2016 USBC Open Championships oil patterns

The USBC today released the lane conditions for this year’s Open Championships, being held starting next weekend at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno. As the usual service to readers, I link the pattern charts below:

Team event (38′ length, 26.7 mL total oil)
Doubles & singles events (39′ length, 27.6 mL total oil)

The reader will note that, unlike past years, the patterns are asymmetrical, being flatter on the left side than the right (Ratio for team pattern is 1.67:1 on the left, 1.7:1 on the right; minors pattern ratios are 1.73:1 on the left, 1.86:1 on the right). I believe this is being done to eliminate any advantage the lefties have.

As the USBC has also announced, starting next year, the lane conditions for the Open will not be published publicly until after the tournament’s run, so this is the last year, at least for the foreseeable future, I’ll be able to make this kind of post.