Still inconsistent

My Week 4 bowling (BowlSK)

I’ve yet to put together a really consistent series in this league, but I did have my moments tonight, and even the low 162 was punctuated by a last frame where my team needed a big finish from me to take the point, and I got a double with a spare working in the 10th frame to put my team over the top (for real this time…my scores started really counting for my team tonight). As a highlight from the other team members, Helen was in the 180s in her first game, and that helped spark the night, as we took 3 of the 4 points (first and second games, plus total) from Shawn Coles’ team (Shawn Coles is the league secretary).

Result: 179-162-195=536
Average (12 games): 183 Last 9 games average: 179
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 562