2015 Mass. state tournament Day 7

The noon team event got the scoring going today, led by Bruce March, a 2003 inductee into the state Hall of Fame, with games of 263, 300, and 257 for an 820 series, with Dan Esdale (297) and Jim Wallace (279) having 11 in a row games. I got the video of Bruce March’s last strike for 300, which is below:

Another Hall of Famer, Brockton Bowling Association Hall of Famer Jim Ferguson, followed up on last week’s team performance in doubles in the 3:30 squad, when he went 249, 258, and 300 for an 807 (doesn’t count for all-events, as this was a re-entry). Gary Weiner added a state tournament 300 game to his two this year in the Westgate Mixed league, and Lou Rosa also had a 290 game. I am aware of another 800 series in singles, but I don’t have the details, so that will be posted in the future.