2013 BBA Championships Saturday

Rob Dickens had to back out of bowling doubles and singles with me because of wrist soreness when he tried bowling a week or so ago, so I ended up only bowling the team event, and this is how I did:

My appearance in team event, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

As I said in the BowlSK comment, I don’t think I disgraced myself on a tough lane condition. My spare game was essentially saving me first game, and I thought I had something going in the third game, but faltered. The comical moment came in the 3rd frame of Game 2, when I wound up picking the Greek Church split out of the full rack; I did make the spare after that. The team scored 2,500+ with handicap, but I didn’t think that would be good enough to cash.

I mentioned the tough lane condition, and nobody was really killing the shot, with Alex Aguiar having the closest approach to an honor score with a 289 game in singles; he finished with a 767 scratch series in the event.

One thought on “2013 BBA Championships Saturday

  1. I wanted to mention that I was getting encouragement from not only my teammates but also from the team I was crossing lanes with, particularly Steve Hamilton, the patriarch of the bowling Hamiltons here. 🙂

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