2015 Mass. women’s state tournament results

The results from the Massachusetts USBC Women’s Bowling Association’s state tournament, recently concluded at Brunswick Zone Lowell, are still in an unofficial state on their website, but I’ve been given a hard copy of the official results and will note the champions below, with the association of entry in parentheses. Note: The scratch champions are the ones that entered the optional scratch events and have won the monetary prize for scratch. The division champions’ scores are with handicap.


Div. 1: Scotty’s Girls (Greater Springfield) 2,758
Div. 2: Sister Hood (Greater Boston) 2,735
Scratch: Chair City Chicks (Worcester County) 2,257


Div. 1: Debra Adley & Linda Edwards (Merrimack Valley) 1,531
Div. 2: Darla Gunder & Lisa Trombley (Berkshire County) 1,452
Div. 3: Kelly Standish & Kelly Luiz (Southeastern Mass.) 1,504
Scratch: Mariann Klosin & Maryellen Thorne (Merrimack Valley) 1,267


Div. 1: Laura Krikorian (Worcester County) 815
Div. 2: Theresa Roberge (Merrimack Valley) 757
Div. 3: Elizabeth Mabry (Greater Springfield) 806
Scratch: Lynne Lewis (Greater Boston) 669


Div. 1: Laura Krikorian (Worcester County) 2,274
Div. 2: Karen Strickland (Merrimack Valley) 2,224
Div. 3: Kelly Luiz (Southeastern Mass.) 2,252
Scratch: Laura Krikorian (Worcester County) 1,959

The website additionally reported that Debra Adley bowled her first 300 game during the tournament, in the doubles event.

Congratulations to all! 😀