Sean Richard fires 300 in AXS Kings & Queens

“$eany Ka$h” bowled the AXS Kings & Queens mixed doubles event at Old Mountain Lanes today with Sandi Litchfield, and came away with at least his 96th 300 game. If I found that they won the tournament, there will be a follow-up post.

Nice bowling Seany! 🙂


Shane Litchfield bowls 299/824 in Westgate scholarship tournament

Results of today’s Westgate Memorial Scholarship Tournament (all scores with handicap, prize in parentheses):


  1. Shane Litchfield 830 ($500)
  2. Chris Zalewski 738 ($250)


  1. Ashley Major 714 ($250)

Shane deserves special mention here, as he went 299-249-276 for an 824 scratch series, his first honor scores (albeit unsanctioned).

Congrats to everyone! 🙂

Richard, Hagan, Chalifoux win titles in Greater Boston city tournament

The Greater Boston USBC Bowling Association has posted results of their city tournament, held last month at Town Line Luxury Lanes, to their Facebook page (as a series of individual posts), and Sean Richard won scratch singles and all-events in the tournament, as well as Pepsi league bowlers Shawn Hagan and Dave Chalifoux figuring in the scratch team title as members of Beat the Lefties. Congrats guys! 🙂

Update: I’ve been informed that Brian Gaskill and Steve Dale Jr. of the Pepsi league were also members of the winning Beat the Lefties team. Thanks to my source for the heads-up.

2018 Mass. state tournament information

My annual post with the Mass. state tournament information:

  • The open state tournament will be at AMF Chicopee Lanes Apr. 21-May 6 (weekends), with an entry blank available here (PDF format). Mail-in entries close Apr. 1.
  • The women’s tournament will be at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden May 5-20 (weekends). Entry blanks are available in the bowling centers. Entries close Apr. 1.
  • Westgate Lanes will host the youth tournament Apr. 28-May 6 (weekends). Entries are typically coordinated through the local youth associations.

Danny Khuu wins handicap title at RI USBC Doubles Championship

As shown in the above Facebook post, Westgate bowler Danny Khuu teamed with Bruce Hall to win the handicap title at the inaugural Rhode Island USBC Doubles Championship, which was held the last two weekends at Walnut Hill Bowl in Woonsocket. Hall & Khuu were actually leading scratch with a 1,944 (four games) going into the final day, but were bested by Paul Smith & Joey Transue with a 1,989, with Hall & Khuu’s 1,944 still being good for the handicap title.

WTG “Khuulade”! 🙂

Westgate bowlers win titles in Southeastern Mass. USBC trios

According to a post in the association’s Facebook group, Ed Grossett, Rene Thompson, and Mike “Sensae” Reed, all bowlers in Westgate’s Boston Rhythm & Bowling league, won the handicap title in the Southeastern Mass. Bowling Association’s trios tournament last Sunday at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford with a 2,316 total, and the Pepsi league’s Chuck Paige teamed with Jayme Silva and Mike Berube to take the scratch title with a 2,207 total. Nice bowling, guys! 🙂

Stan Lewis & Jon Hester win Bay State Open doubles in Somerset; Hester bowls 300

As reported in the above Facebook post, Pepsi league teammates Jon Hester & Stan Lewis (L-R in photo) won the Bay State Open’s first match-play doubles event Saturday at AMF Somerset Lanes, defeating Graham Eng & Kris Tam by a score (with handicap) of 504-452. The video of the final match will be below:

As also noted in the post, Jon Hester threw a 300 game in their semifinal match, which was also captured live on Facebook for the first time by the Bay State Open. That will be in the video below:

Congrats guys! 🙂

Jan. 20 Adult/Junior doubles results

With only one junior bowler other than a senior entered, there was only one division today. Results below:

  1. Jonathan & Ken Gerraughty 1,493
  2. Glenn Rucker & Russ Warmington 1,421

Kevin Thibeault throws 300 in RI Doubles Championship

Here’s something I just found out about: On Sunday, Kevin Thibeault posted a 300 game in a new event put on by the Rhode Island Bowling Association, the Rhode Island Doubles Championship at Walnut Hill Bowl in Woonsocket. The tournament continues through this weekend.

Good bowling, Kev! 🙂

Westgate youth team wins All-Star Classic in Somerset

Per the Facebook post above, a Westgate Lanes youth team with Ethan Reyes, Jonathan Gerraughty, Corey Major, Nick Damon, and Kyle Major (youth are L-R in above photo) won the annual All-Star Classic yesterday at AMF Somerset Lanes. They were coached by Steve & Rose Hamilton, along with Ken Gerraughty (adults L-R). Congrats all around! 🙂

2017 Holiday Doubles final results

The Brockton Bowling Association has posted the final prize list (PDF format) for the Holiday Doubles tournament held on Dec. 17 at Westgate Lanes. I’ll note the winners below:

Scratch doubles: Shawn Hagan & Tom Hedding (1,509)
Handicap doubles: Anthony Johnson & Jeff Wingo (1,751)
Scratch “Holiday Bonus” singles: Danny Gauthier (1,100)
Handicap “Holiday Bonus” singles: Anthony Johnson (1,283)

Note: The “Holiday Bonus” singles event used the bowlers’ doubles scores, with the high game of the bowlers’ three counting twice as a “bonus” fourth game.

The Brockton Bowling Association would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate all of the cashers.

Aaron Major wins JBSC at Auburn Lanes

As posted in their Facebook group, Westgate’s Aaron Major, on his Christmas break from Wichita St., won the U20 boys division of the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge yesterday at AMF Auburn Lanes, having defeated Xavier Bamford in the final match (score not available). Congrats Aaron! 🙂

Update: As posted by Tom Hankey Jr. in the JBSC group, the lane condition was the 2016 Junior Gold Woodland Bowl 36′ pattern.

Danny Gauthier bowls 300/800, Adam Johndrow 300 in BBA Holiday Doubles

There were a couple of scores from yesterday’s Brockton Bowling Association Holiday Doubles tournament, the biggest one being a 300-265-235 performance by Danny Gauthier. While he didn’t get an 800, Adam Johndrow also had a 300 game, and we got video of that, which is below:

Congrats guys, and we hope to have full tournament results posted soon.

Darrell Guertin wins year-end SEMBA at Westgate

As noted in the above post, Darrell Guertin won a close 207-204 final match with 1999 ABC/USBC Masters champion Brian Boghosian to come away with the title in SEMBA’s year-end event last Sunday at Westgate Lanes. Of 26 qualifying bowlers (needed 4 SEMBA tournaments in 2017), 23 came out to bowl, with SEMBA taking 12 out of qualifying. Lane condition was Kegel Broadway on one lane of a pair, Route 66 on the other.

The post also mentions John Kirker’s 300 game, the second in SEMBA’s brief history, and I had a video, but decided against using it due to extenuating circumstances.

Steve Delph wins Bay State Open at Westgate

As noted in the above post, Steve Delph, a bowler out of Kingston Ten Pin, won Saturday’s Bay State Open event at Westgate Lanes, 281-256 (with handicap), over Mike Williams in the final match. The event drew 45 entries, with a number of UBA bowlers staying to bowl it after the matches.

Update: Zach Thompson gave me the list of cashers, and the ones from Westgate were Stan Gibbs, Jim Ferguson, Sean Richard, Jon Hester, and Stan Lewis.

Brian Pinard & John Doran win NAT doubles at Westgate; Chuck Paige shoots 800, Sean Richard 300/804

Dec 3 NAT handicap doubles finalists

Finalists of Dec. 3 NAT handicap doubles event (L-R): Champions Brian Pinard & John Doran, runners-up Chuck Paige & Matt Richard (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament posted on their Facebook page that Brian Pinard & John Doran won their handicap doubles event yesterday at Westgate Lanes after defeating Westgate bowlers Chuck Paige & Matt Richard, 448-442 (with handicap), in the final match. Among the other teams qualifying for head-to-head match play were Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson, AJ Voisine (with partner Jayme Silva), Ed Grossett & Mike “Sensae” Reed, and Stan Gibbs & Stephen Major.

In qualifying, Chuck Paige put up a 245-287-268 effort for 800 on the button, which was his first 800 series, and Sean Richard posted 279-225-300 for an 804. Sean’s 300 was his 93rd, and my video of the last strike is below:

In that game, Sean teamed with Jim Ferguson for a 558 doubles game, over the USBC team score reporting threshold.

Congrats all around! 🙂

Sean Richard throws 299/813 in Bay State Open

The Bay State Open held an event after the UBA matches, and, while results will be shared here later, I did want to note that Sean Richard went 256-258-299 for an 813 series in the qualifying squad. Nice bowling! 🙂

Mike Peirce & Dan Robinson win NAT doubles in Malden

Nov. 2017 NAT doubles finalists

The Northeast Amateur Tournament posted on their Facebook page that Mike Peirce & Dan Robinson won the handicap doubles event yesterday at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden after defeating Brian Egan & Bill Briggs, 498-479 (with handicap), in the final match. The NAT reported 38 entries for the event.

Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson win Bay State Open Scotch doubles

As the Facebook post above notes, Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson won the Bay State Open’s first-ever Scotch (alternating shot; partner picks up any spare) doubles event Saturday at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford. They defeated cousins Mike & Ryan Peirce, 494-392 (with handicap), in the two game final match, which can be viewed below:

The titles were the second for Ferguson and the 5th for Richard.

Sean Richard posts 300/858 in NAT doubles in Malden

There will be more from the weekend later, but I saw Jim Ferguson post on Facebook that Sean Richard, his partner today in the NAT doubles at Town Line in Malden, shot 279-300-279 for an 858 set in the first three of four qualifying games. It may be a new personal high for “Ka$h”, as I don’t recall seeing a better series from him.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Tom Hedding wins 2017 BBA Bowler of the Year title

In the post above, the Brockton Bowling Association reported that Tom Hedding won their annual Bowler of the Year tournament today at North Bowl Lanes after defeating Jon Hester, 227-161 in the final match. Hedding was the top seed for the stepladder, and Hester first defeated Jim Burt, 227-203, then Danny Khuu in the semifinal match, 214-204, to reach the final match.

The association reported a record 60 entries for today’s tournament.

Sean Richard bowls two 300 games in RI city doubles

The “century watch” is just about on now for Sean Richard, as he had 300 games #90 and #91 in separate doubles squads today in the Rhode Island city tournament at Lang’s Bowlarama. Seany, I just hope I’m there to see #100. 🙂

Nov. 4 Adult/Junior doubles results

Results of today’s Adult/Junior doubles tournament at Westgate Lanes:

Senior Division

  1. Shane & Mike Litchfield 1,450
  2. Jerome Betsey Jr. & Russ Warmington 1,402

Prep/Junior Division

  1. Cody Esdale & Mike Simmons 1,397

They weren’t honor scores, but a couple of games I’ll mention were a 289 by Mike Litchfield and a 274 by Jerome Betsey, who had the high series for the junior bowlers with a 736.

Congrats! 🙂

Tom Hedding throws 300/878 in RI city tournament

“TomTom” Hedding has thrown off big sets before, but he had a true monster of one today in the Rhode Island city tournament at Lang’s Bowlarama, posting 279-300-299 for an 878 in his singles event (which appears to be his favorite event, as he also holds the Mass. state tournament singles record).

WTG! 🙂

Update: Tournament director Bryan Rhodes informed me that Hedding’s 878 is a RI city tournament singles record, and the 4th highest series ever bowled in the state.

Qwadaris Rembert wins DTS event at Lang’s

Late getting to this, but, as the post above indicates, one of the new Coke league bowlers, Qwadaris Rembert, won the Oct. 7 installment of the Digibowl Tournament Series at Lang’s Bowlarama in Cranston, RI, also mentioning that he was the high qualifier (940, 4 games) on the Middle Road lane condition.

Good bowling! 🙂

“Mr. 900” leads Westgate trio to Bay State Open title

As noted in the Facebook post above, a Westgate Lanes trio consisting of Paris Cook, “Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel, and “Tom Tom” Hedding defeated Charlie Unthank, Bill Sheehey, and Tommy Pelham, 437-425, in a two-game, Baker format final match to win last Saturday’s Bay State Open event at East Providence Lanes. The post also noted that they bowled a Baker 300 game in their semifinal match.

The Bay State Open uploaded the final match to Facebook, and it is embedded below:

Congrats guys! 🙂

Ron Paquette wins NAT handicap singles at Westgate

Sept. 2017 NAT handicap singles finalists

Finalists of the Sept. 24 NAT handicap singles event (L-R): Champion Ron Paquette, runner-up Wilson Hu (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament, in its updated newsletter, reported Ron Paquette as the winner of the handicap singles event held last Sunday (Sept. 24) at Westgate Lanes after defeating Wilson Hu, 226-218 (with handicap), in the final match. The Westgate cashers were Matt Richard, Hakim Emmanuel, Tom Hedding, and Bob DiMuccio Jr. (who is bowling in the Coke league this season).