My experience at the 2021 Mass. senior tournament

If you sift through the results of the 2021 Mass. senior tournament on the BPUSBC Facebook page above, you may note that it’s self-serving for once, as I bowled in the senior tournament for the first time and finished 3rd in Open Division E (ages 55-59), which was the last cash spot in the division and the only division in the tournament to pay a third spot. It represents my best result ever in a certified tournament, as I only ever remember cashing in one other certified tournament, an ABT event that I don’t really remember the details of as I didn’t make the cut to the semifinals, and, of course, the LBT that I won wasn’t a certified tournament.

I’ll go through my day by posting the BowlSK sheets from each squad and remarking on the squad, starting with the Sunday noon squad:

Sunday 12:00 PM on Lanes 55 & 56

It was the clean first game that really set up my whole day, as it put me in a good frame of mind that I never lost, even with the let-up in the other two games of this set. I was crossing with two Hall of Famers, Bill Briggs, elected last year by my association, and Southeastern Mass. Hall of Famer John Camara. Both had noted at various points how well I was throwing the ball and wished me well in the second squad.

Sunday 2:00 PM on Lanes 53 & 54

Admittedly, I got some breaks, but, after the five-bagger that I started this squad with, I smelled blood in the water and made sure my focus was on my bowling, and there was no real let-up, with all three games over the average I entered at. I was particularly proud that I only missed one 10 pin the entire day.

I shall look upon this as one of my favorite tournament experiences now, not just because of how well I bowled, but because of the company I bowled with. As for the latter, I’d like to thank, in particular, Dave Lisowski, who was on my pair for both squads and was encouraging me throughout. 🎳👍


Aaron Major wins first PBA regional title in York, PA

Aaron Major (center) with Kevin Thibeault (left) and Stephen Major (right) after his PBA East regional win at Colony Park Lanes in York, PA (Photo courtesy of Strike F/X Pro Shops)

Congratulations to Aaron Major, who, as reported by the PBA, won the East Region Colony Park Lanes Challenge, an event for non-champions, Saturday in York, PA after defeating Michael Martell of Brooklyn, NY, 247-172, in the position round match of the round-robin match play finals. Aaron qualified 13th, but went on an incredible run in match play, winning all eight of his matches with only one game under 200 on a tough Viper lane condition.

Aaron had great company at this event, as his cousin, Stephen, finished 4th, and another Westgate bowler, Kevin Thibeault, grabbed the last cash spot (28th). Great bowling, everyone! 🎳🎉🥳🔥

Ethan Rosenberg tosses 1st 300 in state tourney doubles

Did I mention Ethan Rosenberg wasn’t done after his first 800 set on Thursday night? All he did last weekend after that was go to Auburn for state tournament and put up his first 300 game in the doubles event there. Many thanks to Stephen Major for getting the video above to me, which first appeared on the Strike F/X Pro Shops Brockton Facebook page. Congrats again, Ethan! 🎳🔥

Stephen Major tosses perfecto in Glens Falls, NY tournament

Stephen Major was kind enough to let me use (with editing 😉 ) the recap he posted on Facebook of his qualifying for the Scratch Doubles tournament he competed in with his cousin Aaron over the weekend at Kingpins Alley in South Glens Falls, NY, which shows above that he posted a 300 in his second game on the way to the pair leading the squad Saturday for “bonus bowling” on Sunday, which resulted in a top eight finish. The tournament was on the 2011 USBC Open Championships pattern, always demanding (as patterns at nationals are). As for Aaron, Stephen told me none of the lefties in the tournament could find anything, so Aaron could at least be excused this time.😁

Nice bowling guys! 🎳🙂

Sean Richard blasts 290/805, 300 in RtR at East Providence Lanes

“Ka$h” may have had only a semifinal finish in the Ripping the Rack Singles Championship last Saturday at East Providence Lanes, but he had a big day leading up to it. First, in the second qualifying squad, he opened with 257-258-290 for an 805 (an award score, because the Ripping the Rack series is certified), finishing with a 223 and 1,028 for the four games. Then, to start the match play bracket (follow “Finals” link on page linked above), he put up a solid line of 12 Xs for the 300. Good bowling, $eany! 🎳👍

NEBA to return to Westgate for Brockton Bicentennial Open Nov. 6-7

2021 NEBA Kick-off Broadcast as presented by NEBA President Chris Viale

This is a long video. However, as Chris Viale stated in it Thursday, NEBA will return to Westgate Lanes on the weekend of Nov. 6 & 7 for the Brockton Bicentennial Open. After Westgate wasn’t scheduled to host an event in 2020, it was my thought to try bring NEBA back for one of the Brockton bicentennial years (I’ll address it in an addendum note below.). The pandemic brought an element of uncertainty, but our proposal came together late in NEBA’s scheduling process and we are happy to have been added.

We’d originally hoped for a July date that would lead into our Hall of Fame Weekend and Mid-Summer Celebration, but the November weekend we are scheduled for also works for us, as it leads into Veterans Day, which is also important to our Bicentennial Committee. For more information about our plans for the weekend, you may follow the Downtown Brockton Museum page on Facebook, but I will also try to share any pertinent details on this website’s page, as Bill Hogan, the museum’s president, tends to like to use groups on Facebook for everything more than pages.

We look forward to having the best in my sport in New England return to my hometown this fall.

Addendum note: The City of Brockton’s official seal notes that it became “A Town” in 1821, and Brockton was then known as North Bridgewater. The Downtown Brockton Museum’s reasoning behind having a bicentennial celebration now is that many people alive now will not be alive in 2081, which will be when the bicentennial of the city’s incorporation will be celebrated, and so may not get a chance to experience a celebration of this scope.

Jon Hester, Kevin Kelliher win January Reloaded event

Per the post above, Jon Hester and Kevin Kelliher, both members of Westgate’s Patriots league, along with Nikki Fletcher, won last Sunday’s Reloaded event at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden, defeating a team that included Westgate bowlers Jim Ferguson and Stephen Major, in the final match (no score was given). Additionally, it was noted that Westgate’s Aaron Major threw a 300 game in qualifying, and the aforementioned Stephen Major had a 299 in the match play portion of the tournament.

Nice bowling, guys! 🎳😁

Danny Khuu wins NAT Over/Under doubles at Westgate

Finalists of Nov. 22 NAT Over/Under doubles at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions David Gordon & Danny Khuu, runners-up Jeff & Jim Handy (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Tournament)

Per the post on Facebook (must be logged in to view), the Northeast Amateur Tournament reported Westgate bowler Danny Khuu, along with partner David Gordon, as the winners of the Over/Under (45) doubles event last Sunday at Westgate Lanes, taking the final match 450-416 (with handicap) over father & son Jeff & Jim Handy. The NAT reported 41 teams entered the event.

Jon Hester, Sean Richard win titles in Ocean State Championship Tournament

Westgate bowlers were big factors in the inaugural Ocean State Championship Tournament at Lang’s Bowlarama in Cranston, RI, which was originally scheduled as a summer event, but was pushed back to the fall due to the COVID pandemic. Jon Hester made the most noise, taking the all-events title as well as doubles with Zach Thompson, while Sean Richard teamed with Bob DiMuccio Sr. & Jr. and Jayme Silva Sr. in capturing the team event. The Facebook album above has photos of all of the winners, with full standings available at

Congrats guys! 🎳🔥

Sean Richard victorious in Bay State Open Over/Under Doubles in Lowell

Per the Facebook post above, BPUSBC Hall of Famer Sean Richard, along with partner Bob DiMuccio Jr., were the winners of the Bay State Open’s Over/Under (45) doubles event on Nov. 7 at Bowlero Lowell, defeating Jon Hester & Kevin Kelliher 434-407 (with handicap) in the two-game Baker format final match. The title bumped his BSO leading total to seven. Congrats Ka$h! 🎳🔥

The event was also the BSO’s last for the foreseeable future, as they have decided to suspend operations until the pandemic has reached a point where it is better managed. What metrics that involved, however, were not stated.

Joe Bourhill wins Reloaded trios event at Town Line

Per the post above, Westgate bowler Joe Bourhill was a member, along with Derek DuBois and Daniel Nazzaro, of the winning team in Sunday’s Reloaded Scratch Tournament trios event at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden. Reloaded, formed by Jose Perez within the last year, is a different format in that they use average caps to equalize the competition rather than handicap, while the scoring is always on a scratch basis.

Nice bowling guys! 🎳😎

Matt Jackson victorious in NAT Old School Singles at Westgate; Calvin Scott nails perfecto

Finalists of Sept. 13 NAT Old School Singles event at Westgate Lanes, champion Matt Jackson, runner-up Calvin Scott (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Touranment)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament reported on Facebook (must be logged in to view) that Matt Jackson was the winner of the Old School Singles event held yesterday (Sept. 13) at Westgate Lanes, defeating Calvin Scott 245-210 (with handicap) in the final match. In the “Old School” format, all of the qualifiers bowled two games, with the top four scores advancing to the stepladder final round (qualifying pins did not carry over). Joe Bourhill, Danny Khuu, Bob Goulart, Ethan Reyes, Cameron Kaestner, Mike “Sensae” Reed, and Chris Zalewski were the Westgate bowlers cashing.

Calvin Scott, the runner-up, had a 300 game during qualifying for the event on the second squad, the final strike which was recorded by Sean Richard and sent to me for posting here:

The event drew a healthy 91 entries, a good number, considering the current public health situation.

Congrats to Matt and Cal, and all of the other cashers. .🎳😎

Danny Khuu wins NAT Over/Under Doubles at Town Line

Finalists of Aug. 30 NAT Over/Under Doubles (L-R): Champions Dave Gordon & Danny Khuu, runners-up Daquan Holley (kneeling) & Joe Austin (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Tournament)

Per their Facebook post (must be logged into Facebook to view), Westgate bowler Danny Khuu paired with Dave Gordon to win the Northeast Amateur Tournament’s Over/Under (45) Doubles tournament Sunday at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden, defeating Daquan Holley & Joe Austin 486-457 in the final match.

WTG Khuu! 🎳🎉😎

Brian Egan, Kevin Thibeault, Jon Hester take titles at 2020 Northeastern Open

Per the posted final prize list, Westgate bowler Kevin Thibeault has won the scratch doubles title at the 2020 Northeastern Open Championships at Yankee Lanes in Keene, NH with Chris Viale, and Patriots league sub Jon Hester won handicap doubles with Shawn Hagan. I was also told Hester additionally was a member of the winning scratch team, Massholes, as was were Hagan and Brian Egan, along with Bill Beck and Dave Chalifoux.

Congrats to everyone! 🙂

Sean Richard, Bill Briggs, Danny Khuu win titles in shortened SEMASS tournament

Per the post in their Facebook group, Westgate bowlers Sean Richard, Bill Briggs, and Danny Khuu won titles in a shortened Southeastern Mass. association tournament, which took place last month at Holiday Lanes in Westport. Richard and Briggs were on the winning scratch team with Ralph Dahlgren, John Camara, and Tiler Levesque, with Richard additionally winning handicap all-events and Khuu taking down the scratch singles title.

Congrats everyone! 🙂

Ed Grossett wins Bay State Open Over/Under Doubles in Lowell

Per the Facebook post above, Westgate league bowler Ed Grossett, along with partner Derek DuBois, won the Bay State Open’s Over/Under (age 45) doubles event last Saturday at Bowlero Lowell with a 498-470 (with handicap) final match victory over Chuck Malatesta and Joe Bouchard. I did not share the live stream due technical problems, but the match was also recorded and uploaded, which is shared here:

Congrats Ed! 🙂

Kevin Thibeault tosses 300 in 2020 BPUSBC association singles

It took until the very last squad of the tournament, but there was one 300 in this year’s Bristol-Plymouth USBC association tournament, and it was by Kevin Thibeault in the singles event yesterday at Kingston Ten Pin. The video I got below was the first one posted here that I got on my current cellphone and not on my “good” camera.

Congrats Kevin! 🙂

Jayme Silva Sr. & Ed Grossett win NAT One-Ball Doubles at East Providence

Feb 16 NAT One-Ball Doubles
Finalists of the Northeast Amateur Tournament One-Ball Doubles at East Providence Lanes on Feb. 16 (L-R): Champions Jayme Silva Sr. & Ed Grossett, runners-up Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard (Photo courtesy of NAT)

Per the Northeast Amateur Tournament’s Facebook post (must be logged in to view), Jayme Silva Sr. & Ed Grossett won the One-Ball Doubles event yesterday at East Providence Lanes with a 541-475 victory (handicap added) in the final match over Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard. This was the first NAT doubles event with the One-Ball format, meaning a competitor used his same ball for all shots in qualifying and in match play if his team qualified.

A notable game was turned in by Sean Richard in qualifying, a 300, the video of which the BPUSBC obtained from Sandi Litchfield and made the first video on their new Instagram, which can be found here.

Nice bowling everyone! 🙂

Ricky LaRouche wins inaugural BPUSBC Masters

As reported by the Bristol-Plymouth USBC above, Ricky LaRouche became their first ever Masters tournament champion today at Westgate Lanes by defeating Kevin Thibeault, 246-202, in the championship match.

I hadn’t planned on it, but, at the suggestion of some of the bowlers, Danny Khuu and AJ Voisine in particular, I decided to make this tournament the association’s first live stream event for the match play portion. Three matches appear in the Facebook event discussion, but I also transferred the title match to the main page, and it appears below:

For the record, Kevin did win our first live stream match, over Mike Griffin. Rob Young, our president, has always wanted me to live stream something for us, so I was happy I was able to make it happen for him in a way that made our first Masters tournament even more special. I hope we’ll get better at this as we gain experience.

Kevin also had the tournament’s first 300 game this morning to open the round of 16, so congratulations to him, as well as Ricky for winning the tournament.

I have one more trick up my sleeve for tonight, which I’ll also give a heads-up for on Facebook before I do it.

Stan Lewis wins NAT “Old School” singles at East Providence Lanes

Jan 2020 NAT EP
Finalists of Jan. 19 NAT “Old School” singles at East Providence Lanes: Champion Stan Lewis, runner-up Sean Richard (Photo courtesy of NAT)

Per their post on Facebook (must be logged in to view), the Northeast Amateur Tournament reported Stan Lewis as the winner of the “Old School” singles event on Jan. 19 at East Providence Lanes, prevailing over Sean Richard, 257-239 (with handicap), in the final match for his first NAT singles title. The “Old School” format meant that all qualifiers bowled two new games (no pins from qualifying carried over), with the top four reaching the stepladder finals.

Additionally, the NAT reported that Sean Richard had an 825 series in qualifying, and a 300 game in the semifinals.

Good bowling guys! 🙂

Jan. 2 NAT note

I learned from Jay Mantere yesterday that the Northeast Amateur Tournament will be returning to Westgate Lanes, with the first date obtained from Tim Major being Mar. 1. I have added “stub” events to the Google Calendar, and Facebook events set up on the NAT page as they approach.

Welcome back, guys! 🙂

Aaron Major wins 2019 NEBA Rookie of the Year award

As announced on the NEBA live stream of the year-end wrap-up show shared on the Facebook page, Westgate’s Aaron Major clinched the organization’s Rookie of the Year title for 2019 with a semifinal finish in the event this weekend at Apple Valley Bowl in Plantsville, CT. He will be presented with the award at NEBA’s annual Hall of Fame and awards dinner next month.

Congratulations Aaron! 🙂