2015 Mass. state tournament Day 2

I need to tie up a couple of loose ends from yesterday, because I missed a couple of honor scores in the singles event of the 3:30 squad yesterday. They were shot by doubles teammates, as Mike Schrems put up games of 255, 290, and 268 for an 813 series, and Troy Bouchard ended the event with a 300 game.

All of today’s honor scores were shot in the doubles event, starting with Chris Bourdon with a 300 game in the 9 AM squad. In the 3:30 squad, Brian Egan and Sean Richard started their doubles event with games of 278 and 300 respectively for a team honor game of 578.

As an aside, Matt Richard bowled the minors both days, and, while they were not quite the same game scores, he had identical 780 series in singles for the two days.

Good bowling this weekend, everyone! 🙂