Sean Richard bowls 832 in Patriots league, sets new Westgate record average

Sean Richard and Danny Khuu were separated by only 19 pins for 90 games in the Patriots league going into tonight, both needing a 727 series to break Jason Sherwood’s Westgate Lanes record average of 236.79 set two years ago, and the duel would take place on the same pair of lanes, 53 & 54, as their teams were matched for position round.

The first game would see Sean Richard run the first ten strikes before leaving a 4 pin for a 289, which, with Danny Khuu’s 266 left Sean just four pins ahead. A 7 pin miss in the 6th frame by Sean would lead to a 266 second game, while Danny posted the front 11 before leaving the 2-10 for a 298, leaving Danny ahead by 28 pins for the record.

Danny’s first three frames in the third game would prove to be his undoing, however, as he left the 4-6-10 split in the first frame and a 10 pin spare in the third frame, while Sean ran strikes until a 7 pin in the eighth frame, ending with a 277 for an 832 series, giving him the new record average of 237.70. Danny ended with a 225 game for a 789 series.

I’ve seen some amazing performances in my return, and Sean’s tonight would rank up there among them. He and Danny are friends off the lanes, but both competitive on them. It was good to see them both try to bring the best out of each other.

Congrats to you two on a good show tonight. 🙂