2015-16 mid-season round-up

With most of the leagues now halfway through the season, I devote my usual post to the highs at Westgate Lanes to this point, based on the available league standing sheets, for both the men and women. A few rules:

  1. High average is based on a minimum of 36 games bowled in the league.
  2. Youth bowlers are included with their gender, where applicable.
  3. The first three games count toward series in the leagues that bowl four games in a series (Tuesday Scratch Sportsmen and BBIS).


Average: 228.3; Rob Young (Thursday Night Patriots, 45 games)
Series: 819; Sean Richard (TNBA)
Game: 300; Sean Richard (2), Dan Esdale, Ed Alfieri (Westgate Mixed), Kevin Stiger (Brunswick Mixed), Rob Young (2), Steve Travers, Tim Woodley, Kevin Thibeault, Danny Khuu (Thursday Night Patriots)


Average: 205.4; Tina Gannon (Coke Classic, 45 games)
Series: 745; Tina Gannon (Coke Classic)
Game: 288; Laura Beaudet (Brunswick Mixed)