May 28 practice (with follow-up on Aguiar)

My brother told me he’s going to be making more weekend visits once Harvard lets out of school, so, with Saturday mornings being taken out of play for practice, I needed to find a weekday suitable for morning practice, and decided that Tuesday was as good as any day and practiced this morning. While I couldn’t use the “too early” excuse because of my two Saturday mornings alone, I didn’t get my game together until the third game and shot 210, though it should be said that I had a 224 possible in the 10th frame.

Alex Aguiar follow-up: I’ve been meaning to note that Alex Aguiar lost the Regular Doubles lead at the USBC Open last week to a team from Missouri. While he won’t get his eagle, I’m sure he was very pleased with leaving Reno with the lead and knew it was out of his hands from that point. He will participate in the World Series of Bowling this fall, saying on the social media that he would if he didn’t have to defend the doubles title next year.


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