2015 “Summer project”

I’ve been contemplating doing this for some time, and can now announce that this blog has a Facebook page (check linked page in post), and, in the near future, everything I post to the blog will appear on the Facebook page. I had hoped to have posts appear both on my own timeline and the new page during a transition period, but I apparently can’t. Therefore, I’ll announce that the upcoming anniversary post on the 30th will be the first blog post to appear on the new page, and I’ll promote the page during the next couple of weeks.

I’m hoping that a page for the blog will not only allow for less “clutter” on my own Facebook, but also allow me to have discussion on what I post, as comments on the blog are currently not used enough. I’ll also be sharing bowling stuff that I see on Facebook on the blog’s page on occasion, so that’ll be another reason to be on the page.

Hope everyone “likes” the page. 🙂