Aaron Major posts 298 in Adult/Junior

Last Thursday in the Adult/Junior league, a more familiar name made some noise, as Aaron Major, home from his freshman year at Wichita St., posted a 298 game. WTG! 🙂

Chuck Kalasinsky bowls 300 in Monday Summer Doubles

I’m not sure if this is his first honor score, but I believe I’m mentioning him here for the first time: Chuck Kalasinsky had a 300 game last week in the Monday doubles league. Nice bowling! 🙂

Jake Tobin fires 300 game in Adult/Junior

Jake Tobin bowled his first 800 series this past winter season in the Brunswick Mixed league, and can now add a 300 game to that, bowled tonight in the Adult/Junior league. Ken Gerraughty got the video, which he let me download and share here:

Congrats Jake…I know you’ve been wanting one of those! 🙂

Buddy Wilt bowls first 300 in Hanover history

I didn’t find out about it until today at the Brockton Bowling Association’s annual meeting, but congratulations to my fellow board member Buddy Wilt, who, last Nov. 28, bowled the first 300 game in the history of Boston Bowl Hanover in the Monday Mixers league. WTG! 🙂

Sean Richard throws 300 game at Wonder Bowl

With his Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Fame induction only days away (finally), “$eany Ka$h” added to his resume last night with a 300 game in the Columbia 300 Summer Classic league at Wonder Bowl in New Bedford, in which he was subbing. This was #86 for him, so the count-up to #100 is close to being, if not actually, on.

Nice bowling! 🙂

2016-17 Westgate season recap

With all of the winter leagues having wrapped up, I now devote my annual post to the final high scores of the winter league season. As a refresher, average is based on a minimum of 72 games in the league, and youth bowlers are included with their gender, where applicable. I am doing something different with one category this time:


Average: 240.60; Tom Hedding (Thursday Night Patriots, 102 games)
Series: 837; Harry Thibeault, Tom Hedding (Thursday Night Patriots)
Game: 300; 65 total during season


Average: 194.69; Tasheka Douglas (Boston Rhythm & Bowling, 96 games)
Series: 711; Tasheka Douglas (Boston Rhythm & Bowling)
Game: 290; Debbie Major (His & Hers)

I don’t recall seeing as many 300 games during a league season as there were this season, so I didn’t want to attempt to list all of the bowlers who had one.

Congrats to all! 🙂

2016-17 Coke league last quarter, overall results

The Coke league wrapped up its season last Monday, and Young & Old ended up winning the last quarter, and my photo of the team is below:

Young & Old 2016-17 Coke last quarter

2016-17 Coke league last quarter winners, Young & Old (L-R): Rob Young, Mike Carter, Jim Young, “Hawk” Earle

In the overall points, Rick O’Shea came out on top with 667 points, with first quarter winners Prime Time second with 646.5 points. Congratulations to the members of Rick O’Shea, Brian Egan, Nathan Crouse, Brian Gaskill, and Steve Dale Jr.

Shawn Hagan posts 815 set in Coke league

The highest-scoring Coke league in memory was not going to end without a score in the last week, it seemed, and it was Shawn Hagan who provided it, going 279-268-268 for a personal-best 815 set. Way to end on a high note! 🙂

I will have one more post to make about the season in this league, but it’ll have to wait until next week, when I’ll have the content I want.

Tom Hedding fires 300 in Patriots, sets new Brockton Bowling Association record average

“TomTom” Hedding threw a 300 second game in the Patriots league tonight, but that may not be the most important thing that happened. He bookended the night with a 226 and a 193 for a 719 series, and with that, ended the season with a 240.60 average for 102 games in the league. It is, in fact, a new Brockton Bowling Association record, as well as the first 240 average in the association, as the old record was held by Nate Abdow, who posted a 238.93 average in the 2009-10 Silver City league at AMF Taunton Lanes (now defunct).

Congratulations! 🙂

Sean Richard fires 300 in Westgate Mixed

It’s been a while between scores for “$eany Ka$h”, but he ended his honor score drought last night with a 300 in the Westgate Mixed league. I don’t remember if his team won the first half of that league, but it was their position night for the second half last night.

WTG $eany! 🙂

2017 Brunswick Mixed roll-off

My Facebook coverage of my Wednesday league’s roll-off is below, including the “live recap”, which, hopefully, actually gets updated after saves:

Jon Hester fires 824, Nathan Crouse 300 in Coke league

Congratulations to Jon Hester, who last night posted a 279-277-268 for an 824 in the Coke league, which teammate Zach Thompson said on Facebook came 21 years after Jon Hester’s last 800 series.

Not to be outdone, Nathan Crouse posted another 300 game last night as well. WTG! 🙂

2017 Sunday Niters roll-off

This has been “live blogging” in the past, but I decided to link a spreadsheet with the recap on Facebook and embed the Facebook post, so we’ll see how it goes. Facebook post, with comments as we go along, below:

Tom Hedding slams 822 in Patriots league

“TomTom” Hedding tonight in the Patriots league had games of 278, 279, and 265 for an 822 set, and it puts him on the verge of making Brockton Bowling Association history, as it makes his average 240.63 for 99 games, which, if he maintains it next week, will be the first 240 average in the association.

WTG! 🙂

May 3 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 35 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I was over average all three games tonight, but not enough over average to raise either my league or my composite average one more time for the season. The highlight of my night might have been my conversion of the 6-7, which some of my readers may remember I converted when my brother put money against me doing so one time.

Result: 198-177-178=553
Final average (102 games): 174
Average for last 9 games: 188

Final composite average (192 games): 175

My 553 was 84 pins better than the next highest on the pair (Barry), and, with Jeff also having a decent night, we won all four points. I didn’t know where this put us, because the next higher match had to be moved because of a breakdown. Update: We did move ahead of Striking Gentlemen for 14th place, as Solid 10 won three of the four.

Eileen On Me did win three points, so there will be a roll-off next week with Sweet Rolls, who won the first half.

Sunday Niters note: I did mean to mention that Here For Beer won the second half of that league, so the roll-off Sunday will be between them and first-half winners Suzy’s Crew.

2016-17 Week 34 Brunswick Mixed standings update

Only updating my active league…

After winning three points from Livin’ on a Spare, Lane Ducks are in 15th place and will bowl against Spare Us tomorrow night in the position round. Eileen On Me and Sweet Rolls are tied for the lead with Creeden’s Mustangs three behind, so the former two teams are bowling for first place, with the possibility of a tie and a one-game roll-off for the second half. I could be wrong, but there would be no roll-off next week if Sweet Rolls win, as they won the first half.

I am planning on giving my leagues’ roll-offs “live recap” coverage on the Facebook page, similar to what I did for the Cambridge Credit group’s team event at the USBC Open, but I would also embed the pertinent Facebook posts here.

Apr. 30 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 30 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I feel like I left some pins out there with spare misses, including the 10 pin miss to end my season. It does still feel good to not only hit my +1 again to end the season, but to also improve on last week as my high series in over three years.

Result: 206-199-234=639
Final average (90 games): 177
Average for last 9 games: 198

Composite average (189 games): 175

Team needed to just win one game to secure 3rd place in the second half, but we won all eight, and I was high man on the pair, even with Ed bowling a 255 second game (and a 616 series).

In this league, I improved my average by 13 pins season-to-season, and it might be enough for league most improved. 🙂

Jim Simon fires 300 in Patriots league

I mentioned Jim Simon for a 298 game last week in the Westgate Mixed league, but he also bowls the Patriots league, and had a 300 game in it the other night. His teammate, Eric Derochers, got the video below, which he allowed me to upload to the Facebook page:

WTG Jimmy! 🙂

Apr. 26 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 34 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

Except for a bit of a “crash & burn” third game, it was another good night. Starting that third game with three open frames was tough to recover from, but I still put myself in position to get my 600 with two strikes in the 10th, but I didn’t get one. Second game was clean, and only one open frame in the first.

Result: 192-232-167=591
Average (99 games): 174
Average for last 9 games: 184
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 574

Composite average (186 games): 175

Team won second and third games and total, with Barry and Jeff over average, and Donald nearly shooting 400 (390).

2016-17 Week 33 league standings update

Updating my leagues after Week 33 of the season (including the final virtual league week):

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning a point from Creeden’s Mustangs, Lane Ducks are in 15th place, 17.5 points behind Eileen On Me, who lead Sweet Rolls and Creeden’s Mustangs by three points, and Livin’ on a Spare by 3.5 points. We bowl Livin’ on a Spare tomorrow night, and, since the last week of the second half is next week, I’ll note the other leaders’ opponents: Eileen On Me vs. Spare Us, Sweet Rolls vs. Spear the 10 Pin, and Creeden’s Mustangs vs. Knock em Down.
  • Sunday Niters: After winning two points from Here For Beer, The 3 Stooges are in third place, 15 points behind Here For Beer, and will bowl Adam & Steve, who are seven points behind us, in Sunday’s position round. Here For Beer are four points ahead of We Found “B”, so the second half is still in doubt.
  • Virtual league: Lane Rangers needed to just win a game to lock up the championship, and did it in the first game vs. Splits & Washouts. Fin09 once again was the league’s high average, with a 237.16 for 45 games.

Nathan Crouse fires 300 in Coke league

I’ve seen him get close to having a game mentioned here a few times since I’ve started following the Coke league, and Nathan Crouse finally broke through last night with a 300 game. I have the last strike on video, below:

WTG Nate! 🙂

Apr. 23 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 29 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

This late in the season, it’s a great night when you can raise your average by two pins, and that’s what happened tonight. I mentioned my night on 9/18/2013 when I shot the 244 game in Brunswick Mixed a few weeks ago, and this is now my high game and series since then, as well as, of course, my highest game and series in this league. The kicker was that I only missed a couple of multi-pin spares in the first game, and was clean after the 9th frame in that game.

Result: 183-207-248=638
Average (87 games): 176
Average for last 9 games: 189
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 615

Composite average (183 games): 174

Unfortunately, Peter had a bad night, but recovered with a 201 third game, which we won by enough to only miss total by four pins.

Tom Hedding shoots 300/837 in Patriots league

“TomTom” Hedding had a big night tonight, posting a 300-280-257 effort for an 837 series. The night is potentially historic: It now puts his average at 239.82, over Nate Abdow’s association record 238, set at AMF Taunton Lanes in the 2009-10 season, with three weeks remaining. WTG! 🙂