2015 Mass. state tournament Day 3

There were no honor scores in any of the squads today, but we did have a notable presence in multiple PBA Tour title winner John “Buzzsaw” Gant, and he had a chance at 800 in his team event until a 6 pin (lefty) stood up on him in the 6th frame of the third game, finishing with a 780 series.

The association has been running raffles to raise funds, and I’ve been going into the ball raffles last weekend and this weekend, with Storm’s Crux being the raffle ball (last Saturday was the pearl version, and we also got three of the original hybrids). I led this paragraph with this in order to note that Ken Gerraughty from my league won today’s ball raffle, which he immediately had drilled and bowled a practice game with.

I’m expecting a busy day tomorrow.