Westgate Lanes debut of UBA set for Jan. 4

I’ve been quiet about it until now, but some of you may have seen references in the sidebar and calendar to the Underground Bowling Association (UBA) in recent weeks. What is the UBA? It’s sort of a travel league, but a lot of urban culture influences the organization. Among other things, bowlers in the UBA are known by their nicknames, much like rappers are known by their stage names (more on this later).

Westgate Warriors logo

What this has been building up to is that the UBA is about to make its formal Westgate Lanes debut Sunday, and the center’s own UBA team, the Westgate Warriors (their logo is above), will face Pound for Pound in their first home match ever in the UBA. Paris “P-Nyce” Cook is the team’s president, and some of the better Westgate bowlers, including Seany Ka$h (with this nickname being a natural for Sean Richard to use in the UBA), are on the team. Matches consist of one scratch and two handicap match-ups of three bowlers each, with a points system determining the match winner as well as counting in the conference standings (the Westgate Warriors are in the NY/NE Conference). Note: I said formal debut because bowlers in the UBA also participate in head-to-head individual ranking matches, and some of those have already been at Westgate Lanes.

There is much administrivia for this post, including an item that has already been in the sidebar for a couple of months: The UBA’s homepage (under the “Bowling Sites” category). The Westgate Warriors also have their own page, which has been added to the “Local/New England” list. I have also started a “Westgate Warriors” post category for posts related to the team (this post being the first one in the category).

Also, I was hoping to have a special project for the Warriors off the ground by now, which was why I’ve been delaying this post, and I will be an honorary member of the team. Some of the project requirements haven’t been completed, however, and we hope to complete these after Sunday’s match.

Finally, with teams coming in from all over the Northeast, UBA events are actually weekend-long affairs, with side events taking place the Saturday before matches. The Bay State Open and the Eliminator have committed to Saturday afternoon, and in the evening, there will be the inaugural four-game Warrior Sweeper.