Ethan Reyes fires 290 in junior travel league at Westport

This will be my first time mentioning this bowler for a league score: Congrats to Ethan Reyes, who posted a 290 game Sunday in the junior travel league at Holiday Lanes in Westport. 🙂


Nov. 4 Adult/Junior doubles results

Results of today’s Adult/Junior doubles tournament at Westgate Lanes:

Senior Division

  1. Shane & Mike Litchfield 1,450
  2. Jerome Betsey Jr. & Russ Warmington 1,402

Prep/Junior Division

  1. Cody Esdale & Mike Simmons 1,397

They weren’t honor scores, but a couple of games I’ll mention were a 289 by Mike Litchfield and a 274 by Jerome Betsey, who had the high series for the junior bowlers with a 736.

Congrats! 🙂

Stephen Major shoots 300/854 for Brockton youth record

Stephen Major’s youth days may be coming to an end, but he’s at least going out with a bang, as, tonight, in the Adult/Junior league, he posted 289-300-265 for an 854 set, which is believed to be a new Brockton youth association record. It was also memorable for him because he’d never had an 800 series until tonight.

WTG Steve! 🙂

Aaron Major among leaders after Junior Gold qualifying

Qualifying for the 2017 Junior Gold Championships has wrapped up, and, according to the posted standings after 16 games, Westgate bowler Aaron Major sits in 9th place in the U20 boys division with a +88 score (205.50 average). The first advancers round takes place later this morning.

Here are the other New England bowlers making the first cut, by division (standings linked on division):

U12 boys: Andrew Robitaille (Pittsfield, MA; 35th, -618)
U12 girls: Caitlyn Cairns (Trumbull, CT; T18th, -676)
U15 boys: Xavier Bamford (Rochester, NH; 48th, -279)
U15 girls: Kyra Smith (Fall River, MA; 6th, -171), Danielle McKerracher (Warwick, RI; 24th, -348)
U20 boys: Andrew Hall (Westborough, MA; 28th, -3), Tom Hankey, Jr. (Great Barrington, MA; 31st, -6)
U20 girls: Rachel Bamford (Gonic, NH; 7th, +35), Sarah Gill (Attleboro, MA; 16th, -13)

Additionally, New Yorkers Lauren Piotrowski (Schenectady; T30th, -74) and Kasey Kosier (East Greenbush; 79th, -195), who are connected to the New England-based Junior Bowling Sport Challenge program, have made the first cut in U20 girls.

Feel free to correct me on Facebook if I missed anyone. Good luck & good bowling to all of the above in the morning. 🙂

Aaron Major posts 298 in Adult/Junior

Last Thursday in the Adult/Junior league, a more familiar name made some noise, as Aaron Major, home from his freshman year at Wichita St., posted a 298 game. WTG! 🙂

2017 TNBA East Junior Regional results

This year’s TNBA East regional youth tournament was hosted by Westgate Lanes on Apr. 8 & 9, and I finally found the official results (separate files for each event). The champions in each event are below, with the senate represented in parentheses; scores are with handicap:


Div. 1: First State I (Delaware) 2,781
Div. 2: Ft. Meade #6 (Washington) 2,787
Div. 3: The Jersey Lanes Boys (Metropolitan) 2,500
Div. 4: Boston Bowl #6 (Boston) 2,078


Div. 1: S. Palmer & D. Hudson (Philadelphia) 1,477
Div. 2: A. Torres & K. Knox (Metropolitan) 1,497
Div. 3: X. Wilson & A. Warner (Providence) 1,307
Div. 4: I. Tucker & S. Tucker (Washington) 1,083
Div. 5: E. Wilson & V. Tucker (Washington) 737


Div. 1: Dylan Bowers (Delaware) 735
Div. 2: Kieryn Knox (Metropolitan) 746
Div. 3: Hollis Warner (Providence) 668
Div. 4: Aunja’Juell Swails (Washington) 539
Div. 5: Ellis Wilson (Washington) 357

Congrats to all. 🙂

Bill Clukay fires 300 in TNBA junior regional

Westgate Lanes played host to the TNBA’s East regional junior tournament this weekend, and while I might miss other scores, I can report that Bill Clukay had a 300 game in the tournament yesterday. Results will be linked as soon as I see them.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Kyle Egan wins JBSC at Westgate

A post in the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge Facebook group reported that Westgate youth bowler Kyle Egan was the U20 boys winner in their event yesterday at Westgate Lanes, defeating fellow Westgate youth bowler Stephen Major, 211-165, in the final match. I did get the scores for the stepladders in the four divisions, and the results are below:

U20 Boys

Match 1: Ryan Stolakis def. Andrew McGovern 201-192
Match 2: Stolakis def. Ryan Stanard 204-164
Match 3: Kyle Egan def. Stolakis 182-158
Semifinal: Egan def. Andrew Hall 255-234
Final: Egan def. Stephen Major 211-165

U20/U15 Girls

Match 1: Kaitlynn Crawford def. Madison Gentes 193-170
Match 2: Crawford def. Danielle McKerracher 224-202
Semifinal: Crawford def. Rachel Bamford 199-169
Final: Kasey Kosier def. Crawford 204-203

U15 Boys

Match 1: Xavier Bamford def. Randal Dunbar 203-175
Match 2: Bamford def. Jason Simmons 243-224
Semifinal: Bamford def. Nate Purches 189-162
Final: Bamford def. Bradley Baybutt 204-176

U12 Boys/Girls

Semifinal: Jaden Gagner def. Dennis Goulart 162-158
Final: Andrew Robitaille def. Gagner 149-130

Additionally, Bradley Baybutt, a bowler out of Yankee Lanes in Keene, NH, bowled a 290 game in qualifying, which Sharon Evans reported was the highest game bowled in the JBSC since the tournament went to all sport oil conditions five years ago. The JBSC reported that 54 bowlers, a record for them, came out for the event, including a record eight in the U12 division.

Congrats to all. I’ll update the post when I find out what the lane condition was.

Update: Sharon Evans conducted some research on past game scores in the JBSC and found that Andrew Hall had a 299 on a sport lane condition their first year. Also that year, Allen Halacy had a 300 game, but that was on a modified house shot (as not every lane machine could put out a sport condition at the time).

Update: Per Kevin Thibeault, the lane condition was the 2007 Weber Cup Day 2 pattern (40′).

2017 USA Bowling New England qualifier results

The USBC held the New England qualifier for USA Bowling last weekend at Westgate Lanes, and the result sheets (PDF format) are linked below:

U15 division
U12 division

In the U15 division, New England Strikers went 7-1 with 1,810 total pins for the victory, and KTP All Stars went 7-1 with 1,309 total pins in the U12 division. USA Bowling games are Baker format, with four bowlers out of a maximum roster of six bowling. Both teams mentioned have qualified for the national tournament, to be held during Junior Gold week this July in Cleveland.

Update: There was also a double-elimination match play component to the competition on Sunday, and a source told me All-Stars prevailed in the U12 division and will be the actual New England representative in Cleveland. I’ll endeavor to determine the U15 winner.

Update: New England Strikers also prevailed in match play on Sunday and will be representing New England in the U15 division. Photos of both winning teams were posted on Instagram.

2017 Brockton USBC YA honor squad results

Results of the annual Brockton USBC Youth Association honor squad; scores are with handicap except for scratch division:

100 & under: Chris Beaudet 697
101-120: Landon Wiles 657
121-140: Jessica Blyth 671
141-160: Corey Major 769
161-180: Kyle Major 682
Scratch: Cameron Kaestner 688

Congrats to all of the winners 🙂

Westgate team wins Southeastern Mass. junior travel league

As reported on the final standing sheet, the Westgate Lanes team of Billy Null, Ethan Reyes, Shane Litchfield, and Kyle Egan (with sub Stephen Major) are officially the winners of the Southeastern Mass. Junior Scratch Travel League for this season after Sunday’s position round at Westgate Lanes. The league also travels to North Bowl Lanes, Wonder Bowl, and Holiday Lanes (Westport), with each of the four centers fielding multiple teams.

Mar. 4 Adult/Junior doubles results

Results from today’s Adult/Junior tournament:


  1. Nick Damon & Joseph Bourhill 1,476
  2. Jonathan & Ken Gerraughty 1,457


  1. Dylan & Debbie Major 1,458
  2. Corey & Chris Major 1,397

Congrats to all! 🙂

Stephen Major bowls 290 in youth league

Stephen Major posted his third score of the season this morning in the senior youth league with a 290 game, and about the only thing he hasn’t done yet is shoot 800. If I know Stephen, one will eventually come. Good bowling! 🙂

Shane Litchfield tosses 11 in a row 279 in youth league

Sandi Litchfield posted a Facebook report of another game in the youth leagues today, in which her son Shane left a 7-10 in the hole 1st frame, then went sheet for the 11 in a row 279. Shane’s first 300 can’t be far off, judging from that. WTG! 🙂

2017 Westgate Memorial Scholarship Tournament results

Westgate Lanes had its annual scholarship tournament today, with the results below (scores are with handicap):


  1. Stephen Major 793 ($500)
  2. Kyle Major 779 ($250)


  1. Abigail Murphy 703 ($250)

There were 20 boys entered and two girls. Stephen was bowling scratch, so that was almost an 800 series for him.

Congrats to all. 🙂

Stephen Major bowls 300 in youth league

He had Westgate’s first 300 game of this bowling season, and Stephen Major added a second one today during the youth league session today. WTG! 🙂

And Stephen’s day wasn’t quite done…post to come. 🙂

2017 Mass. state tournament information

With my new expanded New England bowling coverage on Facebook, I’ve been posting state tournament information for the other New England states on the Facebook page, but I will always devote an actual blog post to the Massachusetts state tournaments, and I should have the information for this year’s tournaments now:

  • The state open tournament will be held at Gardner Ten Pin weekends from Apr. 15-May 7 and May 13 (not May 14, which is Mother’s Day), with the entry form available on the Greater Gardner association website (but I suggest saving and printing out the images, as the entry form appears to be a set of JPEG images). In a first for the state tournament, the Greater Gardner association is accepting online payment of entry fees; look for button on the website link above. Mail-in entries close Apr. 1, but walk-in entries are accepted cash-only on the basis of lane availability.
  • The women’s tournament will be held weekends from May 6-21 at Westgate Lanes. Entry forms are available in the state’s bowling centers, and I’ve made a PDF copy available here. Entries for the tournament also close Apr. 1.
  • The youth tournament will take place Apr. 29-30 and May 6-7 at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford, with the entry form available on the youth association website (PDF format) and closing Feb. 27. Note: Westgate Lanes is already scheduled to bowl on the first weekend.

Jan. 14 Adult/Junior doubles results

It was pretty much a family affair in today’s Adult/Junior doubles tournament, as all but one of the winners were members of the Litchfield family. Shane Litchfield teamed up with Dan Robinson to post a winning 1,411 score in the Senior division, and brothers Cody & Brendan Litchfield won the combined Bantam/Prep/Junior division with a 1,481. Nice job guys! 🙂

Aaron Major throws 300 in youth league

Aaron Major, spending his first semester at Wichita St., where he is on the junior varsity bowling team, came home on his first Thanksgiving weekend in college and subbed on Saturday morning, throwing a 300 game while doing so. WTG! 🙂

Rob Young bowls 300 in Patriots league

Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Rob Young posted another 300 game last night in the Patriots league, and I’ve been told Rob’s average in that league is now around 245. This bears watching, as there has never been a 240 average for a full season in the association, with Nate Abdow’s 238 in Taunton in 2009-10 being the association’s record. It’s also worth noting that a youth bowler, Stephen Major, also has a 240+ average at Westgate at last check.

Keep it going, Rob! 🙂

Nov. 12 Adult/Junior doubles results

The Adult/Junior doubles today had seven entries, so it was run as just one division. Stephen Major & Sean Richard won with a 1,428 (tournament is handicapped, but they were likely bowling scratch) and Dylan & Tim Major were second with 1,384. The bowler that struck me in the tournament today, however, was Cameron Kaestner, who had a rare conversion of the 2-8-10 split, one that, in some ways, is more difficult than the 7-10.

Good bowling everyone! 🙂

Kyle Egan bowls first 300 in youth league

Sarah Gill recently bowled her first 300 game at Westgate Lanes in the travel league, and Kyle Egan joined her as youth bowlers with their first 300 game at Westgate this year, as he had one today in the Saturday Seniors. We did get video of Kyle’s last strike on Facebook, which is shared below:

Congrats Kyle, and I hope this is the first of many for you. 🙂

2016 Mass. youth fall singles results

The Mass. USBC Youth Association has posted unofficial results of the annual fall singles tournament, which was held at Westgate Lanes Sunday, in the PDF file linked here. I’ll list the presumptive champions below, with their houses and final round scores (houses were found in a post in the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge’s Facebook group; scores are with handicap except for scratch division):

100 & below: Alexis Hubert (North Bowl) 746
101-120: Dennis Goulart (Kingston Ten Pin) 799
121-140: Gabriel Wilson (Hanscom Lanes) 756
141-160: Itihaas Kommanavancha (AMF Town & Country) 805
161-180: Lexia Stolakis (AMF Auburn Lanes) 735
181 & over: Nate Clarke (North Bowl) 750
Scratch: Shane Litchfield (Westgate Lanes) 712

Congrats to all of the winners, and thank you to the Mass. youth association board and the Westgate coaches (the latter for volunteering their time for the tournament).

Oct. 30 JBSC results

Sharon Evans of the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge provided me with the stepladder results of their event yesterday at Westgate Lanes, which I scanned and provide the PDF of here. In the U20 division (combined boys & girls), Tom Hankey Jr. won the final match over Hunter Kempton 215-183, and Randal Dunbar won the U15 (also combined boys & girls) division over Bradley Batbutt 175-154. Stephen Major of Westgate Lanes also finished 4th in U20 and also earned his Junior Gold spot, so his youth bowling career will end in Cleveland, OH next summer. The tournament was contested on the 2016 Junior Gold U20 girls long pattern (which was not announced before the tournament).

As an aside, this was not the only time during the weekend that Tom Hankey Jr. and Hunter Kempton tangled in a title match, as they were both in the title match in the Capital District Youth Scholarship Tour event Saturday at Broadway Lanes in Ft. Edward, NY. It was Hunter winning, and I’ve shared the match video on the Facebook page.

Sarah Gill bowls first 300 in junior travel league

Congrats to Sarah Gill, formerly in the North Bowl junior program and now representing Wonder Bowl, who picked the junior travel league at Westgate yesterday to bowl her first 300 game. She became the 7th female to bowl a perfect game at Westgate Lanes, and the youngest female ever to do so. 🙂

Stephen Major throws 299 in youth league

Right now at Westgate, there may be no one throwing the ball better than Stephen Major, who has added a 299 game today to his first-week 300 and just missed his first 800 series with a 796. Stephen is currently averaging a great 242.

Nice going, Steve! 🙂

Westgate Lanes to host USA Bowling qualifier

As announced on, Westgate Lanes will host the New England qualifier of the USA Bowling program, a team-based program to introduce youngsters to bowling, on Mar. 18 & 19. The format is five-player Baker, with one U12 and one U15 team advancing to the national tournament, which will take place during Junior Gold week next summer in Cleveland, OH.