2016 BBIS Marathon results

The results of today’s third annual BBIS Marathon (scores are +/- 2,000 after handicap added):

  1. Rich Brignolo +249
  2. Al Donato +234
  3. Robert Sims +215
  4. Yat Voong +185
  5. Dennis Johnson +142
  6. John Hayes Jr. +99
  7. Louis Lam +85

There were 20 entries.

I acquired a copy of T-Brac fairly recently, and, while I’ve had issues with it for running brackets in the Coke league, it really made my life easier helping run this tournament, particularly because we ran sidepots, too, and scores only had to be entered once for both the tournament and sidepots without having to resort to anything like a second worksheet in Excel, which was how it was done before, and scores were sorted automatically, as well.

As a final note, some of the bowlers had suggestions on how we can improve things for next year, and we’re seriously considering them.

Thank you to everyone who participated today.