Sept. 4 practice

I felt I needed a practice session, if anything to make sure there were no surprises with the shot for tomorrow night. Without giving too much away, I had seven in a row in the second game, so what I was doing was working, for the most part. My spare game was off, but I did convert the 6-7 in the first game.

Brunswick Mixed no-tap note: Shawn emailed the results of last week’s no-tap tournament today, and I came in second, just two pins behind Juan Rosario, a newcomer to the league. Congrats Juan, and we’ll get acquainted soon.

Fall links transition: To save time both at the bowling alley and when I get home tomorrow, I set up the new league on and BowlSK, and the links to the stat sheet and BowlSK league index are up in the sidebar, under “Author’s links,” as usual.