interactive standings after Week 27 (Week 11 of 2nd half)

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 11th, 17 points behind the leaders, Never Lucky, who lead Last Empire by a point, BBOB by 2.5 points, and 4 On 9 Man and 10th Frame Magic by 3.5 points. Motley Crew will provide our opposition tonight. Note: There are four weeks remaining in the second half, as we count our roll-off as our 32nd week.

Randi did have the high handicap series in the women’s “A” division last week (noted on this page of the standing sheet).

Apr. 14 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 27 bowling, frame-by-frame

I might have had a little bit of a “hangover” effect from last week in the first game, but I cleaned up the single-pin mistakes the rest of the night and had better games the rest of the night from there. The second game was about as hard as I can ever remember working for a clean game, except for maybe one (I don’t remember exactly when) in which I had to convert a couple of splits to stay clean.

Result: 148-195-171=514
Average (75 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 168
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 565

Lisa was officially removed from the team (😢), and we were again without Kevin. Our fortunes were brighter, however, winning second and third games and total.