Taking a Hy-Road

This title is not a misspelling…

Because of a change of weekend plans on my brother’s part (getting my food shopping done last night), I was able to head to the lanes (and pro shop) today to have my new bowling ball drilled. My choice is a Storm Hy-Road, the first ball with a hybrid reactive cover (hybrid meaning a mixture of solid {the more porous reactive material} and pearl {less porous, like my High Voltage}). It is supposed to be a very versatile ball, but I intend to use it on heavier oil. I hope it becomes a go-to ball for the house shot, but I also had the Monday night/People’s Tournament shot in mind when selecting the ball.

The ball was drilled with the same grip pattern as my High Voltage. The Hy-Road is laid out differently, however. My new PAP (5″ over, even) was taken into account, and I asked for a stacked leverage drilling, which is supposed to give me as much help in the oil as possible while still making the ball suitable for the house shot. What we got was a drilling of 3 3/8″ X 2 1/2″ (remember, the first figure is the pin-to-PAP distance, and the second figure is the center of gravity-to-PAP distance) with a weight hole on the axis. The key figure is the pin-to-PAP…this pin-to-PAP is supposed to maximize track flare, which means the width of the track bands is pretty wide, and, during my trial of the ball, Ray figured I got 4 1/2″ to 5″ of flare (the wider the flare, the more fresh ball surface makes contact with the lane by the time it hits the pins). To save a bit of money, I decided to try the ball without a thumb slug, and the ball does feel good enough that I won’t need a thumb slug unless I need to adjust my span and pitches for some reason.

I rolled three games with the new Hy-Road (including the free one I got from the pro shop) and I must say that I liked the ball reaction I got when I made a good shot. I ended up playing further inside (standing around the 25 board) than I do with my High Voltage. However, the last game, I was fooling around playing inside of 25, and found that I still need to learn how to play in the oil (my target at the arrows has to move inside as I move inside on the approach, as well), and my score suffered. For scores, my first 2 games were in the 190s, with only a single open (a missed single 3 in the first game, and a big split in the second game) ruining those games. I intend to practice with the Hy-Road one more time before using it in league play for the first time.

Author’s note: This is a milestone post, as it is the 500th one I’ve made on this blog. Here’s to many more in the future. 😀

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