Steve Delph wins Bay State Open at Westgate

As noted in the above post, Steve Delph, a bowler out of Kingston Ten Pin, won Saturday’s Bay State Open event at Westgate Lanes, 281-256 (with handicap), over Mike Williams in the final match. The event drew 45 entries, with a number of UBA bowlers staying to bowl it after the matches.

Update: Zach Thompson gave me the list of cashers, and the ones from Westgate were Stan Gibbs, Jim Ferguson, Sean Richard, Jon Hester, and Stan Lewis.


Brian Pinard & John Doran win NAT doubles at Westgate; Chuck Paige shoots 800, Sean Richard 300/804

Dec 3 NAT handicap doubles finalists

Finalists of Dec. 3 NAT handicap doubles event (L-R): Champions Brian Pinard & John Doran, runners-up Chuck Paige & Matt Richard (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament posted on their Facebook page that Brian Pinard & John Doran won their handicap doubles event yesterday at Westgate Lanes after defeating Westgate bowlers Chuck Paige & Matt Richard, 448-442 (with handicap), in the final match. Among the other teams qualifying for head-to-head match play were Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson, AJ Voisine (with partner Jayme Silva), Ed Grossett & Mike “Sensae” Reed, and Stan Gibbs & Stephen Major.

In qualifying, Chuck Paige put up a 245-287-268 effort for 800 on the button, which was his first 800 series, and Sean Richard posted 279-225-300 for an 804. Sean’s 300 was his 93rd, and my video of the last strike is below:

In that game, Sean teamed with Jim Ferguson for a 558 doubles game, over the USBC team score reporting threshold.

Congrats all around! 🙂

Sean Richard throws 299/813 in Bay State Open

The Bay State Open held an event after the UBA matches, and, while results will be shared here later, I did want to note that Sean Richard went 256-258-299 for an 813 series in the qualifying squad. Nice bowling! 🙂

Mike Peirce & Dan Robinson win NAT doubles in Malden

Nov. 2017 NAT doubles finalists

The Northeast Amateur Tournament posted on their Facebook page that Mike Peirce & Dan Robinson won the handicap doubles event yesterday at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden after defeating Brian Egan & Bill Briggs, 498-479 (with handicap), in the final match. The NAT reported 38 entries for the event.

Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson win Bay State Open Scotch doubles

As the Facebook post above notes, Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson won the Bay State Open’s first-ever Scotch (alternating shot; partner picks up any spare) doubles event Saturday at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford. They defeated cousins Mike & Ryan Peirce, 494-392 (with handicap), in the two game final match, which can be viewed below:

The titles were the second for Ferguson and the 5th for Richard.

Sean Richard posts 300/858 in NAT doubles in Malden

There will be more from the weekend later, but I saw Jim Ferguson post on Facebook that Sean Richard, his partner today in the NAT doubles at Town Line in Malden, shot 279-300-279 for an 858 set in the first three of four qualifying games. It may be a new personal high for “Ka$h”, as I don’t recall seeing a better series from him.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Tom Hedding wins 2017 BBA Bowler of the Year title

In the post above, the Brockton Bowling Association reported that Tom Hedding won their annual Bowler of the Year tournament today at North Bowl Lanes after defeating Jon Hester, 227-161 in the final match. Hedding was the top seed for the stepladder, and Hester first defeated Jim Burt, 227-203, then Danny Khuu in the semifinal match, 214-204, to reach the final match.

The association reported a record 60 entries for today’s tournament.

Sean Richard bowls two 300 games in RI city doubles

The “century watch” is just about on now for Sean Richard, as he had 300 games #90 and #91 in separate doubles squads today in the Rhode Island city tournament at Lang’s Bowlarama. Seany, I just hope I’m there to see #100. 🙂

Nov. 4 Adult/Junior doubles results

Results of today’s Adult/Junior doubles tournament at Westgate Lanes:

Senior Division

  1. Shane & Mike Litchfield 1,450
  2. Jerome Betsey Jr. & Russ Warmington 1,402

Prep/Junior Division

  1. Cody Esdale & Mike Simmons 1,397

They weren’t honor scores, but a couple of games I’ll mention were a 289 by Mike Litchfield and a 274 by Jerome Betsey, who had the high series for the junior bowlers with a 736.

Congrats! 🙂

Tom Hedding throws 300/878 in RI city tournament

“TomTom” Hedding has thrown off big sets before, but he had a true monster of one today in the Rhode Island city tournament at Lang’s Bowlarama, posting 279-300-299 for an 878 in his singles event (which appears to be his favorite event, as he also holds the Mass. state tournament singles record).

WTG! 🙂

Update: Tournament director Bryan Rhodes informed me that Hedding’s 878 is a RI city tournament singles record, and the 4th highest series ever bowled in the state.

Qwadaris Rembert wins DTS event at Lang’s

Late getting to this, but, as the post above indicates, one of the new Coke league bowlers, Qwadaris Rembert, won the Oct. 7 installment of the Digibowl Tournament Series at Lang’s Bowlarama in Cranston, RI, also mentioning that he was the high qualifier (940, 4 games) on the Middle Road lane condition.

Good bowling! 🙂

“Mr. 900” leads Westgate trio to Bay State Open title

As noted in the Facebook post above, a Westgate Lanes trio consisting of Paris Cook, “Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel, and “Tom Tom” Hedding defeated Charlie Unthank, Bill Sheehey, and Tommy Pelham, 437-425, in a two-game, Baker format final match to win last Saturday’s Bay State Open event at East Providence Lanes. The post also noted that they bowled a Baker 300 game in their semifinal match.

The Bay State Open uploaded the final match to Facebook, and it is embedded below:

Congrats guys! 🙂

Ron Paquette wins NAT handicap singles at Westgate

Sept. 2017 NAT handicap singles finalists

Finalists of the Sept. 24 NAT handicap singles event (L-R): Champion Ron Paquette, runner-up Wilson Hu (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament, in its updated newsletter, reported Ron Paquette as the winner of the handicap singles event held last Sunday (Sept. 24) at Westgate Lanes after defeating Wilson Hu, 226-218 (with handicap), in the final match. The Westgate cashers were Matt Richard, Hakim Emmanuel, Tom Hedding, and Bob DiMuccio Jr. (who is bowling in the Coke league this season).

Mike Peirce wins Bay State Open at Walnut Hill; Sean Richard bowls 290/816

As reported in their newsletter, the Bay State Open reported Mike Peirce as the winner of the season-opening match play event last Saturday at Walnut Hill Bowl in Woonsocket, RI after defeating Sean Richard, 258-250 (with handicaps added) in the final match. Additionally, tournament director Zach Thompson reported that Sean Richard bowled 257-290-269 in the first three games of qualifying for an 816 series.

Nice going, guys! 🙂

2017 Mass. state senior tournaments

Information on the 2017 Mass. state senior tournaments:

  • The open senior tournament will be held Oct. 28 & 29 at AMF Chicopee Lanes. An entry form is available on the Mass. Tri-County USBC BA website.
  • The women’s senior tournament will be held Nov. 4 & 5 at Ken’s Bowl in Pittsfield. Flyers are available in the bowling centers.

Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson repeat as NAT doubles champions

Sept 10 NAT doubles finalists

Finalists of Sept. 10 NAT handicap doubles event at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard, runners-up Danny Khuu & Tom Hedding (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament reported in its newsletter that Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson became back-to-back NAT doubles champions in the event held on Sept. 10 at Westgate Lanes after defeating Tom Hedding & Danny Khuu 456-445 (with handicap) in the final match. Sean and Jim had also won the season-end event at Westgate Lanes back in June. Also cashing out of Westgate were Hakim Emmanuel (with partner Mike Macedo) and Brian Egan (with partner Jayme Silva).

Stephen Major hits NAT strike jackpot in Westgate doubles event

Stephen Major NAT strike jackpot

Stephen Major, winner of the NAT strike jackpot on Sept. 10 (Photo courtesy of NAT)

I believe I need to mention this now, as well: Stephen Major, who was bowling in his first tournament at Westgate as an adult bowler, hit the NAT’s strike jackpot in the doubles event yesterday for $865. The jackpot is won by bowling 13 strikes in designated frames in the four-game series, including the last four (9th and the three in the 10th) in the fourth game. Nice going, Stephen! 🙂

Danny Khuu posts 801 & 300 in NAT doubles

Scoring in the NAT handicap doubles event at Westgate Lanes yesterday was led by Danny Khuu, who first posted 279-242-279 for an 801 for the first three of four games, and then followed that up with a perfect fourth game for a nice 1,101 four-game total. I got the last strike of the 300, which is below:

There were also a couple of 11 in a row scores during qualifying, a 299 by Del Picard, and a 298 by Jeff Santos.

Nice bowling, guys, and results (hopefully) are soon to come.

Sean Richard bowls 300 in NEBA at Silver Lanes

I’m not sure how many he’s had in NEBA competition, but I know it’s not his first one: “$eany Ka$h” had his first 300 as a new “free agent” today during NEBA qualifying at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes, and, hopefully, he holds on for an at-large spot. Nice bowling, and good luck tomorrow! 🙂

BBIS to hold pre-season match play tournament Aug. 25

The BBIS league will hold a pre-season match play tournament on Aug. 25 at 8:30 PM. Format is four games of match play (30 bonus pins), with the field placed in two divisions based on average, and will be followed by semifinals (1 game between top two in each division) and finals (winners of semifinals). Flyers are at the desk, and John Hayes and Eric Lam can be contacted through links in calendar event (see full calendar linked in sidebar).

Anthony Pepe wins 7th NEBA title at Westgate

As noted in the post above, Anthony Pepe defeated Jon Van Hees, 258-202, in a battle of PBA Tour champions to capture his 7th NEBA title yesterday at Westgate Lanes. 142 entries competed on the Kegel Great Wall of China pattern, with Brian Gaskill, Danny Khuu, Keith Tantillo, and Ed Roberts the Westgate bowlers who cashed.

It turned out that NEBA couldn’t stream match play due to difficulties with Westgate’s wifi, but Keith Kaestner stepped in to stream the final match on Westgate Lanes’ Facebook page. If NEBA posts a video later, as they’ve said, it will replace the video from the Westgate page embedded below:

There were a few other scores during qualifying, as Pepe threw a 300 game, as did Jeremy Cyr, and Gino Beniamino added a 299 game. I missed Cyr’s 300 game, but did record the last strike of Pepe’s, which is below:

For those who were wondering what my family obligation was, it was my little sister’s 50th birthday, but I managed to squeeze in the celebration after watching most of yesterday’s qualifying, returning from that in time to see the final match.

Thanks go to NEBA for putting on another great tournament at Westgate. 🙂

Tyler Perry, John Kirker shoot 300, Scott Hubert 296 in NEBA

As was my plan, I was around for the NEBA squad tonight, and saw three notable games, a couple of 300 games by Tyler Perry and John Kirker, and a 296 by Scott Hubert. I got video of both 300 games, starting with Tyler Perry’s:

And John Kirker’s:

Nice going guys! 🙂

My plan for tomorrow has been altered a bit, with my family meeting me later in the day, so I should be around for the 9 AM squad and at least most of the 12:30 squad, but I’ll probably miss match play. If I have scores to post, those will be done when I get home, and a wrap-up post with whatever NEBA does on Facebook will come later.

Aaron Major among leaders after Junior Gold qualifying

Qualifying for the 2017 Junior Gold Championships has wrapped up, and, according to the posted standings after 16 games, Westgate bowler Aaron Major sits in 9th place in the U20 boys division with a +88 score (205.50 average). The first advancers round takes place later this morning.

Here are the other New England bowlers making the first cut, by division (standings linked on division):

U12 boys: Andrew Robitaille (Pittsfield, MA; 35th, -618)
U12 girls: Caitlyn Cairns (Trumbull, CT; T18th, -676)
U15 boys: Xavier Bamford (Rochester, NH; 48th, -279)
U15 girls: Kyra Smith (Fall River, MA; 6th, -171), Danielle McKerracher (Warwick, RI; 24th, -348)
U20 boys: Andrew Hall (Westborough, MA; 28th, -3), Tom Hankey, Jr. (Great Barrington, MA; 31st, -6)
U20 girls: Rachel Bamford (Gonic, NH; 7th, +35), Sarah Gill (Attleboro, MA; 16th, -13)

Additionally, New Yorkers Lauren Piotrowski (Schenectady; T30th, -74) and Kasey Kosier (East Greenbush; 79th, -195), who are connected to the New England-based Junior Bowling Sport Challenge program, have made the first cut in U20 girls.

Feel free to correct me on Facebook if I missed anyone. Good luck & good bowling to all of the above in the morning. 🙂

Mike Klosin captures SEMBA match play title

As noted in the above post, Mike Klosin defeated Bruce Hall 279-181 to capture the SEMBA July match play title Sunday at Westgate Lanes. It was Klosin’s second title. The format was six games of match play with bonus pins, with two divisions based on age; the two high scores in each division after six games bowled each other to determine the final match. Lane condition was Kegel Boardwalk.

July 2017 NEBA notes

NEBA has posted the lane condition for the coming weekend’s singles event at Westgate Lanes below:

I don’t think it’s a secret that Junior generally likes a Coke shot for NEBA, and Great Wall of China was the shot for the last quarter of that league this season.

The other thing I wanted to mention here that I’ve already shared on Facebook is that Westgate is discounting NEBA’s lineage to $1/game for the event, which should mean about $900 additional in the prize fund, maybe more, depending on entries. Also, many of you know that NEBA’s been streaming match play live on their Facebook page, and I’ve been sharing the final matches on this blog’s own page when I’ve been able to, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to share it as the page on my phone, so it’s probably best you have notifications on for NEBA’s page. Also, they’ve recently been streaming the entire match play (with a featured pair), so you may wish to follow NEBA’s page for that.

It’s possible that I have a family obligation this coming Sunday, but I do hope to be there all day Sunday, and if my obligation does arise, I hope to be there for at least some of match play. The 6:00 squad Saturday should be a definite for me, however.

I hope to see everyone in the coming weekend. 🙂

2017 Mass. women’s state tournament results

The Massachusetts USBC Women’s Bowling Association recently sent out official results of their state tournament, held last month at Westgate Lanes, which I’ve obtained from one of my contacts and link here. As usual, I’ll recognize the state champions below:


Div. 1 handicap: Pin Pushers (Berkshire County) 2,905
Div. 2 handicap: The Flying Monkeys (Berkshire County) 2,845
Scratch: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter (Foxvale) 2,537


Div. 1 handicap: Katelyn Olds & Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 1,530
Div. 2 handicap: Valerie Armstrong & Lourine Brown (Greater Boston) 1,558
Div. 3 handicap: Eva Thompson & Harriet Grant (Greater Boston) 1,464
Scratch: Katelyn Olds & Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 1,380


Div. 1 handicap: Traci Bourdon (Berkshire County) 816
Div. 2 handicap: Pat McAfee (Soutneastern Mass.) 814
Div. 3 handicap: Joyce Cozzaglio (Berkshire County) 785
Scratch: Christine Belsky (Foxvale) 704


Div. 1 handicap: Lourine Brown (Greater Boston) 2,334
Div. 2 handicap: Valerie Smith (Foxvale) 2,224
Div. 3 handicap: Joyce Cozzaglio (Berkshire County) 2,230
Scratch: Stephanie Chiera (Southern Berkshire) 2,027

Note: The listed scratch champions are those who entered the optional scratch events.

Of note elsewhere in the file is that Lourine Brown had a 290 game in the tournament.

Congrats to all! 🙂

Ed Roberts & John Gant take SEMBA Century Doubles title in Cranston

As noted in the above Facebook post, Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Ed Roberts teamed with past PBA Tour champion John Gant to win SEMBA’s first of two Century Doubles (sum of ages must be at least 100) titles for the year last Sunday at AMF Cranston Lanes, defeating Jesse Cote & George Tignor, 821-761 (two games) in the final round. Gant also threw SEMBA’s second 300 game in its history in the semifinal round. Kegel Abbey Road was the lane condition.

Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard win NAT doubles at Westgate

June 2017 NAT doubles finalists

Finalists of NAT doubles event on June 11, 2017 at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson, runners-up Clay E. Hill & Tom Hedding (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament reported on their Facebook page that Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famers Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard won the handicap doubles event yesterday at Westgate Lanes after defeating Clay E. Hill & Tom Hedding, 479-464 (with handicap), in the final match. The event drew 37 entries, with Brian Egan & Kevin Thibeault, Stan Lewis & Zach Thompson, and Chuck Paige (with partner Jim Handy) also cashing for Westgate.

Zach Thompson bowls 300, Chuck Paige 298 in NAT doubles

As usual with the Northeast Amateur Tournament, I’ll post the scores from the tournament first; these were both in the same group of the second squad, Zach Thompson first in the second game with a 300, then Chuck Paige’s 298 game following that.

Good bowling guys! 🙂

Mark Zimmerman wins 2016-17 Bay State Open Bowler of the Year

As detailed in the latest newsletter, Mark Zimmerman made the finals of four events, getting to the final four in two, and won the trios title at East Providence Lanes to earn the Bay State Open’s Bowler of the Year title. With Sean Richard having won it last season, two of the three Bay State Open Bowlers of the Year have been Westgate Bowlers.

To save a separate Facebook post, I’ll also note that Brittany Sheridan defeated Matt Robichaud 222/310 to 264/302 to win the season-end event at Town Line Luxury Lanes. You can watch the final match below: