Ed Roberts & John Gant take SEMBA Century Doubles title in Cranston

As noted in the above Facebook post, Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Ed Roberts teamed with past PBA Tour champion John Gant to win SEMBA’s first of two Century Doubles (sum of ages must be at least 100) titles for the year last Sunday at AMF Cranston Lanes, defeating Jesse Cote & George Tignor, 821-761 (two games) in the final round. Gant also threw SEMBA’s second 300 game in its history in the semifinal round. Kegel Abbey Road was the lane condition.

Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard win NAT doubles at Westgate

June 2017 NAT doubles finalists

Finalists of NAT doubles event on June 11, 2017 at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson, runners-up Clay E. Hill & Tom Hedding (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament reported on their Facebook page that Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famers Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard won the handicap doubles event yesterday at Westgate Lanes after defeating Clay E. Hill & Tom Hedding, 479-464 (with handicap), in the final match. The event drew 37 entries, with Brian Egan & Kevin Thibeault, Stan Lewis & Zach Thompson, and Chuck Paige (with partner Jim Handy) also cashing for Westgate.

Zach Thompson bowls 300, Chuck Paige 298 in NAT doubles

As usual with the Northeast Amateur Tournament, I’ll post the scores from the tournament first; these were both in the same group of the second squad, Zach Thompson first in the second game with a 300, then Chuck Paige’s 298 game following that.

Good bowling guys! 🙂

Mark Zimmerman wins 2016-17 Bay State Open Bowler of the Year

As detailed in the latest newsletter, Mark Zimmerman made the finals of four events, getting to the final four in two, and won the trios title at East Providence Lanes to earn the Bay State Open’s Bowler of the Year title. With Sean Richard having won it last season, two of the three Bay State Open Bowlers of the Year have been Westgate Bowlers.

To save a separate Facebook post, I’ll also note that Brittany Sheridan defeated Matt Robichaud 222/310 to 264/302 to win the season-end event at Town Line Luxury Lanes. You can watch the final match below:

2017 TNBA East Junior Regional results

This year’s TNBA East regional youth tournament was hosted by Westgate Lanes on Apr. 8 & 9, and I finally found the official results (separate files for each event). The champions in each event are below, with the senate represented in parentheses; scores are with handicap:


Div. 1: First State I (Delaware) 2,781
Div. 2: Ft. Meade #6 (Washington) 2,787
Div. 3: The Jersey Lanes Boys (Metropolitan) 2,500
Div. 4: Boston Bowl #6 (Boston) 2,078


Div. 1: S. Palmer & D. Hudson (Philadelphia) 1,477
Div. 2: A. Torres & K. Knox (Metropolitan) 1,497
Div. 3: X. Wilson & A. Warner (Providence) 1,307
Div. 4: I. Tucker & S. Tucker (Washington) 1,083
Div. 5: E. Wilson & V. Tucker (Washington) 737


Div. 1: Dylan Bowers (Delaware) 735
Div. 2: Kieryn Knox (Metropolitan) 746
Div. 3: Hollis Warner (Providence) 668
Div. 4: Aunja’Juell Swails (Washington) 539
Div. 5: Ellis Wilson (Washington) 357

Congrats to all. 🙂

2017 Mass. open state tournament results

The Greater Gardner Bowling Association has posted official state tournament results here, and, as usual, I’ll recognize the state champions below:


Team: Dudley Duds 3,823
Doubles: Zakery & Ed White 1,670
Singles: Tom Lear 855
All-Events: Zakery White 2,410


Team: Patch 3,576
Doubles: Mike Colby & Bill Green 1,549
Singles: Matt Coe 824
All-Events: Corey Umbrello 2,289

Congratulations to all! 🙂

Ed Roberts wins May SEMBA in Auburn

As detailed in the post above, Ed Roberts took down the May SEMBA title, his third, at AMF Auburn Lanes while celebrating his 74th birthday. Ed went undefeated in match play after leading qualifying with an 836 (four games) for a total of 1,743. Darrell Guertin was second with 1,673. The lane condition was the World Bowling Atlanta pattern.

May 9 NAT update

Updating the results of the two Northeast Amateur Tournament events at Westgate Lanes in April, as well as Sunday’s handicap singles event at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden, per the NAT web newsletter:

Apr. 2 NAT scratch finalists

Finalists of the NAT scratch mini-marathon doubles event on Apr. 2 at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions Tony Bennett & Darrell Guertin, runners-up Bill Briggs & Brian Egan (Photo courtesy of NAT)

Darrell Guertin & Tony Bennett won the NAT’s first scratch mini-marathon doubles event on Apr. 2 at Westgate Lanes after defeating Bill Briggs & Brian Egan, 411-368, in the final match. Guertin & Bennett defeated Joseph Bourhill & Jay Unthank, 485-438, in the first match of the three-team stepladder.

Apr. 23 NAT handicap doubles winners

Winners of the NAT handicap doubles event on Apr. 23 at Westgate Lanes, Edwin Grossett & Mike “Sensae” Reed (Photo courtesy of NAT)

Edwin Grossett & Mike “Sensae” Reed won the handicap doubles event on Apr. 23 at Westgate Lanes after defeating Bert & Jeff Santos in the final match. I have no score available. Also cashing out of Westgate Lanes were Tom Hedding & Ed Roberts, Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard, Hakim Emmanuel (with partner Mike Macedo), Shawn Hagan & Danny Khuu, and Mike Peirce & Dan Robinson.

May 7 NAT handicap singles finalists

Finalists of the May 7 handicap singles event at Town Line Luxury Lanes (L-R): Champion Tom Hedding, runner-up Phong Tran (Photo courtesy of NAT)

Finally, Westgate bowler Tom Hedding won the handicap singles event held on Sunday at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden, defeating Phong Tran in the final match. I had no score available for the final match.

2017 TNBA Boston Bowling Senate no-tap results

Here are the results of the TNBA Boston Bowling Senate no-tap tournament held last Saturday at Westgate Lanes (scores are with handicap):

  1. Paris Cook 943
  2. Eric Smith 933
  3. Lynell Smith 924
  4. Robert Crichlow 911
  5. Jason Harvey 895
  6. Kevin Coleman 883

Congrats to all! 🙂

Tom Hedding shoots 814, “Mr. 900” 300 to lead Apr. 23 NAT scoring

I hope to have results from the tournament soon, but, to get the honor scores from today’s Northeast Amateur Tournament handicap doubles event out of the way, Tom Hedding led the way with 278-268-268 for an 814 set. “Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel added to the scoring with a 300 game, and Jeff Santos (299), Matt Richard (299), and Stan Lewis (295) also had 11 in a row games.

Good work guys! 🙂

Shawn Hagan, Dave Chalifoux win team event at Northeastern Open

As the post above indicates, Coke league bowlers Shawn Hagan and Dave Chalifoux (with the latter choosing to only sub in the league this year) were members of Team Hagan, officially the handicap team champions of the 2017 Northeastern Open Championships at Yankee Lanes in Keene, NH. Jeff Fields, Mike Farrell, and Mike Cardullo were the other members of the team, as reported to me by captain Shawn Hagan.

Congrats guys, and I’ll recognize the scratch team champions individually as a comment on Facebook.

Bill Clukay fires 300 in TNBA junior regional

Westgate Lanes played host to the TNBA’s East regional junior tournament this weekend, and while I might miss other scores, I can report that Bill Clukay had a 300 game in the tournament yesterday. Results will be linked as soon as I see them.

Nice bowling! 🙂

Felix Chan wins Bay State Open at Wonder Bowl

I mentioned there was more coming about today’s Bay State Open, and that is that Felix Chan bested a field of 47 for his first title, defeating Jayme Silva Jr., 247-199 (with handicap) in the final match. I shared the video of the final match on the Facebook page as it was streaming live, but it will be below, for those who either may not be on Facebook or may have missed the stream.

The event was a special “Throw the Low” event, with the bowlers bowling five games of qualifying and throwing out their lowest score.

Good bowling today, Felix! 🙂

Felix Chan bowls first 300 in Bay State Open at Wonder Bowl

Congratulations to Coke league bowler Felix Chan, who picked the Bay State Open today at Wonder Bowl to throw his first 300 game. The BSO’s video of it is below:

This won’t be the last I post about the tournament, as well; just need to get the final details.

Tom Hedding fires 804 in AXS event at OML

I shared the video of his final match on Facebook (where he finished 2nd), but “TomTom” Hedding told me last night that he did have 259-279-266 for an 804 set in qualifying for the AXS event the other weekend at Old Mountain Lanes in Wakefield, RI. Nice bowling! 🙂

Kyle Egan wins JBSC at Westgate

A post in the Junior Bowling Sport Challenge Facebook group reported that Westgate youth bowler Kyle Egan was the U20 boys winner in their event yesterday at Westgate Lanes, defeating fellow Westgate youth bowler Stephen Major, 211-165, in the final match. I did get the scores for the stepladders in the four divisions, and the results are below:

U20 Boys

Match 1: Ryan Stolakis def. Andrew McGovern 201-192
Match 2: Stolakis def. Ryan Stanard 204-164
Match 3: Kyle Egan def. Stolakis 182-158
Semifinal: Egan def. Andrew Hall 255-234
Final: Egan def. Stephen Major 211-165

U20/U15 Girls

Match 1: Kaitlynn Crawford def. Madison Gentes 193-170
Match 2: Crawford def. Danielle McKerracher 224-202
Semifinal: Crawford def. Rachel Bamford 199-169
Final: Kasey Kosier def. Crawford 204-203

U15 Boys

Match 1: Xavier Bamford def. Randal Dunbar 203-175
Match 2: Bamford def. Jason Simmons 243-224
Semifinal: Bamford def. Nate Purches 189-162
Final: Bamford def. Bradley Baybutt 204-176

U12 Boys/Girls

Semifinal: Jaden Gagner def. Dennis Goulart 162-158
Final: Andrew Robitaille def. Gagner 149-130

Additionally, Bradley Baybutt, a bowler out of Yankee Lanes in Keene, NH, bowled a 290 game in qualifying, which Sharon Evans reported was the highest game bowled in the JBSC since the tournament went to all sport oil conditions five years ago. The JBSC reported that 54 bowlers, a record for them, came out for the event, including a record eight in the U12 division.

Congrats to all. I’ll update the post when I find out what the lane condition was.

Update: Sharon Evans conducted some research on past game scores in the JBSC and found that Andrew Hall had a 299 on a sport lane condition their first year. Also that year, Allen Halacy had a 300 game, but that was on a modified house shot (as not every lane machine could put out a sport condition at the time).

Update: Per Kevin Thibeault, the lane condition was the 2007 Weber Cup Day 2 pattern (40′).

2017 USA Bowling New England qualifier results

The USBC held the New England qualifier for USA Bowling last weekend at Westgate Lanes, and the result sheets (PDF format) are linked below:

U15 division
U12 division

In the U15 division, New England Strikers went 7-1 with 1,810 total pins for the victory, and KTP All Stars went 7-1 with 1,309 total pins in the U12 division. USA Bowling games are Baker format, with four bowlers out of a maximum roster of six bowling. Both teams mentioned have qualified for the national tournament, to be held during Junior Gold week this July in Cleveland.

Update: There was also a double-elimination match play component to the competition on Sunday, and a source told me BuddiesProShop.com All-Stars prevailed in the U12 division and will be the actual New England representative in Cleveland. I’ll endeavor to determine the U15 winner.

Update: New England Strikers also prevailed in match play on Sunday and will be representing New England in the U15 division. Photos of both winning teams were posted on Instagram.

Sean Richard throws 832 in Southeastern Mass. association tournament

We all know “$eany Ka$h” will bowl in other associations’ tournaments, and he had a notable score in the Southeastern Mass. association tournament Sunday at Holiday Lanes in Westport, posting 278-275-278 for an 832 in his singles event. I just hope that score holds up, as there’s one more weekend left. 🙂

2017 Brockton USBC YA honor squad results

Results of the annual Brockton USBC Youth Association honor squad; scores are with handicap except for scratch division:

100 & under: Chris Beaudet 697
101-120: Landon Wiles 657
121-140: Jessica Blyth 671
141-160: Corey Major 769
161-180: Kyle Major 682
Scratch: Cameron Kaestner 688

Congrats to all of the winners 🙂

Dan Robinson & Mike Peirce win NAT handicap doubles in Malden; Matt Richard shoots 298

Mar 2017 NAT hcp doubles

Finalists of Mar. 12 Northeast Amateur Tournament handicap doubles event at Town Line Luxury Lanes, champions Mike Peirce & Dan Robinson, runners-up Matt Richard & Paris Cook (Photo courtesy of NAT)

Per their post on Facebook, Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Dan Robinson and his partner, Mike Peirce, won the Northeast Amateur Tournament’s handicap doubles event yesterday at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden after defeating Matt Richard & Paris Cook, 524-474 (with handicap), in the final match.

I can also report that Matt Richard had a 298 game during qualifying. Congratulations to all. 🙂

Jon Hester shoots 299 at Bay State Open in NH

The Bay State Open reported via a Facebook video that “Da Hoss”, Jon Hester, bowled a 299 game during the first squad of their first-ever event at Strikers East in Raymond, NH. I will share the final match video on The Tenth Board Facebook page, as no Westgate bowlers were involved in it.

Montgomery Industries cracks top ten at USBC Open

The current standings in the Regular Team event of the USBC Open Championships at the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas show that Montgomery Industries, captained by Braintree’s Ed Roberts, along with Phil Prieto (El Paso, TX), Rudy Moreno (Reno, NV), Bill Nichols (Roseville, CA), and Dan Innocencio (College Station, TX), moved into 8th place, with games of 954, 968, and 961 for a 2,883 series, this past weekend. Ed’s individual results also show him in the top 100 in doubles (65th, with Dan Innocencio; 1,090), singles (58th, 609), and all-events (64th, 1,727).

Nice bowling Ed! 🙂

Wilson Hu wins 2017 BBA Madness; Chris Carter bowls 300


Wilson Hu, champion of the 2017 BBA Madness tournament on Mar. 5 at Westgate Lanes

Wilson Hu, a bowler out of Town Line Luxury Lanes, captured the Brockton Bowling Association’s second annual BBA Madness tournament today at Westgate Lanes after defeating Kevin Thibeault, 270-260 (with handicap) in the final match. In that match, Kevin seemed to be in control, but Wilson stayed clean, forcing Kevin to mark in the 10th to win, at which point he left an unfortunate 8-10 split. There were 41 entries, up from the inaugural event last year.

Also, during qualifying, Chris Carter, the 2011 BBA Bowler of the Year champion, threw a 300 game, my video of which has been uploaded to the association’s Facebook page and is shown below:

The Brockton Bowling Association would like to thank everyone who participated today.

Josh Cook wins NAT handicap singles at Westgate


Finalists of the Feb. 26 Northeast Amateur Tournament handicap singles event, champion Josh Cook, runner-up Brenton Brown (Photo courtesy of NAT)

As reported in their updated web newsletter, Josh Cook won the Northeast Amateur Tournament’s handicap singles event at Westgate Lanes on Feb. 26, defeating Brenton Brown, 273-241 (with handicap) in the final match. The Westgate bowlers in the head-to-head finals were Jim Ferguson, Sean Richard, Mike Peirce, and Tom Hedding.

Note: The NAT scratch event scheduled for Apr. 2 at Westgate Lanes is now a doubles event. Details can be found on the NAT website.

Mar. 4 Adult/Junior doubles results

Results from today’s Adult/Junior tournament:


  1. Nick Damon & Joseph Bourhill 1,476
  2. Jonathan & Ken Gerraughty 1,457


  1. Dylan & Debbie Major 1,458
  2. Corey & Chris Major 1,397

Congrats to all! 🙂

2017 Brockton city tournament official results

The Brockton Bowling Association has made the results of this year’s city tournament, held on Jan. 28 & 29 at Westgate Lanes, official, with the final prize list available here. The event champions are listed below:


Team: USA Pro Shop 3,022
Doubles: Darren Beveridge & Dennis Scollins 1,642
Singles: Chris Silva 885
All-Events: Chris Silva 2,385


Team: MOPs & 1 Warrior 2,775
Doubles: Rob Young & Tom Hedding 1,544
Singles: Matt Yandek 795
All-Events: Ryan Yelle 2,248

And acknowledging the team champions as individuals:

USA Pro Shop: AJ Voisine, Chris Silveri, Gino Beniamino, Kevin Thibeault
MOPs & 1 Warrior: Sean Richard, Brian Gaskill, Tony Bennett, Steve Dale Jr.

The association would like to thank everyone who participated, and congratulate the cashers, who will be invited to the Bowler of the Year tournament in the fall.