The first road trip

The plan in the morning was to meet Sally Toppan and Debbie Dion at Westgate Lanes, get my gear loaded into Sally’s trunk, and leave at around 10:30. They were running a bit behind schedule, but we arrived at AMF Cranston Lanes with enough time to get a couple of warm-up games in. When I asked the desk clerk what shot was out there, I was informed that it was the Scorpion, the same shot they used last time The People’s Tournament was there.

During my two games of warm-up, I was first trying to play the track area (around the 10 board at the arrows), but thought later that I got a better look playing outside straight up 5. I informed my Facebook friends of this plan by a text message status update, but that plan was scotched when I started practice before the start of scoring for my squad. The BowlSK link below should show you what I ended up doing when it counted:

My 12:30 PM squad performance, frame-by-frame (BowlSK)

I didn’t think I did that badly for not only my first time in this house, but my first time on a PBA shot in any house. I learned that my key was to stay under the ball (which is usually the case on even the house shot at Westgate Lanes). However, it turned out it was easier said than done, as the back plate of my wrist brace gave out during the tournament. Having gone through two of those in one winter league and nearly two full summer leagues, I think it’s time to invest in something sturdier, and will talk to Ray about it next time I see him in the pro shop.

Although I missed the cut, I couldn’t head home until Sally and Debbie were finished, and they both cashed, with Sally making it into the second round of roll-offs. I told them on the ride home that I still enjoyed the experience, and was looking forward to doing it again.

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