June 28 practice

In dire need of a practice session after over a week of not bowling and not having had an actual practice session in some time, I hit the practice lane today with two things in mind: tightening up my line, as suggested by “CoachJim,” and to work on lining up on my right side spares using a tip I saw from Pete Weber on the summer PBA telecasts over the weekend. As for the latter, I missed a couple of spares on that side early, but made all of them afterward as I got used to trying to point my toes toward the pins (I didn’t realize I often pointed my left foot away from the pins) and walking toward them as I deliver the ball. I also resigned myself to the thought of having to hook at some of my spares in the middle, particularly those involving the 2 pin, and made the two “makeable” leaves I had involving the 2: a double wood and a single 2 later. With the former, I didn’t always execute, but I started the last game with four strikes and found myself having to make spares until the 10th, when a “Big 4” ruined a clean game; I ended up with a 206.


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