Jan. 13 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 14 bowling, frame-by-frame

The way the night went, I might as well have titled this “Lost on the left side,” as that was where I left most of my spares and was missing most of them, as well. I was probably proud that I did pick up the one 10 pin I had all night, with the bonus being the washout conversion early in the night.

Result: 136-150-147=433
Average (39 games): 162
Average for last 9 games: 155
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 497

As bad as I was, the bottom of our order, Randi & Kevin (the latter in particular) was as good, relatively, and we did win all four.

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 13 standings reset

Interactive league standings after Week 14

Creeden’s Mustangs is 10th, 18.5 points behind Last Empire, who are a point-and-a-half ahead of 10th Frame Magic, 5.5 points ahead of 4 On 9 Man, and 8.5 points ahead of BBOB. Creeden’s Mustang’s are due to bowl against Strike Machine tonight, but the weeks lost to the rollback will not be made up later in the season.

Oh yeah, the logo (and other changes)

Well, it’s done. In preparation for use in future projects, the website and Facebook page now have an official logo, which was my concept prepared for me by SS & Co. Media, recommended to me by former Pepsi league bowler Jeff Dawson, who uses them for his own business. The company presented four choices to me, of which I liked two of them (and actually the final one strongly), presenting them to a panel of three of the younger Westgate bowlers for their opinions.

Along with the new logo, I made a new website header and Facebook cover, and also changed the website theme again (to Independent Publisher 2). If you want insight into my thought behind the logo design, you can try my LinkedIn.

Jon Hester, Kevin Kelliher win January Reloaded event

Per the post above, Jon Hester and Kevin Kelliher, both members of Westgate’s Patriots league, along with Nikki Fletcher, won last Sunday’s Reloaded event at Town Line Luxury Lanes in Malden, defeating a team that included Westgate bowlers Jim Ferguson and Stephen Major, in the final match (no score was given). Additionally, it was noted that Westgate’s Aaron Major threw a 300 game in qualifying, and the aforementioned Stephen Major had a 299 in the match play portion of the tournament.

Nice bowling, guys! 🎳😁

Westgate Lanes closed at least three weeks due to Brockton COVID rollback

Per the post above, Westgate Lanes, due to the reopening rollback issued by executive order of Brockton mayor Robert Sullivan, will be closed for three weeks from this past Wednesday (Dec. 16) for bowling, arcade, and billiards. They will, however, be allowed to remain open for dining, but with no bar seating. Please, if you can, stop in once in a while and enjoy dinner, and even do take-out dining, if you’re able to (I think Yogi & Tim will let you do that.).

In a separate post by the Brockton Strike F/X that I shared on the Facebook page, they have reported that Westgate has allowed them to remain open while Westgate is closed for bowling, and I have pinned the share of that post to the top of my page as a reminder to do your holiday shopping for the bowlers there if you can. Happy Holidays! 🎳🎄🎅

Dec. 9 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 13 bowling frame-by-frame

This sort of felt like a missed opportunity, given how well I felt I was throwing the ball in the first game, and some of my second game struggles carried into the third game, as well. However, my late parallel move out gave me a chance to save the night if I could carry in the 10th.

Result: 185-146-167=498
Average (36 games): 164
Average for last 9 games: 155
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 519

We were facing an undermanned team, yet couldn’t win points because the bowler they had did well (Similar to me in the early season, one absent and two vacant, which is legal in this league.).

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 12 standings update

Interactive standings after Week 12

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 9th place, 16.5 points behind Last Empire, who are leading 10th Frame Magic by 3.5 points, 4 On 9 Man by 5.5 points, and Sweet Rolls by 8.5 points. Move To Strike will be tonight’s opponents.

Kevin had the high scratch & handicap game in his division (men’s “B”) last week (shown in the league’s weekly high divisional scores here).

Dec. 2 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 12 bowling, frame-by-frame

Admittedly, I threw a few bad shots, but carry was a bit brutal tonight as well, the biggest case-in-point being the first game, when I threw two really great shots that left blower 7s, which I compounded the problem by missing. The Marvel Pearl seemed to look better than the Tropical, so I might take the latter ball in to Kevin in the shop when I get a chance.

Result: 148-167-154=469
Average (33 games): 164
Average for last 9 games: 154
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 522

Having Kevin means we’re usually good for a point, but that was all for us tonight against one of the leading teams.

Nov. 25 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 11 bowling, frame-by-frame

This should be considered a throwaway night, although my routine spare game kept me somewhat in it for a while, because I was looking forward to something that was supposed to happen after bowling (but didn’t materialize because I got home too late for it). My good early spare game eventually deteriorated because I felt I just ran out of gas and I was just glad to be out of there at the end of the night.

Result: 142-152-135=429
Average (30 games): 164
Average for last 9 games: 160
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 496

I want to say we won the second game, but I’m writing this so late I forgot what the team points were and the results haven’t been uploaded yet.

Jon Hester slams 300, James Scales 298 in Patriots league

I’ll round up the other notable Patriots league scores last week below, but the ones worthy to lead off with are Jon Hester’s 300, which happened in back-to-back weeks for him, and a 298 for James Scales. Here are the rest, starting with the games:

  • Mike Major 279
  • Aaron Major 278
  • Ethan Rosenberg 278
  • Mike Trent Jr. 270

And the series (recap sheets are linked on the lane numbers):

Nice bowling, everyone! 🎳🔥

Danny Khuu wins NAT Over/Under doubles at Westgate

Finalists of Nov. 22 NAT Over/Under doubles at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions David Gordon & Danny Khuu, runners-up Jeff & Jim Handy (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Tournament)

Per the post on Facebook (must be logged in to view), the Northeast Amateur Tournament reported Westgate bowler Danny Khuu, along with partner David Gordon, as the winners of the Over/Under (45) doubles event last Sunday at Westgate Lanes, taking the final match 450-416 (with handicap) over father & son Jeff & Jim Handy. The NAT reported 41 teams entered the event.

Jon Hester, Sean Richard win titles in Ocean State Championship Tournament

Westgate bowlers were big factors in the inaugural Ocean State Championship Tournament at Lang’s Bowlarama in Cranston, RI, which was originally scheduled as a summer event, but was pushed back to the fall due to the COVID pandemic. Jon Hester made the most noise, taking the all-events title as well as doubles with Zach Thompson, while Sean Richard teamed with Bob DiMuccio Sr. & Jr. and Jayme Silva Sr. in capturing the team event. The Facebook album above has photos of all of the winners, with full standings available at TournamentBowl.com.

Congrats guys! 🎳🔥

Nov. 18 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 10 bowling, frame-by-frame

My stint with my new team couldn’t have started better, as it was a strike as the lead-off bowler, and things were fairly promising after two, but I left more “ugly” leaves in the third game than I have recently, and couldn’t finish my 500. Some of that was also on me, however, as I’d missed a few of the more routine leaves, as well.

Result: 156-196-137=489
Average (27 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 169
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 520

My individual bowling aside, it’s always a good night when the team wins three of four, and that’s what happened, because Kevin had a good night. The second game could have easily been won, as well.