Apr. 7 practice

I was intending to afterward, anyway, but with my board meeting being called off this morning after only three of us showed up, I actually took a practice lane for the first time in months. Mostly, I was intending on practicing my left side spare game, and, with his wife running Tri-City’s annual membership meeting today, Steve Hamilton was able to watch me and helped me get lined up on that left side.

He also brought up some physical game points, including the usual early turn, but also including my slow ball speed. He suggested that I needed to be faster, so I did the most obvious thing to me and stood further back on the approach, which forces me to quicken my feet. I did throw better shots toward the end, but, during the session, I brought up dropping myself down in ball weight, and he told me he has had to do that himself. Ray likes me at 15 lbs. and I may not want to buy all new equipment, so I’ll see how I do making other changes first.


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