June 6 Bay State Open Baker doubles results

The Bay State Open’s Baker doubles event, rescheduled to Westgate Lanes from another venue, was won by Jeff Havunen & Bill Sheehey when they first defeated Joe Conners & Bill Josephson 578-463 (two games, with handicap), then John Litwin & Jennifer Dorrington 437-384 (For the non-bowlers unfamiliar with the Baker doubles format, the two bowlers bowl in alternating frames for a single game rather than both bowling a complete game each.).

This is the same Bill Sheehey who I “met” on the BowlingCommunity.com forums and first met in person at a Northeast Amateur Tournament event at Westgate a couple of years ago. He has since won several tournaments in both the NAT and Bay State Open, recently becoming the latter’s Bowler of the Year by winning the season-ending event at Lanes & Games and throwing his first 300 game in the title match of that tournament in the process. For the record, congrats to Bill on his recent accomplishments. 🙂