Parker Bohn III visits Westgate Lanes

This came about pretty much 11th hour, and, indeed, I didn’t know it was happening until Rich Fulton posted about it on Facebook, but PBA and USBC Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III came to Westgate Lanes tonight for a Brunswick demo day, meaning he had Brunswick’s current offerings that you could try out. I chatted him up about the C-System Maxxed-Out, which I had seen Sean Rash post about throwing in his recent tournaments in Asia, and he did have that ball available to try out. I’ll post the two photos I got below:

Parker Bohn III at Westgate Lanes Brunswick demo day

Richie with Parker Bohn III at Westgate Lanes Brunswick demo day

Parker was a really nice guy to meet, and as I was watching the bowlers throw the balls, I could see Parker giving tips to some of them. He will likely be here again, but I did ask him for more advance notice about the next one.

I’ve been meaning also to see if DV8, a new subsidiary company of Brunswick, had a homepage, but I did find it tonight and added it to my ball company sidebar list.