Jan. 3 practice

This past weekend, I received a late Christmas gift to myself in the mail: Norm Duke’s instructional DVD. I sat down to watch it last night after the Celtics game, and decided in my practice today to work on one of the lessons that I thought could help me immediately, the one on swing planes. The general idea of this lesson is that in the horizontal plane (which controls direction), you want to start the ball in the opposite direction to where you want the ball to go. After struggling with my Hy-Road again, I switched to the Reign of Fire and really began to work on it. It seemed to help, with me getting two games over my league average and the third being ruined by a few single pin misses. I did find, though, that that swing plane lesson also helped on spares, and I’ll just chalk the misses to being a bit fatigued from the bowling pace. I’m hopeful this can carry into tomorrow night.


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