Bob Hamilton fires 300 in Westgate Mixed

Bobby Geddes wasn’t the only one with a variant of his first name who had a 300 at Westgate last night, as Hall of Famer Bob Hamilton had one in the Westgate Mixed league. Bob’s daughter, Stephanie Bourhill, usually gets his videos, and this one is below:

Nice bowling Bob! 🙂


Bobby Geddes bowls first 300 in Brunswick Mixed

My team was bowling against Livin on a Spare last night, and, in the last game, their anchor bowler, Bobby Geddes, bowled his first 300 game. All I could do was smile at the achievement…WTG Bobby. 🙂

Apr. 17 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 33 bowling, frame-by-frame

Strikes were elusive after my turkey in the first game, but I did make most of the easy spares, with motivation actually involved in my single-pin miss to end the night. And what might have been my best shot of the night left a Westgate 7-10.

Result: 189-141-158=488
Average (90 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 146
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 555

Composite average (99 games): 169

Eric was absent, and we won no points.

The BowlSK notes refer to a notable league event, which will be in the separate post that follows.

Apr. 14 Sunday Niters recap

Eric, one of my Wednesday night teammates, gave me one last opportunity to sub on his Sunday night team, for which I was a regular member for a couple of years, last night.

My Week 30 bowling, frame-by-frame

My night was really made in the third game, when I made a drastic move out, and a subtle hand position change after leaving a couple of 10s led to a six-bagger to end the night.

Result: 164-159-211=534
Final average (9 games): 191

Composite average (96 games): 169

Team, with my help, won the third game by enough for total and four points, with Peter telling me they hadn’t won more than two points against our opponents all season.

Apr. 10 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 32 bowling, frame-by-frame

I was pleased to have a 183 triplicate alive after two, but it’s hard to score well when you fall off the virtual cliff, as I had no marks after the 5th frame in the third game.

Result: 183-183-126=492
Average (87 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 149
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 539

Composite average (93 games): 169

With Si absent, we were assured of his average minus five bowling against the vacant. We barely lost the third game point, but won the other three.

2018-19 Week 31 league standings update

Let’s MixEm Up had to forfeit to Great Balls of Fire, so we’re now in 14th place, 18 points behind Last Empire, who lead by two points over Sweet Rolls and four over Stacked and 10th Frame Magic. We’re bowling for points against the vacant tonight.

Bill Briggs slams 300/833 in Pepsi league

It may be time to crown Bill Briggs “King of the (Middle) Road” at Westgate Lanes, because not only did he bowl his second 300 game of the quarter last night, but bookended that with games of 257 and 276 for an 833 set, rare territory for the Pepsi league. Great night, Billy! 🙂

2018-19 Week 30 league standings update

After winning one point from Tuckin Fenpin, Let’s MixEm Up is in 14th place, 17 points behind Last Empire, who are four points ahead of Sweet Rolls, five ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs, and six ahead of Stacked. My team is scheduled to bowl against Great Balls of Fire tomorrow, but they’ll be without me, as I’ll be at a meeting for a project I’ve helped lay the groundwork for, some of which will be bowling-related.


John Kunan rolls 290 game in Westgate Mixed

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen John Kunan put up a big number, but, along with “The Truth’s” 300 game last week in the Westgate Mixed league, Kunan added a 290. Nice bowling!

Brian Egan rolls 2nd 300 in Malden

Sean Richard posted a video on Facebook that showed Brian Egan bowled 300 last night in Malden for the second time in as many weeks. Nice!

Mar. 27 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 30 bowling, frame-by-frame

Probably the less said about this, the better.

Result: 67-169-102=338
Average (84 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 151
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 527

Composite average (90 games): 169

Nearly everyone struggled to a degree, but we still eked out the second game.

2018-19 Week 29 league standings update

After winning one point from 10th Frame Magic, Let’s MixEm Up is in 12th place, 15 points behind Last Empire, who lead Creeden’s Mustangs by three points, and Stacked and Sweet Rolls by four points. Tuckin’ Fenpin will be the opponents tomorrow night.

Si had the high scratch game and series in the men’s “E” division last week.

Ed Miller shoots first 300 in Sunday Niters

I saw several reports on Facebook that Ed Miller, a member of my Wednesday league, bowled his first 300 game last night in the Sunday Niters league, which I have been a member of. Congrats! 🙂

Hal Brown shoots 298 in Patriots league

There are three generations of the Brown family from around Kingston who bowl as a team in the Patriots league, and, the other night, Hal, the youngest of the three, bowled a 298 game. WTG!

Adam Johndrow rolls 300 in Firefighters league

Congrats to Adam Johndrow for a 300 game Monday night in the unsanctioned Firefighters league. (For those who aren’t there on Monday, the Pepsi league has the high end, with Firefighters closer to the desk.) Adam told me he’s had seven 300s, but wasn’t sure how many were in the Firefighters league.

Brian Egan shoots 300 in Malden

Congrats to Brian Egan, who had a 300 last night in the Wednesday night Malden league. Sean Richard, Brian’s teammate, got video, which is below:

Mar. 20 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 29 bowling, frame-by-frame

I thought I’d try my Alpha Crux last night, and, while I think I need more practice with it, the change to my Tropical Breeze was still better timed than last week from a lane condition perspective.

Result: 163-170-182=515
Average (81 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 166
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 529

Composite average (87 games): 171

I had my full four-man team back last night, but we only won the first game.

Sean Richard throws 11 in a row 279 in His & Hers

I didn’t know if he did it before, but, last night, in a follow-up on a Facebook post, Sean Richard told me he flagged a 7 pin to start a game, but then followed that up with the back 11 for a 279, the maximum score possible with an open frame.

Nice bowling! 🙂