The learning curve

My Week 5 bowling (BowlSK)

I wanted to put what I learned about axis rotation the other day to work tonight, and I did get off to a slow start, but I slowly learned when to make the axis rotation adjustment, along with the other adjustments, and, by the third game, I felt I finally found the right combination of line, speed, and axis rotation, and had my best game so far this summer, a clean 218, as a result. My consistency on spares (except for a couple of missed single 5 pins) was there too; throwing my spare ball like I do my first ball is particularly helping me on my left corner pins (the 4 and 7), as I now have less of a tendency to jerk the shot and find the left gutter.

Result: 151-171-218=540
Average (15 games): 184 Last 9 games average: 178
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 561

The team had our first winning night of the summer, with everyone contributing in some form, but I wanted to mention Rob’s first game (a 206) as a key to winning that game, and Bonnie was steady all night, pitching in in the third game with a 181. As a plus, my cousin Karen and her husband Mark, both also bowlers, came up from Texas to visit, and I happened to notice that Mark was watching my shot in the 3rd frame of Game 2, so I had to remark to him, “Now that’s more like it!” (The strike in that frame came immediately after missing my second 5 pin of the night.)

Elsewhere in the league, we had a couple of flirtations with 300. In the second game, Bob Fosdick, my cousins’ teammate, ran off the first nine before leaving a single pin and whiffing. Sean Richard had a closer approach in the last game, with only a ringing 7 (as a lefty) forcing him to settle for a 299.

Coming soon: I decided to use most of my “Obama stimulus” on a new ball, so, after learning that Ray will be on vacation for a couple of weeks starting next week, I had him lay out one before league. I will post the details on the new ball when it is drilled next week, but I will say my PAP has changed since I changed my release back in February.

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