Feb. 14 practice

I had another good practice today, not so much because I was stringing strikes, but because my confidence in my spare game seems to have returned. I had only one open in each game, a split, followed by a miss of the 7 pin in each of the other two games. The 7 pin miss in the third game was stinging, however: if I had made that spare, it would’ve been an all-spare game. I did learn (and probably should’ve kept in mind all along) that my release is my key for my spares…if I get out of the ball well and project down the lane (not dropping it behind the foul line), I can usually make what I’m shooting at. I also made everything my 10 pin was involved in except for the first-game split, which was the Big Four; I got my count on the right side, so I’ll still consider myself perfect on the day on my right side.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was saving my practice post for something special…that something special is a milestone: this is my 1,000th post to this blog. 😀


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