2014-15 Westgate league season recap

With the Coke Classic league finally completing their season (they missed three straight weeks this winter due to the historic bad weather), I now devote my usual post to the high averages, series, and games for the men and women this season in the leagues at Westgate Lanes. Averages will be based on a minimum of 72 games in the league, and youth bowlers will be included with their gender, if applicable. Two of the highs for the men should be fairly obvious, as they were previously reported house records.


Average: 237.70; Sean Richard (Thursday Night Patriots)
Series: 900; Hakim Emmanuel (Thursday Night Patriots)
Game: 300; Brian Egan, Tim Larkin (Coke Classic), Jeff Carter, Adam Johndrow, Sean Richard (His & Hers), Kevin Thibeault, John Hayes Jr. (Tuesday Scratch Sportsmen), Brian Egan (Brunswick Mixed), Mike Griffin, Bob Hamilton, Paris Cook, John Kunan, Gary Weiner (2), Ed Alfieri (Westgate Mixed), Chuck Gerlach, Bob Hamilton, John Mayo, Hakim Emmanuel (3), Danny Khuu (2) (Thursday Night Patriots), John Hayes Jr. (BBIS), Kevin Thibeault (2), Aaron Major (2), Stephen Major (Saturday Seniors), John Lawson, Mo Wideman, Sean Richard (Boston Rhythm & Bowling)


Average: 207.50; Shirley Major (Thursday Night Patriots)
Series: 730; Sandi Litchfield (Westgate Mixed)
Game: 300; Sandi Litchfield (Westgate Mixed), Shirley Major (Thursday Night Patriots)

Note: Shirley Major’s average is an educated calculation based on what she told me she shot on her last night, as the standing sheets on BowlerExpress are not final sheets, for the most part. Also, I believe this is the first season that we had two women with 300 games in the same season.

Good bowling, everyone! 🙂