2015 Mass. state tournament official results

The Brockton Bowling Association has posted official results on their homepage (with links to individual event results on front page), and I’ll recognize the state champions for the year below (rather than take the association of entry, I’ll try my best to determine a bowler’s home association, which will be in parentheses):


Team: House Rats #2 (Brockton) 4,012
Doubles: Keith Tantillo & AJ Voisine (Brockton) 1,700
Singles: Pat Carrara (Brockton) 933
All-Events: Steve Travers (Brockton) 2,565


Team: Richard’s Warrior (Brockton) 3,662
Doubles: Scott & Ken Corkhum (Greater Boston) 1,500
Singles: Tom Hedding (Brockton) 848
All-Events: Brian Boghosian (Mass. Tri-County) 2,274

I’ll also recognize the team champions individually (with the scratch champions’ lineup having been previously reported):

House Rats #2: AJ Voisine, Jay Krushas, Eric Durden, Paul Loberman, Matt Richard
Richard’s Warrior: Brian Gaskill, Jim Ferguson, Brian Egan, Bob Hamilton, Sean Richard

The final entry count was 138 teams, 374 doubles, 676 singles, and 501 all-events.

Congratulations to everyone who cashed. Thank you to everyone who participated this year, and also many thanks to Junior, Marcia, and the Westgate Lanes staff for hosting the tournament.

I do have one announcement related to the state tournament to make, but I’ll save that for a later time this month.