Another outing

My brother had some time after we got my food shopping done today, so we once again hit the lanes for a few games before lunch. I was just in the 170s and 180s, while my brother had a first game in the 140s before falling off. The pro shop opened up while we were bowling, and I felt it was time, so I brought the High-Voltage in there for oil removal, and I will pick the ball up on Wednesday night before league.

During lunch, I told my brother I felt ready to make the move up to a mid-performance ball, so I will likely be getting a new ball once my stimulus payment is firmly in my main account. I’m looking for a ball with a stronger core and possibly a hybrid coverstock if one is in the mid-performance range (hybrid means a combination of solid and pearl reactive material), for the reason that I’ll be using it mainly on the house shot, but I also want a ball that is decent on the Coke Classic League shot for tournaments.