Going “Fast” (includes July 28 league night recap)

I had hoped to have had it done so when I visited the pro shop on Tuesday, but I had to wait for Ray to do it tonight. Before league started, I had a Storm Fast drilled up. Normally, I’d link the manufacturer’s page about the ball, but since the Fast is being discontinued in favor of the 2Fast (to be released next month), Storm’s site took the page off. I’ll refer the reader to the BallReviews.com page on the ball if they want an idea of what the ball looks like (I couldn’t also find an image of the ball’s core).

This ball replaces the High Voltage in my bag, and with this ball, I told Ray I wanted length with decent back-end, as I thought my Hy-Road was burning up on the “new” house shot, especially when the shot became toast. We didn’t have time to measure the ball out after drilling it, but Ray told me he thought the drilling would end up 5″ X 4 3/4″, with the pin on the ball drilled out for the ring finger. I had had nothing but stacked drillings up until now, so I was nervous about trying something new. Because Ray was running late due to traffic, I warmed up and threw my first frame for score with the Hy-Road before putting the Fast into play for the very first time. The normal league night stuff follows:

My Week 10 bowling, frame-by-frame (Link to series on BowlSK)

As the reader can see on the BowlSK page, I threw a strike, and one that actually counted for something, on my very first shot with the Fast. I knew I’d spend most of the night moving until I could find an optimum line, but I ended up standing 33 and looking 12, much like I’ve been throwing my Hy-Road. The difference? The Fast holds its energy longer, so I have something left for the back-end. The bad second game I’ll chalk up to missing spares, but with a final game in the 230s (my high to date in this league) and a set over 580 (also my best this summer), I have to consider the night a resounding success.

Result: 190-158-234=582
Average (30 games): 174
Average for last 9 games: 179
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 539

As for the team, John supported my 190 with a 188 of his own to help us take the first game, but the third game was notable on a personal level because the 234 came opposite a 256 from Sean Richard, our opponents’ anchor, and, had I not had the good game opposite a quality opponent, we would not have won the third game’s points, let alone by enough to also take the points for total.

One thought on “Going “Fast” (includes July 28 league night recap)

  1. Something I forgot to tell about when I originally posted this was the fact that Sean remarked, to me as well as Ray and Jason in the pro shop, that he liked the carry I had with the Fast. Being that Sean is not really a Storm fan like I’m becoming (Sean uses mostly Lane #1 equipment), I had to take that as a compliment.

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