Jake Tobin fires 300 game in Adult/Junior

Jake Tobin bowled his first 800 series this past winter season in the Brunswick Mixed league, and can now add a 300 game to that, bowled tonight in the Adult/Junior league. Ken Gerraughty got the video, which he let me download and share here:

Congrats Jake…I know you’ve been wanting one of those! 🙂

NEBA announces 54 members of inaugural Hall of Fame class

As detailed in the video above, 54 bowlers covering 54 years of NEBA’s history will comprise the inaugural induction class of its Hall of Fame. 49 will be recognized for bowling achievement and five for meritorious service, and, rather than go through the entire list, I will note that Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famers Tony Attardo, Fred Delfino, John Ellis, and Ed Roberts, along with Coke league bowler Steve Dale Jr., are in the class, with all but Delfino being inducted for bowling achievement (Delfino is being inducted for meritorious service).

The induction dinner will take place on Aug. 26 in Glastonbury, CT, in conjunction with the $50 tournament at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes.

Jim Simon fires 300 in Patriots league

I mentioned Jim Simon for a 298 game last week in the Westgate Mixed league, but he also bowls the Patriots league, and had a 300 game in it the other night. His teammate, Eric Derochers, got the video below, which he allowed me to upload to the Facebook page:

WTG Jimmy! 🙂

Nathan Crouse fires 300 in Coke league

I’ve seen him get close to having a game mentioned here a few times since I’ve started following the Coke league, and Nathan Crouse finally broke through last night with a 300 game. I have the last strike on video, below:

WTG Nate! 🙂

Gino Beniamino shoots 300/805 in Coke league

It’s likely Gino Beniamino will remember this Coke league season, as he not only had his first 300 earlier in it, but now his first 800, as he had 279-300-226 for an 805 last night. This is the first 800 in the league since Rich Fulton’s 800 over three years ago (March 2014), and it was my thought that he’s the first with two 300 games in the league in the same season since Matt Yandek had two in the same night in his 801 series.

Because it’s probably better quality than the first one, I’ll share Tom Hedding’s video of Gino’s 300 game last night below:

Good bowling Gino! 🙂

Felix Chan wins Bay State Open at Wonder Bowl

I mentioned there was more coming about today’s Bay State Open, and that is that Felix Chan bested a field of 47 for his first title, defeating Jayme Silva Jr., 247-199 (with handicap) in the final match. I shared the video of the final match on the Facebook page as it was streaming live, but it will be below, for those who either may not be on Facebook or may have missed the stream.

The event was a special “Throw the Low” event, with the bowlers bowling five games of qualifying and throwing out their lowest score.

Good bowling today, Felix! 🙂

Felix Chan bowls first 300 in Bay State Open at Wonder Bowl

Congratulations to Coke league bowler Felix Chan, who picked the Bay State Open today at Wonder Bowl to throw his first 300 game. The BSO’s video of it is below:

This won’t be the last I post about the tournament, as well; just need to get the final details.

Greg Andrews shoots 300 in Westgate Mixed

Greg Andrews is getting comfortable in his second full season at Westgate, as, tonight, I’m mentioning him for the fourth time in the season and third in connection to the Westgate Mixed league, as he put up three bills in the second game. Good bowling! 🙂

Update: Thanks to Kimmy Paige, we have a video of Greg’s last strike, which she uploaded to Facebook and I share here:

Brian Egan, Keith Tantillo perfect in Coke league

The last quarter of the Coke league season started out pretty much the way the third one did, with a couple of 300 games, one in the first game by Brian Egan, and the other in the third game by Keith Tantillo. I tried to get the video of Keith’s game, but forgot to switch my camera back to video mode and took a still photo instead.

Nice bowling guys! 🙂

Update: Thanks to Rich Fulton, I do have a video of Keith’s 300, which is shared below:

AJ Brady shoots 300 in Patriots league

AJ had a 300 game last night in the Patriots league; not Voisine, the one you’re thinking about, but Brady, who is a new name to me with this post. I’ll share Tom Hedding’s video of the last shot here:

WTG! 🙂

Wilson Hu wins 2017 BBA Madness; Chris Carter bowls 300


Wilson Hu, champion of the 2017 BBA Madness tournament on Mar. 5 at Westgate Lanes

Wilson Hu, a bowler out of Town Line Luxury Lanes, captured the Brockton Bowling Association’s second annual BBA Madness tournament today at Westgate Lanes after defeating Kevin Thibeault, 270-260 (with handicap) in the final match. In that match, Kevin seemed to be in control, but Wilson stayed clean, forcing Kevin to mark in the 10th to win, at which point he left an unfortunate 8-10 split. There were 41 entries, up from the inaugural event last year.

Also, during qualifying, Chris Carter, the 2011 BBA Bowler of the Year champion, threw a 300 game, my video of which has been uploaded to the association’s Facebook page and is shown below:

The Brockton Bowling Association would like to thank everyone who participated today.

Kevin Sheehy shoots 300, John Hayes Jr. 299 in Patriots league

Once again, I find myself speaking too soon about the Patriots league, as I can report two more scores, one being a 300 game by Kevin Sheehy, and the other a 299 by John Hayes Jr. Tom Hedding’s video of Kevin’s last strike is shared below:

Good bowling, guys! 🙂

AJ Voisine bowls 300 in Patriots league

AJ Voisine, whose first career perfect game came in last year’s city tournament, threw his first in a league setting last night in the Patriots league. Danny Khuu got the video of the last strike, which is shared below:


Devon McGregor shoots 300, Zach Thompson 290 in Coke league

It was a quiet Coke league night last night, but, this quarter, that means there was only one 300 game bowled, and that by Devon McGregor, in the first game. I have the video below:

That was not the only honor score on the pair, however, as Zach Thompson ran the last 11 for a 290, also in the first game.

Good bowling guys! 🙂

Jim Ferguson, Jason Unthank lead high scoring day at NAT

The walls around the pro shop will have many more desk printouts on them after yesterday, as it was a high-scoring day in the Northeast Amateur Tournament’s handicap singles event. The day was led by Jim Ferguson, who had 269-248-300 for an 817 on the first squad, and Jason Unthank, who posted 279-246-300 for an 825 on the second squad. Additionally, Sean Richard, Tom Hedding, Angel Hernandez, and Mike Peirce had 300 games without an 800 series, and Bill Tessier (299) and Mike Masse (298) both threw 11 in a row.

I didn’t think I had a video of my own of one of TomTom’s 300 games, so I present one below:

As usual, I will wait for the NAT to make a post before posting about the tournament’s winner.

Congrats guys! 🙂

Zach Thompson, Rich Fulton bowl 300 in Coke league

For the third time in the current segment of the Coke league, two perfect games were posted on the same night. The first of the two was in the first game by Zach Thompson, who many of you know is the tournament director of the Bay State Open. He’s sometimes said, “Always the videographer,” when he’s posted video of other bowlers’ 300s, and now we can say we have video of one of Zach’s own, below:

Zach’s 300 was followed in the second game by Rich Fulton, who has the most recent 800 series in the league (back in 2014), and the video of that is below:

Congrats to both! 🙂

Brian Egan throws 300 in NEBA at East Providence Lanes

The tournament is still in progress as I write this, but Westgate’s Brian Egan started hot in his NEBA qualifying squad today at East Providence Lanes with a 300 first game. Danny Khuu recorded the last strike, which is below:

Depending on events in the tournament, a post will be made either here or just on the Facebook page after the tournament.

WTG Brian! 🙂

Jake Tobin shoots 299/822, Dan Esdale 300/810 in Brunswick Mixed

There had never been an 800 series in the Brunswick Mixed league since I joined it until last night, and there are now two, as Jake Tobin led the way with games of 256, 299, and 267 for an 822, and Dan Esdale with 257, 300, and 253 for an 810. Ken Gerraughty’s video of Esdale’s last strike is below:

I had my camera going for Jake’s last shot in the second game, but, unfortunately for him, he left a 7 pin. It was still Jake’s first 800 series. Dan, of course, has had 300 games and 800 series before, but he told me this was the first time he ever put the two feats together.

Good job to both! 🙂

2017 Brockton city tournament honor score wrap-up

I am taking care of all of the honor scores from the city tournament in this post because they all were bowled yesterday.

The first squad saw a pair of 800 series, one by Sean Richard, who had games of 269, 259, and 278 for an 806, and the other by Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Ryan Yelle, who had 266, 268, and 268 for an 802.

The lone 300 of the tournament was bowled by a bowler who made the trip from greater Boston, John Gravel, during the second squad, and Shawn Hagan’s video of the last strike is below:

Finally, on the same squad as Gravel’s 300, Rob Young had a 299 game.

I will post a link to the unofficial results on the Facebook page when I see them.

Update: Jon Hester told me tonight that he also had a 290 game in his singles event. Also, I forgot to mention that Sam Kamel converted the Big 4 (4-6-7-10) split during the second squad, which was the first time that split had ever been converted while I was in the building.

Shawn Coles posts 300 in Brunswick Mixed

It had been a long time coming for him, but Shawn Coles, my Wednesday league secretary, bowled his first 300 game in over a decade last night. In a first for this blog, I have video of the last shot, the first video on this blog from one of my own leagues:

Shawn had told me a long time ago that he’d never had a 300 with his wife, Jo-Ann, present, and that finally happened for him last night, as well.

WTG Shawn! 🙂

Jim Ferguson shoots 299 in Patriots league

Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Jim Ferguson has had a few 299 games, the latest last night in the Patriots league, and, though I usually don’t show video for anything but a 300 game, I decided to post Sean Richard’s Facebook video here for one prevailing reason: You won’t often see the kingpin (5 pin) stop a 300 game.

Maybe next time, Jim! 🙂

Gino Beniamino, Jon Hester shoot 300s in Coke league

I’d been a regular in-person observer of the Coke league for a while, but something happened last night that hadn’t happened since before that time (note about that to follow): Two 300 games on the same night. The first of the night was bowled by Gino Beniamino in the first game, and, thanks to Shawn Scales, I have video of the last strike (which Shawn originally posted on Snapchat):

Gino told me (and others) that this was actually his first 300 game ever.

It would take until the end of the night for Jon Hester to post the other one, which Zach Thompson got the video of and is shared here:

Hester figures in the note about last night, in that the only other time in my memory there were two 300 games on the same night in the Coke league, Jon’s teammate, Matt Yandek, had both of them as bookends in an 801 series.

Good work guys! 🙂

Tom Hedding, Nick Grossi roll 300s in Patriots league

“TomTom” Hedding is currently leading the house in average, and he’s doing everything in his power to try to stay there, as he had a 300 game last night in the Patriots league. Sean Richard’s Facebook video of “TomTom’s” last shot in the 300 game is below.

“TomTom” wasn’t the only bowler with a 300 game last night, however, as Nick Grossi also bowled his very first one. WTG to both! 🙂

Richard, Ferguson, & Zimmerman win Bay State Open trios


Sean Richard, Mark Zimmerman, and Jim Ferguson, winners of the Bay State Open trios event (Photo courtesy of Bay State Open)

As reported to me by the Bay State Open, Sean Richard, Mark Zimmerman, and Jim Ferguson, all Westgate bowlers, won their first-ever trios event Sunday at East Providence Lanes by defeating John Gant, George Jones, and Calvin Scott by a score (with handicap) of 525-486 in the two game, Baker format final match. The Bay State open has posted a video of the final match, which is below.

Tim Major shoots 300 in Have A Ball league

The new Have A Ball Scotch Doubles league is hoping to attract new league bowlers, but some familiar faces are in the league, as well. One of them, Tim Major, showed the newcomers what’s possible by bowling a 300 during one of the two games the bowlers bowl a complete game in. Westgate Lanes’ Facebook video of the last shot is below.

Steve Dale Jr. wins MIST at Strikers East

According to a post in the Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament’s Facebook group, Coke league bowler Steve Dale Jr. won his second MIST title, both this season, by defeating top seed John Bercier 186-171 in today’s event at Strikers East in Raymond, NH, which was the first MIST event held outside of the state of Maine. The 2015 MSBS Anvil pattern was the lane condition for the tournament, which had a MIST record 94 entries.

Update: The final match video is below.

Steve Dale Jr. & Brian Gaskill break Brockton BA doubles record

The Brockton Bowling Association held its inaugural Holiday Doubles tournament Sunday at Westgate Lanes, with the final prize list linked here (PDF file). The scratch winners, Steve Dale Jr. & Brian Gaskill, bowled sets of 866 and 769, respectively, to set what should be a new association doubles record with 1,635, just six pins short of what Gaskill found was Ed Souza & Dennis Bedard’s state doubles record, set at Holiday Lanes in Westport in the 2009-10 season.

Dale had a 300 game in his second game to go along with a 299 first game, and his 866, of course, is the second highest series ever bowled at Westgate Lanes. Other 300 games were bowled by Tom Hedding, Sean Richard, and Jim Ferguson, the latter whose was his 10th career 300. Also, according to the posted final standings, Jim Ferguson & Danny Khuu, the reigning state doubles champions, posted a 279-299=578 first game, which, right now, would be good for 3rd in the nation.

As a final note, Jim Young had a wrinkle of his own for the optional “Holiday Bonus” singles event, in which the “bonus” was having the high game in doubles count twice for the derived singles event.

Update: Because this video is probably better than the one I got of Jim Ferguson’s 300 in the 2015 state tournament, here’s Tom Hedding’s video of Jim’s last shot:

Brockton BA championship tournament set for Jan. 28 & 29: The Brockton Bowling Association has also set their championship tournament for Jan. 28 & 29 at Westgate Lanes, with the entry form and rules available here (PDF file).

Mike Peirce wins Dec. Bay State Open at Westgate

The Bay State Open likes to have users on their Facebook page view the video to know who won each tournament, so, as the video below will show, Mike Peirce was the winner of their December event at Westgate Lanes over Kyle Egan (who will receive his 2nd place prize in his SMART account), 278-248 (with handicap). Both are bowlers at Westgate Lanes.

As the Facebook post below shows, other Westgate bowlers cashing were Brian Egan (who lost to son Kyle in the semifinals), Jim Ferguson, Tim Woodley, and Matt Richard. The tournament had a Bay State Open record 69 entries.

Brian Egan posts 300 in Patriots league

Brian Egan had lamented to me in the past that he never could seem to carry 12 strikes at Westgate, while noting that he’d done it elsewhere. Since the summer of 2015, however, he’s had two of them, one in the Coke league, and he had his 3rd at Westgate the other night in the Patriots league. Danny Khuu recorded the video, and he forgot to post it on Facebook, but did let me download it from his IM, and I’ve uploaded it to this site’s page, and it is below:

I’m not sure if this is a first for Westgate Lanes, but father Brian Egan and son Kyle now both have 300 games in the same season. WTG guys! 🙂

Stan Gibbs records 300 game in His & Hers

A recent trend I’ve noticed has been bowlers from Cape Cod coming up to bowl leagues at Westgate Lanes. A team from the Cape, Prime Time, has already won a segment in the Coke league. Tonight, as noted in the center’s Facebook post above, Stan Gibbs made his presence felt with a 300 game in the His & Hers league. Nice game, Stan! 🙂

Update: Sean Richard’s Facebook video of the last strike is below.