Shoe shopping

I bowled with my brother once again. However, as I had noticed that my original Etonic Strikes were showing signs of wear, it was probably my last bowling session with them. In the session itself, I had one game over 200, but my scores were lower overall, partly because I left, not one, not two, but three pocket 7-10s in it.

After the session, I put in an appearance in the pro shop. I had hoped to keep the purchase around $50 (which was the amount I asked my brother for to make the purchase before he came over), but the entry-level shoes I tried on were ambidextrous (meaning they can be worn by both right-handed and left-handed bowlers), and I had wanted a right-handed pair specifically. Ray was able to point me to some Etonic Strike 300’s, which ran about $75 with tax, but still in my “comfort zone” price range. Ray didn’t have them in right-handed size 10 1/2 in the Brockton store, but did give Jay (I’m assuming) a call at the Boston store and they were in stock there, so I’ll be picking them up on my next visit, which may be Tuesday if I have time, but definitely on Wednesday night.

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