8th anniversary post

It has been eight years now since that first bowling outing with my brother that both “lit the fuse” for my return as a league bowler and provided the impetus for starting this blog. I must say that it’s been easily the most memorable year of my time in the bowling media. One of the first things I should mention that happened in the last year was joining the IBMA for the first time, something I didn’t think was possible for me until one of the other members mentioned it to me on Facebook. Finding the IBMA’s group has allowed me to share the larger news with the larger bowling world, and I wish to thank Jackie Wyckoff for getting me connected. It certainly set up some of what has happened since then.

My IBMA membership played a role, too, in easily the biggest story of my life in the bowling media, one for which my only regret will be not having witnessed the event in person. Of course, that would be Hakim Emmanuel’s 900 series on Feb. 19. First thanks connected to this event will have to go to Danny Khuu, as he kept me updated from Hakim’s first 300 game up until the last strike. The night was surrealistically exciting, as I was also keeping association second VP Mike Carter updated on what was going on, as we didn’t know if the lanes would have to be inspected and Mike would be one of the ones involved with the inspection. Of course, after it ended, I was coordinating our social media coverage, part of which included posting my report on the IBMA’s group, after which Jeff Richgels picked up my account (which alone has had nearly 2,000 views now) for his post on The 11th Frame. One other item was getting Matt Cannizzaro of the USBC in contact with both Hakim for the interview for his report and with Jason Sherwood for his video. I’d like to thank Jeff, Matt, and Jason for their roles in the story’s coverage.

The other big event of the year was the state tournament, which was hosted by the Brockton Bowling Association at Westgate Lanes this spring. When the late Bob Young recruited me for the board, it was with this event in mind, and I can’t say I didn’t join with my eyes wide open because I knew Bob had the tournament in mind. With my assuming duties running brackets for the Coke league this year, I was a natural to run them for the state tournament, and did so every day of the tournament’s run. There is one thing I do wish to note on this, and that was that everything went smoothly until the last weekend, when my backpack fell out of my brother’s car on the last Saturday morning, after which my laptop’s touchscreen cracked. This forced me to use Bob Young’s old laptop for brackets on the last weekend. However, that wasn’t the end of the “adventure” of the last weekend, as the printer I was supplied for use with that laptop ran out of ink, and I decided not to run brackets for the last squad that Sunday. The board agreed to let me donate the proceeds from brackets to the Westgate junior bowler scholarship fund, and, even missing the last squad, we raised over $1,000 for the fund during the tournament, so I’d like to thank my board for letting me help our kids out. 🙂

Two of the other amazing performances I got to witness in the last year and wanted to mention again were the 3,662 series put up by Richard’s Warrior at state tournament, narrowly missing the state tournament team record, and Sean Richard’s duel with Danny Khuu for the house record average, so thanks to everyone involved in those. As usual, final thanks to my readers, and I hope you’ll continue to follow the blog. 🙂