Sean Richard posts 801 in Monday doubles

“$eany Ka$h” hasn’t had 300s since his release from Radical staff, but he’s making up for those with a bigger number…800, with Sean putting up 289-268-244 in the first three games of the doubles league tonight for an 801. WTG! 🙂

Khuu posts 811, Hester, Egan 300, Hamilton 299 in Monday doubles

I usually don’t hang around the Monday Summer Doubles league all night unless the Red Sox are idle, and I was happy they were tonight, because there was plenty of scoring. Danny Khuu had the biggest “number”, by way of posting 278-277-256 for an 811 set, but there were also a couple of 300 games, one by Jon “Hoss” Hester, and the other by Brian Egan. I’ll share Hester’s video first, as I “owe him one” for not sharing his UBA scores:

And now Egan’s:

Finally, association Hall of Famer Bob Hamilton stuck a 10 pin in one of his games for a 299.

Nice bowling tonight! 🙂

Stephen Major shoots 300/854 for Brockton youth record

Stephen Major’s youth days may be coming to an end, but he’s at least going out with a bang, as, tonight, in the Adult/Junior league, he posted 289-300-265 for an 854 set, which is believed to be a new Brockton youth association record. It was also memorable for him because he’d never had an 800 series until tonight.

WTG Steve! 🙂

Bob Hamilton rolls 300 in Wednesday Summer Mixed

Joe Bourhill has had the high game in the Wednesday summer league up until now, but one of his teammates in that league, association Hall of Famer Bob Hamilton, went one pin better, with a 300 game last week. Nice going! 🙂

Mike Peirce rolls 299 in Adult/Junior

It’s been a rather quiet season in the Adult/Junior league this summer, but adult Mike Peirce had a 299 second game last Thursday night. WTG! 🙂

Wayne Andrews throws 297 in Monday Summer Doubles

Thought I’d mention a couple of scores from last night, but only one was a real honor score, that being Wayne Andrews’ 297 game. The non-honor score I found notable was a 799 for the first three games by Danny Khuu, with a solid 9 at the end of the third game thwarting the 800 bid.

Good bowling! 🙂

Joe Bourhill bowls 299 in Wednesday Summer Mixed

He has been spending his first season at Westgate, and I’m mentioning him for a score for the first time: Joe Bourhill shot 299 last night in the Wednesday summer league. Good job! 🙂

“Mr. 900” shoots 300 in Monday Summer Doubles

He hasn’t quite tripled the total of 300 games from Feb. 19, 2015, but “Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel did get close to it with #8 tonight in the summer doubles league. Because it was available, Shawn Hagan’s video of the last shot is below (Shawn is Hakim’s partner in this league):

Nice going Hakim! 🙂

Sean Richard slams 801 in Somerset

“$eany Ka$h” struck again tonight in the summer doubles league in Somerset, going 278-256-267 for an 801, his second 800 set in as many weeks in that league. Nice going! 🙂

Zach Thompson bowls 299 in Monday Summer Doubles

Zach Thompson posted on his Facebook last night that he had a 299 game in the third game, and 814 for three games, but that was starting with Game 2 of four. Nice bowling, still! 🙂

Sean Richard shoots 299/812 in Somerset

These should be Sean Richard’s first scores after his official Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Fame induction: He had 277-238-299 tonight in Steph’s Summer Doubles league in Somerset for an 812 set. Nice going! 🙂

Aaron Major posts 298 in Adult/Junior

Last Thursday in the Adult/Junior league, a more familiar name made some noise, as Aaron Major, home from his freshman year at Wichita St., posted a 298 game. WTG! 🙂

Chuck Kalasinsky bowls 300 in Monday Summer Doubles

I’m not sure if this is his first honor score, but I believe I’m mentioning him here for the first time: Chuck Kalasinsky had a 300 game last week in the Monday doubles league. Nice bowling! 🙂

Jake Tobin fires 300 game in Adult/Junior

Jake Tobin bowled his first 800 series this past winter season in the Brunswick Mixed league, and can now add a 300 game to that, bowled tonight in the Adult/Junior league. Ken Gerraughty got the video, which he let me download and share here:

Congrats Jake…I know you’ve been wanting one of those! 🙂

Buddy Wilt bowls first 300 in Hanover history

I didn’t find out about it until today at the Brockton Bowling Association’s annual meeting, but congratulations to my fellow board member Buddy Wilt, who, last Nov. 28, bowled the first 300 game in the history of Boston Bowl Hanover in the Monday Mixers league. WTG! 🙂

Sean Richard throws 300 game at Wonder Bowl

With his Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Fame induction only days away (finally), “$eany Ka$h” added to his resume last night with a 300 game in the Columbia 300 Summer Classic league at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford, in which he was subbing. This was #86 for him, so the count-up to #100 is close to being, if not actually, on.

Nice bowling! 🙂

2016-17 Westgate season recap

With all of the winter leagues having wrapped up, I now devote my annual post to the final high scores of the winter league season. As a refresher, average is based on a minimum of 72 games in the league, and youth bowlers are included with their gender, where applicable. I am doing something different with one category this time:


Average: 240.60; Tom Hedding (Thursday Night Patriots, 102 games)
Series: 837; Harry Thibeault, Tom Hedding (Thursday Night Patriots)
Game: 300; 65 total during season


Average: 194.69; Tasheka Douglas (Boston Rhythm & Bowling, 96 games)
Series: 711; Tasheka Douglas (Boston Rhythm & Bowling)
Game: 290; Debbie Major (His & Hers)

I don’t recall seeing as many 300 games during a league season as there were this season, so I didn’t want to attempt to list all of the bowlers who had one.

Congrats to all! 🙂

2016-17 Coke league last quarter, overall results

The Coke league wrapped up its season last Monday, and Young & Old ended up winning the last quarter, and my photo of the team is below:

Young & Old 2016-17 Coke last quarter

2016-17 Coke league last quarter winners, Young & Old (L-R): Rob Young, Mike Carter, Jim Young, “Hawk” Earle

In the overall points, Rick O’Shea came out on top with 667 points, with first quarter winners Prime Time second with 646.5 points. Congratulations to the members of Rick O’Shea, Brian Egan, Nathan Crouse, Brian Gaskill, and Steve Dale Jr.

Shawn Hagan posts 815 set in Coke league

The highest-scoring Coke league in memory was not going to end without a score in the last week, it seemed, and it was Shawn Hagan who provided it, going 279-268-268 for a personal-best 815 set. Way to end on a high note! 🙂

I will have one more post to make about the season in this league, but it’ll have to wait until next week, when I’ll have the content I want.

Tom Hedding fires 300 in Patriots, sets new Brockton Bowling Association record average

“TomTom” Hedding threw a 300 second game in the Patriots league tonight, but that may not be the most important thing that happened. He bookended the night with a 226 and a 193 for a 719 series, and with that, ended the season with a 240.60 average for 102 games in the league. It is, in fact, a new Brockton Bowling Association record, as well as the first 240 average in the association, as the old record was held by Nate Abdow, who posted a 238.93 average in the 2009-10 Silver City league at AMF Taunton Lanes (now defunct).

Congratulations! 🙂

Sean Richard fires 300 in Westgate Mixed

It’s been a while between scores for “$eany Ka$h”, but he ended his honor score drought last night with a 300 in the Westgate Mixed league. I don’t remember if his team won the first half of that league, but it was their position night for the second half last night.

WTG $eany! 🙂

2017 Brunswick Mixed roll-off

My Facebook coverage of my Wednesday league’s roll-off is below, including the “live recap”, which, hopefully, actually gets updated after saves:

Jon Hester fires 824, Nathan Crouse 300 in Coke league

Congratulations to Jon Hester, who last night posted a 279-277-268 for an 824 in the Coke league, which teammate Zach Thompson said on Facebook came 21 years after Jon Hester’s last 800 series.

Not to be outdone, Nathan Crouse posted another 300 game last night as well. WTG! 🙂