2015 Brunswick Mixed no-tap

As planned, I bowled in my league’s no-tap tournament after the meeting, and found, with the higher surface (the 4000 Abralon), my Fusion was playable. However, some splits and washouts left me under 200 for each the first two games, with a third-game 244 getting me to 614 for the series. I doubted that score would cash, seeing some of the scores on the other lanes.

After bowling, I did learn that it was felt by some (not mentioning any names, because I don’t know them) that the oiling machine wouldn’t be able to put out a consistent shot week-to-week, so they’re going to try a different pattern, one named Stonehenge (link is to top graph), which will have 8 ft. more backend. This probably takes my Fusion out of consideration for this year, but, fortunately, I have plenty of weaker, polished stuff, and my plan is for another practice session this weekend.