Prep work

Going in reverse chronological order with the two items I want to post about, because being able to have the second item was dependent on having the first…

Today, FedEx delivered a Brunswick Competitor triple roller, which is the first roller bag I have ever bought. I actually ordered the roller on Monday night from via the Amazon store, which helps support the latter site…something I’ve wanted to do and will try to do again as much as possible. I may not order balls from the “Pro Shop” because it would end up a wash after Ray charges me for drilling, but it should be fine for my other bowling needs.

It must now be noted that I intend to enter the December People’s Tournament at Westgate Lanes on the first weekend of that month. Knowing Sherm now likes to have “Dead Man’s Curve” out for his Westgate Lanes events, I felt I needed a ball for heavier oil, so, last night, I had Ray set aside Storm’s Reign of Fire in a 15 lb. weight for me to pick up on Monday night. Looking at the page I linked in the previous sentence, the ball appears stronger than my Hy-Road, and will be the first ball I’ve ever purchased that was dull out of the box. As for drilling, I told Ray to give me something that will help me in the oil but still save something for the back-end; I had thought this would be a pin-up type drilling, but Ray told me it would probably be closer to a stacked drilling, or at least something between the two types of layouts mentioned. I’ll be updating my arsenal page on BowlSK when I have the final specs.