Sept. 28 league night recap

Sorry for the late post, and I’ll explain why after I link up the BowlSK sheet…

My Week 4 bowling, frame-by-frame

As I sort of alluded to on Facebook, I did not get very much sleep the other night, so my performance last night suffered. That said, missing 3 straight easy spares in the second game was inexcusable. I did, however, figure out something that helps me pick up spares on the right side: I need to walk toward the middle arrow instead of my third arrow target, which should put my swing’s line through the target…if I drift right, it usually ends up in the gutter.

Result: 169-137-174=480
Average (12 games): 172
Average for last 9 games: 170
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 527

Just about everyone else on my team had at least 2 games over their average. We might have picked up another two points, but our opponents, particularly their bowlers later in the order, got hot in the third game, and we lost that game by enough to also lose total, so it was a 2-2 split.

As a final note, Lou, my teammate from the past summer, gave me a suggestion on how to play these lanes, so that’s something I’ll try next week, preferably in practice first if I can make it in.

One thought on “Sept. 28 league night recap

  1. As I was trying to infer from that first bit, I wanted to get to bed right when I got home. As it was, I was up listening to the end of the Red Sox season, but I still felt it better to stay offline to keep my mind calm enough to sleep.

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