2012 USBC Open Championships oil pattern

The pattern chart for the oil pattern for this year’s USBC Open Championships may be found by clicking here. I am posting it here because not only may it be the pattern for the Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Fame Classic (they used last year’s pattern in the Hall of Fame Classic last year), but I also heard that the Coke Classic League will be bowling on this pattern for the last third of their season.

When I pressed Ray for his thoughts on the pattern Friday, he told me he thought you’d have to get in deep on this because the bulk of the oil stops at 27′ with 12′ of buff area on the back of the pattern. On the kick-off show for the Open Championships, however, it was said you don’t want too much angle too soon, and that you’ll have to manage your launch angles, meaning I may struggle on it turning my hand too soon, but it would also present problems for bowlers that like to loft it. If I get a chance bowl on it, either in a Monday practice or at the Hall of Fame Classic, I’ll let everyone know how I do.