Winter 2015 Week 15 virtual league results (final week)

“Diamond Flush 2.0” was swept by Team 5, and fell to 7th in the final standings. There was a surprise at the top, however: Team 3 just needed to avoid being swept to win the championship, but “The Big Red One” pulled off the sweep, setting the new five-man series record in the process. Congrats to “Bavant”, “bigcall”, “Gohokies”, “ijohn83”, and “Vannman”, but I need to mention that “Chuck” was subbing for “Vannman” in the last week (“Vannman’s” league finished early), and “Bavant” couldn’t bowl because of a medical emergency and had to take his blind.

Individually, “Fin09” ended up the average leader, with 236+ for 39 games.