Mike Peirce throws 300 in NAT doubles

I didn’t know he did it until Ray put the scoresheet up on the pro shop window, but Mike Peirce had his first 300 game yesterday during the NAT doubles event. Sean Richard’s Facebook video of the last strike is below.

Congrats Mike!🙂

Sept. 25 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 3 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

Some splits and washouts kept what was otherwise a good night down in score. I felt maybe my ball wasn’t turning the corner, so I switched to my IQ Fusion, but I really didn’t get my best results until I also relaxed my swing, as my third game was better because of it.

Result: 174-172-183=529
Average (9 games): 183
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 553

Composite average (18 games): 178

Harry Thibeault usually subs on Peter’s team in this league, and Harry’s first opportunity was tonight due to Peter’s absence. Harry contributed a 673 and Ed a 577 in another eight-point effort.

Sept. 24 No-Tap Shootout results

With eight entries, Ed Roberts was today’s winner with an 858, taking a 900 possibility to the 5th frame of Game 3, and Sean Richard was second with 835.

The jackpots are getting big, so bowlers may want to keep checking the sidebar event list for the next No-Tap Shootout and come on down if they think they can win them.

Jason Oh wins NAT at Wamesit Lanes


Finalists of the Northeast Amateur Tournament event on Aug. 14, 2016 at Wamesit Lanes: Champion Jason Oh (left), runner-up Ernie Bourque (right) (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament posted in their current newsletter that Westgate bowler Jason Oh won the event on Aug. 14 at Wamesit Lanes in Tewksbury after defeating Ernie Bourque, 224-212 (with handicap), in the final match.

Jay Mantere made a post on the NAT Facebook page about his future plans, which I’ve shared on this blog’s Facebook page.

Link to Bowling Illustrated added to sidebar

I found out via the IBMA’s Facebook group that a new bowling e-zine, Bowling Illustrated, has been launched. It appears it will be a quarterly publication (first issue is dated Fall 2016), and the first issue features articles on women’s bowling legend Paula Vidad and PBA Tour winner Eric Forkel. As with all of the bowling e-publications that I know about, the link is in the “Bowling Media” sidebar list.

Blog theme changed to P2

I’ve been told on my blog host’s support forums that I’d been using a 10 year old fixed-width theme. With my question on the forums having to do with the appearance of Facebook posts here, I’ve had to change to a more updated theme, and the P2 theme seems to suit my current needs. The header graphic is smaller and now appears at the top of the sidebar, but the sidebar is still visible in all posts and pages. More importantly, full Facebook posts do show. Let me know on Facebook how you like it.

Donald Graves shoots 298 in Patriots league

The Patriots league is such a big league now that I’m bound to miss some scores from my reports on Thursday nights, and last week was no exception, as Donald Graves also had a 298 game last week. WTG Don!🙂

Sept. 21 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 3 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

There were tons of spare misses, particularly corner pins, and my 600 was to be had if I’d just taken care of business. On the bright side, the Tropical Breeze that I threw one shot with in practice Sunday before putting it back in the bag was my ball tonight, and I was able to be locked in, as I had at least a double in every game.

Result: 162-177-214=553
Average (9 games): 172
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 527

Composite average (15 games): 178

The surprise of the night for my team was Jeff, who was close to 100 over his entering average in posting a 515. Team won all four.

2016-17 Week 2 standings update

Updating my leagues; I reserve the right to add the Sunday Niters update later:

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning a point from Team 12, Lane Ducks are tied for 8th with Striking Gentlemen and Spear Game, three points behind a tie for the lead between Right Turn Clyde, Team 12, and Artie’s Angels, with Lickety Splits a point behind the lead in 4th. 5 Spares are tomorrow night’s opponents.
  • Virtual league: 5 Kingpins won just two points from Team 7 (which might get a name this week), and are now in a three-way tie for 3rd with Big Guns and Team 6, five points behind the leading AmExGoGoDub, who lead Team 7 by two points.
  • Sunday Niters: After winning all eight from The Avengers, The 3 Stooges are in the lead by two over Here for the Beer, four over Ten Is Enough (Sunday night’s opponents), and six over We Found B?, Pinknockers, and Suzy’s Crew. (Note: I had to take the update from the hard copy on the bulletin board behind the lanes because Moe is on vacation.)

Ethan Reyes wins JBSC season opener in Auburn

As reported to me by Sharon Evans (and posted in their Facebook group), Westgate Lanes’ Ethan Reyes won the combined U15 division of the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge season opener yesterday at AMF Auburn Lanes. Other division winners were Tom Hankey Jr. (U20 boys) and Sarah Gill (U20 girls; out of North Bowl).

Congrats Ethan!🙂

Sept. 18 Sunday Niters recap

The league had a couple of teams drop out, and we drew The Avengers as opponents in the reordered schedule.

My Week 2 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I had another slow start, but I improved enough with every game to make tonight better than Wednesday night. A couple of light splits were what really derailed the second game, and there were a few other spare misses, but I again made every 10 pin.

Result: 148-172-204=524
Average (6 games): 187
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 566

Composite average (12 games): 176

My teammates picked me up first game, and we again won all eight. Ed was high on the pair with a 633.

Link to Junior Bowling Sport Challenge updated

I was informed yesterday that the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge has obtained the jbscallstars.com domain name for its website, and the link in the sidebar has been updated accordingly. The calendar entry for the Westgate tournament in October may need to be updated, as well.

Tom Hedding shoots 300, Bill Briggs 297 in Patriots league

Sean Richard relayed to me that the Patriots league had its first 300 game of the the season tonight, bowled by “TomTom” Hedding, as well as a 297 by Bill Briggs. Good work, guys!

Note: I think everyone knows that the Patriots league is now the biggest at Westgate in terms of number of teams, so any post I make about the league that night may turn out to be only a partial list when I see the standing sheet following.

Westgate Lanes to host USA Bowling qualifier

As announced on Bowl.com, Westgate Lanes will host the New England qualifier of the USA Bowling program, a team-based program to introduce youngsters to bowling, on Mar. 18 & 19. The format is five-player Baker, with one U12 and one U15 team advancing to the national tournament, which will take place during Junior Gold week next summer in Cleveland, OH.

Rob Young, Chris Silveri bowl 290 games in Patriots league

I already mentioned Steve Ferguson’s 299 game from last week in the Patriots league, but, also on that night, Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Rob Young had a 290 game, as did Chris Silveri, who was bowling in a winter league for the first time as an adult bowler. WTG guys!🙂

Sept. 14 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 2 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I fell back to Earth tonight, as I never really got anything going until the end of the third game. I missed a bunch of spares on the right side standing where I normal stand and trying to hook my plastic ball; oddly enough, I did make the one 10 pin I had.

Result: 129-146-173=448
Average (6 games): 166
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 507

Composite average (9 games): 177

Team followed me pretty much in the first two games, but we did salvage the third game. Barry almost broke 500.

Bowler of the Year Tournament set for Westgate Oct. 30

As posted on Facebook (below), the Brockton Bowling Association has set its annual Bowler of the Year Tournament for Sun. Oct. 30 at Westgate Lanes. We hope to see you, whether you’re bowling or not.🙂

Westgate to run sport shot pot game Tuesday nights

As the Facebook post below indicates, a sport shot pot game will be run at Westgate Lanes on Tuesday nights in lieu of the Sportsmen league for the near future. The pattern will be Kegel Taj Mahal for the next four weeks.

2016-17 Week 1 league standings updates

I figured I get the standings for all of my leagues, real and virtual, updated in one shot:

  • Brunswick Mixed: Lane Ducks won three from WTF (We’re The Five). Three teams, Team #14, Right Turn Clyde, and Artie’s Angels won all four points in the first week, and Lane Ducks are tied for 4th with four other teams. We bowl against Team #14 tomorrow night.
  • Sunday Niters: The 3 Stooges won all eight from OSIMAS and are one of three teams that did so, with the other two being Pin Pals and Pinknockers. Pin Pals (Lee & Rachel, with their third, Shawn Syde, who was absent last week) are our opponents Sunday night.
  • Virtual league: 5 Kingpins won five of seven from a yet-unnamed Team 6 and stand in a three-way tie for second with Team 3 and Team 7, with AmExGoGoDub the team that won all seven.

Mike Carter shoots 300 in Coke league debut

I’ve known Mike Carter for quite a while as one of North Bowl’s best bowlers, and this year he decided to try out the Coke league. He made quite a splash in his league debut last night, as he had a 300 game right out of the gate. I got the video of the last strike, which I posted on the association page and which is shared below:

Congrats Mike!🙂