2015 USBC Open Championships oil patterns

As the usual service to my readers, I’ll link below the oil patterns in use for the 2015 USBC Open Championships, which begin Saturday in El Paso, TX:

Team: 38′ length, 26.9 ml total oil volume, 1.64:1 ratio

Doubles & singles: 39′ length, 27.05 ml total oil volume, 1.86:1 ratio

As you may note, both patterns are under a 2:1 ratio, with the least shape being on the team pattern; the flatness of the team pattern should test the teams’ cooperation in breaking down the pattern. Scores should be low in both team and in the minors, though scores will be higher in singles than doubles, particularly where the bowlers are staying on the same pair for singles.

As noted earlier, the Coke league will be using neither pattern this year, but some of our bowlers may make the trip to El Paso, so this post is directed more for them.