Jan. 29 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 20 bowling, frame-by-frame

I felt better than I did last week, although my scores didn’t necessarily show it. My last game was better when I focused on being better at the foul line, something I need to concentrate more on overall. The couple of times I actually made the 10 were just better executed shots, something I need to keep consistent with my first-ball shots.

Result: 167-124-173=464
Average (6 games): 159
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 484

Team won the first game, but the other two were both cases of too little, too late, also losing the point for total in the process.

The bonus note here is that Shawn Coles, after leaving it many times in his years of bowling, finally converted a 7-10 split in the 3rd frame of the first game. WTG! 🙂

2019-20 Brunswick Mixed Week 19 standings update

The improved LeagueSecretary.com allows me to do different things with the standings presentation, so I’ll get to it:

Current standings (after Week 2 of 2nd half)

Team 6 is in a three-way tie for 9th, five points behind Creeeden’s Mustangs. Spare Us is two off the lead in 2nd place, with three teams each three and four points behind the lead.

Weekly high scores

Ed Godino III swept the high scores in his division last week.

Move to Strike will oppose Team 6 tomorrow night.

Jan. 18 youth league note

There was one notable score last week in the Senior youth league: Aiden Delehoy had a 236 game (carrying a 171 average). Nice bowling! 🙂

Jan. 22 Brunswick Mixed recap

Before making my decision to start the league, I bowled a practice game first to remove any doubt in my mind that I could bowl and stay on my feet, which became two when it was clear I only needed to get my timing and release back.

My Week 19 bowling, frame-by-frame

It’s going to be a process, but at least my 195 second game showed some promise for the near future. I wasn’t expecting much last night, but I was bowling, and that was, indeed, the important thing.

Result: 142-195-155=492
Average (3 games): 164
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 498

My only job for my new team will be to make things easier for Dana Gomes and Ed Godino III, the 4th and 5th spots in our lineup, respectively, and I did do that in the last two games to allow them to finish out for those points and total.

Aaron Major throws 300 in His & Hers

I was in a board meeting when it happened, but Aaron Major followed up his big Monday night in Raynham with a 300 last night in the His & Hers league at Westgate. Nice bowling! 🙂

Aaron Major tosses 807 in Raynham

Aaron Major, in addition to His & Hers at Westgate, bowls in two leagues at Ryan’s Amusements in Raynham (where he works), and, in the Monday Funday league last night, he posted 289-249-269 for an 807 set. Nice bowling!

Note: This league isn’t certified, so there will be no post forthcoming on the BPUSBC Facebook page.

Jan. 11 youth league note

The one score of note in the youth leagues last weekend was Lance Sheffield’s 232 game (with a 171 average) in the Seniors league. Good bowling! 🙂

Jan. 4 youth league notes

There were a couple of notable games in the youth leagues on Saturday: Chris Zalewski, with a 269 game (204 avg.) in the Seniors league, and Aaron Merrill, with a 177 game (93 avg) in the Juniors league. Nice bowling! 🙂

Rich Fulton shoots 289 in Pepsi league

I should have thought of this sooner, but the Pepsi and BBIS leagues will be on challenge shots, so, approximating the average conversion chart, I will be posting games of 260 and series of 700 and over in those leagues.

This one would have been good in a standard league, however: Nice bowling by Rich Fulton Monday night in the Pepsi league, with a 289 game! 🙂

2019-20 mid-season recap

I didn’t do these posts last year due to some standing sheets no longer being available after Westgate’s account on BowlerExpress ended, but most of the standing sheets are available on LeagueSecretary, so I’ll now do a mid-season recap of the house high scores, with average based on a minimum of 36 games bowled in the league. For the first time, I’ll also include youth separately, by age group:

Adult men

Average: 246.02; Aaron Major (His & Hers, 48 games)
Series: 827; Aaron Major (His & Hers)
Game: 300; Aaron Major (His & Hers), Jake Tobin (Brunswick Mixed), Sean Richard (Westgate Mixed), Bill Hill, Keith Kaestner, Jayme Silva Jr, Jake Tobin (Thursday Night Patriots)

Adult women

Average: 209.87; Sandi Litchfield (TNBA Mixed)
Series: 698; Sandi Litchfield (TNBA Mixed)
Game: 279; Sandi Litchfield (TNBA Mixed)

Senior boys

Average: 210.45; Dylan Major (48 games)
Series: 725; Ethan Reyes
Game: 289; Ethan Reyes

Senior girls

Average: 166.27; Ashley Major (48 games)
Series: 604; Ashley Major
Game: 245; Ashley Major

Junior boys

Average: 139.61; Nolen Rec (42 games)
Series: 494; Nolen Rec
Game: 191; Zach Peirce

Junior girls

Average: 152.58; Jessica Blyth (39 games)
Series: 567; Jessica Blyth
Game: 221; Jessica Blyth

Prep boys

Average: 98.61; Julian Litchfield (42 games)
Series: 385; Ryan Beeson
Game: 181: Ryan Beeson

Prep girls

Average: 73.57; Tayani Clark (21 games)
Series: 287; Tayani Clark
Game: 108; Tayani Clark

Note: No Prep girl had at least 36 games.

Dec. 14 youth league notes

A few notable games last week in the youth leagues (all in the Seniors league):

  • Corey Major, with a 259 game (198 avg.)
  • Ashley Major, with a 245 game (166 avg.)
  • John Beaudet, with a 198 game (131 avg.)

Nice bowling everyone! 🙂