2012 Brunswick Mixed roll-off

The roll-off for my league tonight was a rematch of last year’s, with “The Incredibowls” having won the first half and “The 5 G’s” the second half. There were two things different this year: Nick Gomes was no longer a member of the “G’s,” so the team had to take a 140 vacant score, and Ed Godino III was on vacation, and so got an absent 199 (absentee score is average minus 5 in the league).

The result turned out to be much different, as well, as Dana Gomes paced the “G’s” with a 204 first game on the way to a 1,028-895 win (team scores are with handicaps), giving his team an early 133 pin advantage. The second game was a lot closer, with Dwayne Gomes leading his team to a 1,018-1,004 second game win with a 214 game, but then the “G’s” ran and hid from their opponents, as Dwayne and Dana put up 232 games, with Durell Gomes adding a game in the 190s (as the lowest average bowler on the team) to take the third game by 250 pins, 1,125-875, making the final score 3,171-2,774.

Picture of the champions coming (hopefully) after the banquet a week from Saturday.

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