Feeling the “Breeze” (includes June 15 league recap)

Posting this late again…

Before league tonight, I had Ray punch up a new Tropical Breeze. I got the black/teal color combination, which is a polished solid cover. Solid coverstocks tend to be good control balls, which is what I felt I needed when the house shot burns up from play. I kept the cover polished (keeping the ball’s length) and the layout turned out to be 5 5/8″ X 4″, which puts the pin above bridge with the CG (Center of Gravity) position kicked out (more to the side of the ball), which gives me length with a tamer backend than the Fast. I bowled most of a game with it before putting the ball away for the start of my league session.

My Week 4 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

My two games with the Fast weren’t great, but the third game was an opportunity to use the Breeze, and, when I didn’t get strikes in that game, I got single pins, for the most part, with only a split filling the 10th frame ruining things. I like the new ball so far on the burnt shot, so I hope I get better at throwing it under that condition.

Result: 151-178-204=533
Average (12 games): 188
Average for last 9 games: 186
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 568

Team lost the first game largely due to the opposing anchor bowling a personal best game; we won the other two games, but couldn’t make up the first-game deficit, so the result was a 4-4 draw. Eileen, not wanting to miss the Bruins’ Game 7 win last night, pre-bowled, and I can say if she didn’t do well in her last two games, we might not have had any points on the night.

Note: My summer league will not be meeting next week because of the national wheelchair tournament. I will, however, be participating in the “Up and Down” no-tap event on Monday, and will post about that when the time comes.

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